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People began to think of the health more in nowadays. They think, that better to be healthy, than to be rich.

Each person has the understanding of health, but I think that to be healthy means a regularity, healthy diet, exercising.

But in a life there are many dangers to our health. Two of them - obesity and physical inactivity are known from ancient times. They are joined by the modern bad habits. There are smoking, drinking alcohol and taking drugs. Now many people have these habits, and among them are a lot of teenagers.

I think, teens smoke, drink alcohol and take drugs, because they have problems with their parents and at school, need for adrenalin and extreme feelings.

Smoking causes a cough, diseases of lungs and heart. Also smoking makes a teeth yellow, skin unhealthy, and hair and clothes smell. Drinking alcohol causes a headache, diseases of organism, slow reaction and partial loss of memory. Besides, Drinking alcohol makes skin unhealthy, speech unclear and brain centres sleep. Also drinking alcohol affects the whole family and social control of the person. Taking drugs is the most serious problem of nowadays because it causes a headache, cancer, diseases of blood, heart and a brain. Drugs destroy the person, brain centres sleep and it affects knowledge, the whole family and social control of the person.

Smoking and drinking are joined by less dangerous habits, such as skipping breakfast, snaking, chaotic lifestyles. They not so are dangerous, but all the same mention our health. In combination, these bad habits could double chance to dying or lead to different diseases.

Regularity in life promotes your health. Sleeping eight or nine hours, exercising, a healthy diet is a good way to live.

Original (Russian): Здоровье

Translation: © Анюта . crowd

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