Перевод "World, the, needs of (Warriors' Experience)"

Theun Mares, “World, the, needs of (Warriors' Experience)”, public translation into German from English More about this translation.

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World, the, needs of (Warriors' Experience)


Theun, can you please help me with fear? I have a reached a point where I feel fear in most of my interactions with the world around me. I don't know what is wrong with me, for when I am not fearful I am angry. But then I become fearful again because of having expressed my anger. All of this seems to have become worse ever since X and I came to consult with you in South Africa. My feeling is that this has got to do with fear of power and authority. Am I on the right track, Th├йun?


:) You have a HUGE heart filled with a great deal of warmth - a warmth you long to SHARE, but you are too frightened to be VULNERABLE, and so you choose instead to live a LONELY existence, even though it brings you no joy. So, yes, you find yourself swinging between the polarities of FEAR and ANGER. The fear comes up when you WANT to OPEN UP - it comes up because you fear REJECTION, fear being HURT, fear making a fool of yourself.

But then the anger kicks in, an anger at YOURSELF, but which you then PROJECT onto the other person. But remember that anger is ALWAYS the desire to fight for CLARITY, to find the KNOWLEDGE which is lacking, to find the way forward. But when that anger is directed AT, whether this is at yourself or at someone else, it goes nowhere other than to CONFIRM to you that you have been wronged, misunderstood or whatever. This is why I have so often teased you about surrounding yourself with fierce women, for you so NEEDED these fierce mirrors to help you gain an insight into your shortcoming, Bigotry. :) What I am saying, Y, is that if you look deeply enough you will find that it is easier for you to hold onto the bigot's view of the world than to allow yourself to be fully open and vulnerable so that you CAN express your love and your warmth.

So what happened for you in South Africa? You and X came to me because you both so WANTED to support me in the work I am doing. I shared with you both that I do NOT have the time to DO what you both proposed, but that if you REALLY want to help me, and support me, then you must STRIVE with EVERY fibre of your being to be the BEST Y and X you can possibly be. I even went on to say that I love you both and BELIEVE in you to BE the BEST, but you must please DO it FOR yourselves and BY yourselves, meaning, please do NOT do it for ME, but for YOU, because it is YOU that the world NEEDS!

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