Почему вы продолжаете пить аявуаска снова и снова?

Adam Elenbaas, “Why do you keep drinking ayahuaska over and over again?”, public translation into Russian from English More about this translation.

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Why do you keep drinking ayahuaska over and over again?

Почему вы продолжаете пить аявуаска снова и снова?

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In what was

no more than eighteen hours spent in ceremonies during my first trip to Iquitos...

I managed to purge a host of toxic energies from my body

and mind.

The first answer I like to give to those questions, most of which come from incredibly smart and sensitive people, is this: “Those are really great questions. Those are questions I’ve thought about in and outside of aya- huasca ceremonies.” The reason it’s important to give this first response is that too often devotees of any religious lifestyle feel offended when people ask questions of their tradition. I’ve learned to appreciate people who question the authenticity of any spiritual tradition. After all, it was the same essential questioning that led me out of the Christian right and into an exploration of mystical religious experiences, and eventually ayahuas- ca, in the first place. Also, we all know that religious folks often marginal- ize or exclude other ideas or groups of people. But, by the same token, if skepticism is a regimented way of being or thinking or interacting with people, if cynicism toward religion itself becomes too constant, then it also becomes abstract, dogmatic, impersonal, and ultimately pathological. This leads me to how I answer these questions: Ayahuasca is not just a medicine and shamans are not just healers. Therefore, you shouldn’t think of ayahuasca as a ‘cure all,’ something you only need to drink a few times and you are cured.

It is true that shamans throughout history have been largely respected for their ability to diagnose and cure com- plex ailments in human beings, ecosys- tems, animals, and other dimensions of reality. In this sense shamans are often called things like “curanderos,” or “pal- leros” or “ayahuasqueros.” Plant doctors. Ayahuasca doctors. Healers. Shamans are like extra-dimensional practitioners of consciousness, and most usually people going to the Amazon to drink ayahuaca, for example, are seeking “healing” or “clarity” or “transformation,” (all things shamans are experts at providing). How- ever, factors exist today that are radically challenging the traditional patient-doctor shamanic paradigmn (how traditional

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