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Our first hurdle was to PROVE TO THE WORLD that we could in-fact UPGRADE the ENTIRE WEB with Social Networking features on EVERY Website at a click of a button - and with BuzzBot, we have done it!

Now, for our next magical feat! :-)

How about a compensation plan that is based on a 2-Tier Affiliate Program that pays as good, if not better than any 10 level Network Marketing compensation plan?

Not possible you say? Remember, they also said BuzzBot was not possible...so be careful before you jump on that band wagon! :)


We have a very exciting 2-Tier that pays a TRUE 50% compensation (NO BREAKAGE goes to the company) that has a BIG TWIST.

NO BREAKAGE means, for members who have elected NOT to become affiliates, there is revenue generated from their referral network, but not being paid...but it DOES NOT go to the company. Also, when certain qualification levels for different earnings options are not met, that money that would usually be considered "breakage" also DOES NOT go to the company.

ALL of this money from the above scenario goes into what we call a GLOBAL INFINITY BONUS POOL. Our members who are serious about building an substantial income...an income that can match and even surpass that of ANY other compensation plan and/or opportunity today can work towards some VERY EASY performer qualifications to get a PRO RATA share of this Monthly Bonus Pool!

Read further below to see how this pool can grow very, VERY large!

The Web2Upgrade Affiliate Program is VERY EXCITING in the fact that it has 4 Ways to get paid!

1. WEEKLY Fast Start Bonus Checks from 2 Levels!

2. Matching Bonus Checks - Also from 2 levels

3. Monthly Residual Checks

4. Monthly Infinity Bonus Checks

Now...here is an exiting bit of news that you can say YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!

On top of this being an extremely lucrative compensation plan, it will also lay the foundation for not just ONE product, but TWO new "feature-rich" MARKETING Products being launched in the later part of August.

One will be our PRO Version of the Web2Upgrade and BuzzBot, allowing for many additional features and unlocked areas of this site lending extended EXPOSURE and HOT New Communications Tools, and ALSO...a NEW "ELITE" Version of our Product that is being structured for the Professional Business Builder that is also based on the Web 2.0 Technologies and platform, and also host an even greater profit margin! Get ready for some SERIOUS Earnings Potential!

We will be launching a third profit source shortly thereafter that will lend even more profit potential to this system, all WITHOUT anyone making a purchase! When we hit "One Million" users (within the next couple of months give or take), we will launch our advertising revenue rotation module that shares the advertising revenues with our Affiliate Members!

Think about this for a second...Facebook with 36 million users last year did over $360 million dollars in advertising revenues. We plan to be over 10 million users within our first 6 to 12 months >>> and ALL of our Affiliates will EARN from the BIG Ad Revenues to be generated by our user base!

Those who see the big picture and understand the potential of Web2Upgrade and the BuzzBot will understand the below info CLEARLY.

What makes us different than any other business opportunity on the web IS THIS...

We are NOT signing the majority of our users up because of the BUSINESS. The MILLIONS of users to come WILL JOIN because of the technology. What this means is simply, WE HAVE MASS APPEAL...unlike other home-based business opportunities that are limited mostly to other biz-op seekers!

Imagine...how many other opportunities have a REALISTIC objective of having 50 to 100 million users on their system within 36 to 48 months?

Combine the potential for MASSIVE GROWTH with this very powerful compensation plan, and you have what we believe to be the most lucrative home-based business today...a company that without any doubt in our minds will write some of the largest monthly commission checks the home-based business industry has ever seen.

So...with that said, let us post a SAMPLE of the Affiliate Compensation Report page that will be going LIVE in August as we roll out our first two BLOCK BUSTER Products.

This page WILL BE LIVE in the Affiliate Control Panel come August. Please understand that some aspects of this report may slightly change is fashion and form prior to launch.


Thanks for all of your support!