Second stage. Let's illustrate "The Cyclist's Helper" together.

Фаланстер, “Второй этап. Иллюстрируем “Помощник велосипедиста” талакой”, public translation into English from English More about this translation.

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During February and March we draw pictures for the new version of the Helper.

Each artist can draw a picture to any chosen moment of brochure, traffic signs or a map, which make the Helper more attractive and interesting and that is how the artist will increase his positive karma.

You can came to the meetings and draw together and you can draw in distance and send a picture to [email protected] (connect +375298602312).All pictures will come out under the license of Creative Commons.

Here you can see and read the first version of The helper.

The main idea of The helper is to collect useful knowledge and advises to cyclists. It's important to increase the activity of cycling about the cycling for further changes of the traffic rules and fasilities of the cities of Belarus to make it more friendly for people.

Draw your world new cyclin city!

Original (English): Второй этап. Иллюстрируем “Помощник велосипедиста” талакой

Translation: © nastya149568 . crowd

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