Virgin, meaning of (Warriors' Experience)

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Theun, can I please ask for guidance on menopause.


In addressing this subject I am not going to repeat what has already been explained in depth in the female book concerning conception and menstruation. Instead I am going to assume that you are already FULLY familiar with this aspect of being a female.

Prior to PUBERTY the GIRL is INCAPABLE of conception, even if she were to receive the life-giving sperm of the male, but once PUBERTY has taken place the girl becomes the FERTILE VIRGIN, meaning that she is now MATURE enough, physically, emotionally and mentally, to CONCEIVE the life-giving sperm of the male and to bring to birth the NEW, whether this is an infant, a new business, a new home, a new life, or any other ASPECT of the male's PURPOSE in life, for as is explained in the male and the female books, the male's "sperm" is NOT confined to his physical sperm only.

Consequently this CONCEPTION takes place on all THREE levels of human endeavour, the physical, the emotional and the mental, but should the female, for some reason or the other, FEEL that CONCEPTION is NOT in order, meaning NOT within the NATURAL UNFOLDMENT of the PURPOSE she is SUPPORTING, she will ABORT the conception. Alternatively, should the male choose NOT to fertilise the female, the female will likewise ABORT the EGG within her womb as being not needed, an act termed MENSTRUATION, after which the female will start to PREPARE herself for a new conception, and once again, even this PREPARATION takes place on all THREE levels, physically, emotionally and mentally! In this respect the female, whenever she has ABORTED or MENSTRUATED, in a sense RECLAIMS her state of "virginity," for in a deeply ESOTERIC manner she becomes once again the FERTILE VIRGIN - a most stunning and truly intangible aspect of the mystery of the female!

The point to be grasped here is that the PREPARATION of the WOMB, CONCEPTION or ABORTION which includes MENSTRUATION, and BIRTH, are three DISTINCTIVE ACTS within the female that EACH have a PROFOUND effect upon the female, physically, emotionally and mentally! Whether men and women wish to acknowledge this or not, the female is NOT entirely the same person during any one of these acts, and of these three acts ABORTION, and to a lesser extent MENSTRUATION too, is a highly EMOTIONAL experience for the female, bringing about within her the SUBCONSCIOUS feeling of FAILURE, often resulting in depression and tearfulness. These three acts also bring about within the female HORMONAL CHANGES that in themselves affect her very deeply, both emotionally and mentally. Needless to say, in time the female learns how to LIVE WITH these varied and often unpleasant "feelings" within her, and in some cases even how to SUPPRESS these "feelings" to the point of being barely affected by them, yet deep down inside these "feelings" never really go away!

MENOPAUSE is that stage within the life of the female when she has acquired that level of MATURITY which takes her BEYOND being the FERTILE VIRGIN. Having reached a level of MATURITY which far exceeds that of the VIRGIN, the female starts to PREPARE herself for an entirely NEW ROLE within life, the role of being the WISE WOMAN. Because the female's physical body, and more importantly, her luminous cocoon, has reached an age at which it can no longer provide SUITABLE physical vehicles for incarnating egos, the Dreamer of the female SHEDS the responsibility of PHYSICAL CONCEPTION, and focuses its energy entirely upon the ACT OF NURTURING. During this period of RE-ADJUSTMENT the female's physical body undergoes a massive hormonal change resulting in a great many SYMPTOMS, such as the well-known hot flushes, and in some cases also excessive and prolonged periods of menstruation. Some of the other symptoms, depending upon the physical make-up of the female, are retention of WATER, causing an increase in body-weight, and a general rounding out of the female form, resulting in a more voluptuous and motherly body.

From this time on the female becomes preoccupied with NURTURING that which has already been brought to BIRTH or FRUITION, applying to that nurturing ALL of her life's experience, that is, her knowledge. Depending upon the female, that is, depending upon HOW MUCH personal power she has claimed during her life up until now she will become either the WISE OLD WOMAN, a true representative of Mara the Standing the Mother, or she will become the nasty and vindictive toothless old hag that everyone fears!

It is principally this massive and apparently unpredictable change that occurs within the female that has caused the subject of menopause to become a taboo subject to be feared. From what I have explained so far it should be clear that the WISE OLD WOMAN is the true MATRIARCH, and a female that can and does wield a tremendous amount of power. But in having LEARNED the ways of the true FEMALE, the MATRIARCH always uses her considerable power in SUPPORT of the males in her life.

In the Tarot Cards the Matriarch is represented by The Popess, card number 2, the UNFOLDMENT OF DESTINY through the MEDIUM OF HUMILITY and UNDERSTANDING. Note the word "destiny" as opposed to "fate." This in itself speaks volumes, for it shows that the true MATRIARCH'S awareness has reached a level which now extends BEYOND the confines of her personal HEARTH, to encompass also the GREATER HEARTH of humanity. In tending the GREATER HEARTH the MATRIARCH has the EXPERIENCE and the acquired WISDOM with which to NURTURE the far-reaching IMPLICATIONS of the VISION of the male's purpose! In other words, in having CONCEIVED and brought that purpose to BIRTH, the MATRIARCH has, through having nurtured that purpose to MATURITY, acquired the necessary KNOWLEDGE with which to now start NURTURING the FRUITS borne of that purpose so that these may flourish, and in so doing, continue having an IMPACT well on INTO THE FUTURE. It is this ability of the MATRIARCH that in times gone by caused her to become the village healer, the village teacher, and a revered member of the Female Council, the council which tended to the EMOTIONAL and PHYSICAL well-being of the village as much as the Elders, or the Male Council, tended to the MENTAL well-being and the PROSPERITY of the village.

The toothless old hag, on the other hand, knowing that she does not have much to offer the world around her in terms of personal power, and now feeling USE-LESS in terms of being able to CONCEIVE the male's purpose, invariably starts to use whatever personal power she does have in MANIPULATING everything and everyone around her into doing her bidding, thereby "feeling" that she still does have at least SOME value! Such women, whether they are aware of it or not, use their URGE towards nurturing by insisting upon finding ways in which they can do "it" FOR the males within their lives, and thereby DIS-EMPOWER every male unfortunate enough to fall into their claws. We are all fully familiar with such women, and as I am NOT encouraging any of the females working with me into becoming toothless old hags there is little point in us dwelling upon the fate and actions of these old battle-axes!

I hope this response answers your question regarding menopause and that it serves to point out that menopause, far from being yet another curse women have to endure, is in fact a most significant part of that stupendous mystery termed the female, the TONAL.

I would, however, like to add one more point to what I have shared here.

I wonder if the males within the Group will now see a few more reasons as to why it is firstly, so very necessary to LISTEN to the female, who is a mystery even unto herself; and secondly, why it takes a great deal of LEARNING how to listen properly to the female. With a bit of luck, now that you have called forth this guidance, the males may even make an effort at learning to DISCRIMINATE between LISTENING to the female, as opposed to seeking COUNCIL from the Matriarch. :)

There is a VAST DIFFERENCE between wanting to be mothered like a little boy, as opposed to being a responsible male that can call forth either the FEMALE or the MOTHER within the woman. Likewise is there a VAST DIFFERENCE between calling forth the MOTHER within the FEMALE, who is FORCED into having to TELL you what to do, when to do it, and where to do it, as opposed to SEEKING GUIDANCE from the MATRIARCH who will REFUSE to dis-empower the male, but who will also NOT HESITATE to beat his bum black and blue should it be necessary to do so because he is being an irresponsible little boy that is a DISGRACE to the Spirit of Man! LOL!

Today men, in general, are so OUT OF TOUCH with their maleness that they have zero RE-SPECT for the true FEMALE and the true MATRIARCH. Even married men, having NEVER learned to LISTEN to the female, fail to understand the process of their wives CHANGING into the MATRIARCH. Consequently they either ACCUSE their wives of having become MOTHER, or alternatively they secretly long for a pretty young thing that will be only to happy to spread her legs without any BACK-CHAT!