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Here you can find the information why Falanster began Wikification. What's filled in and what will be added during 2015-2016?

The main goal is to strengthen the community of Wikipedia. If the community is strong, the belarusian Wikipedia will be strong as well as the culture and language will enrich.

Which one of the sections is? To be honest, we are for the existence of one belarusian sections. However, we support wikimedians’ initiatives from both classic section (55397 articles) and academic section of orthography (80322 articles on 7th February, 2015).

So, what is the idea of strengthening? We'd been making an agreement with wikimedians and getting to know about their problems for a long time. Moreover, we conducted a survey, which pointed to the main expectations of active wikimedians as well as the regular users. As a result, we defined three main directions in Wikification:

The first direction is events in Minsk and others cities of Belarus, such as lections, workshops, contests and joint events with others communities. In short, expanding contacts between wikicommunity and people, who can widen its themes and the amount of editors.

The second direction is cooperation with the media and PR. Expanding presence in press and at various events (conferences, holidays, etc), where it is possible to promote Wikipedia and create its attractive and positive image.

Finally, the most essential direction for us is to convey knowledges. We want to make "The manual of Wikimedians". It'll be both Internet and paper based version for beginners. We wish to make it сommunal work. It means to draw different people to joint work. It can be both experienced wikimedians and beginners, or you, who may interact with Wikipedia in future, for example, students, journalists, painters, linguists, scientists, etc.

What's the perfect result? From our point of view, it's the willingness of Belarusian wikicommunity to arrange international events and invite the active people from different countries to Belarus, for example in 2017. In that case, our mission will be completed and we will pass it to a new generation.

Have you already have an itch to volunteering in Wikification?

There is a work for everyone:

Now the chiefest work is "The manual of wikimedian". We're preparing articles, make mockups, looking for financial support.

Do you live in other city or village (not Minsk)? Don't worry, we also have work for you. We're ready to make joint wiki-outing for you, as it was in Grondo, Vitebsk, Hlybokaya

The club. Wikiclub will be a huge contribution to development of community. If you feel leadership potential, Falanster will be ready to help to self-organize a club.

Do you want to be helpful?

Write on [email protected] or fill in the form.

Our moto: Wikification without vacation!


Original (Belarusian): Вікіфікацыя

Translation: © DianaS, rizoma .

License: CC BY SA 4.0 Int crowd

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