Volunteering, practice and job shadowing

Фаланстэр, “Валанцёрcтва, практыка і стажыроўкі”, public translation into English from Belarusian More about this translation.

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Volunteering, practice and job shadowing

During 2015 Falanster continues work with student's practice, volunteers, and also launches job shadowing in social activity sphere.

People of various professions have opportunity to improve their own skills and find themselves.

What do we offer?

For trainees and volunteers:

vibrant and interesting tasks in civil organization (organize events, clubs and projects)

communications with people, who have a great experience in social activity

opportunity to wide knowledge in many different spheres (free open source software, copyright, wiki-technologies, bureaucracy of organization, creation of wi-fi networks, websites creation and managing etc.)

team work, offline and online

practice in SMM, writing articles, managing of PR strategies

What do we do?

The e-Participation Tool is an online platform for discussions and decision-making in a community or in a group, as well as in the whole country (e-democracy).

The Mesh-Club is an experimental project of learning and developing wireless networks in our society.

Ars Nova is the club of learning open source graphic software and permanent development of Falanster's design.

Wikification is activization of a belarusian wiki-movement and extension of free knowledge and content, development of a network culture in society.

Tasty Creativity is extension of creative potential of authors. Crowdsourcing of copyright in Belarus.

Falanster Building is organizational extension and developing (resources, internal life, international relations and so on).

Do you suite to our practice, job shadowing or volunteering?

Majority of our projects are cross-disciplinary, so there is an opportunity to realize and acquire knowledge in various areas.

We invite marketologists, economists, accountants, lawyers, IT specialists, journalists, teachers, project managers, directors, cookers, weders...


We want people with following skills: activity, integrity and accountability, openness, a desire to learn new things and to experiment.

Become a volunteer! Be a trainee!

If you are interested - write us your motivation to [email protected]

What are the benefits of your activity?

You can gain your knowledge in real time projects, improve your teamwork skills.

You can gain your experience and karma, your works can serve to development of society and become known.

You can find like-minded people and join to the Falanster's team as a team-member.

Last but not least, as a result of our cooperation we write a cover letter or any recommendation. Moreover, we are ready to foster your educational and civil activities further.

Our experience in work with volunteers and trainees

First birds


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Original (Belarusian): Валанцёрcтва, практыка і стажыроўкі

Translation: © violence, rizoma .

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