Виды совещаний.

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Types of meeting.

Виды совещаний.

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Meetings come in all shapes and sizes, of course. Here are some types:

Совещания могут быть разных видов и форм, вот некоторые из них.

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• chat (informal discussion) with colleagues at the coffee machine.

беседа (информационное обсуждение) с коллегами около кофе-машины

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• brainstorming among colleagues: where as many ideas as possible are produced quickly, to be evaluated later.

• project meeting / team meeting of employees involved in a particular activity.

• department/departmental meeting.

• meeting with suppliers, for example to negotiate prices for an order.

• meeting with a customer, for example to discuss a contract.

• board meeting: an official, formal meeting of a company's directors.

• Annual general meeting / AGM (BrE); annual meeting (AmE): where shareholders discuss the company's annual report.

• EGM: extraordinary general meeting: a shareholders' meeting to discuss an important issue such as a proposed merger.

How was the meeting?

Some colleagues are discussing a meeting they have just come out of.

Anil: I thought it was very productive.

Juliet: Well, I thought it was a complete waste of time. I didn't hear anything I didn't already know.

Barbara: I agree with Anil. I felt we had some very useful discussions, and that we reached an agreement that was good for both sides. We certainly covered a lot of ground. It was incredible the number of things we got through. Juliet: But there were too many digressions. John was rambling and kept wandering off the point. He just uses meetings as a chance to show off. Just like a lot of men: he just wanted to show how powerful he is and what a good talker he is. Anil: But to be fair, the chair really kept things moving: she encouraged people to be brief and to stick to the point and we achieved a lot of short time. Anyway, I learned a lot and I think they listened to what we had to say.

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