Geek's tournament - 3. Not about the best playgrounds, but the best people

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Last Saturday the 3rd Geek's Tournament was held.

This time there were 36 teams from the different Belarusian towns which gathered near one of the McDonald's cafes on September, 15. Football players were all ready and determined. After the drawing procedure, they left to the playgrounds. Hot games, whistles and fan groups filled four playgrounds for almost 12 hours.

'Everything's cool. Guys come from the different districts and regions to play football and just to enjoy the moment. It's really awesome!' - Alexander, captain of the 'Dreamteam', shares his impressions.

Representatives from the 13 various tournaments, leagues and championships of Brest, Baranovichi, Zhodino, Vitebsk, Borisov, Mogilev, Gomel, Osipovichi, Slutsk and Minsk took part in the so-called "playground ballrace".

Coming and going, dressed in bright kits, persistent, dusty and messy football teams dropped out gradually. Only 4 most resistant and close-knit of them made it to the final games to decide who's the best team.

'Playground football, yard community, communication and yard self-organising will always be popular. That's why this tournament is popular as well. Moreover, we're noticing positive growth in organizing: the number of teams increased, both last year and new regions joined the tournament. Such 'underground' initiative, self-organizing and mass movement can make a big difference here. We are calling for people's initiative and letting it be fulfilled. We are the example which is worth repeating and adopting' - says Michael, one of the organizers.

The tournament came to the end only in the evening. Three teams strived for achieving their prizes and awards: 'Dreamteam' (3rd place), FC 'Khmel' (2nd place), and 'Luchschye Ludy' (1st place). Congrats to the winners!

Original (English): Турнир Неформалов-3. Не на лучших площадках, а с лучшими людьми

Translation: © trigger_hippie4, rizoma . crowd

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