Теун Марез - Книга Афоризмов [Нагваль]

Theun Mares, “Theun Mares - The Book of Aphorisms [Nagal Section]”, public translation into Russian from English More about this translation.

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Theun Mares - The Book of Aphorisms [Nagal Section]

Теун Марез - Книга Афоризмов [Нагваль]

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At birth man is a pure nagal being, for his tonal is, to all intents and purposes, undeveloped. But from the moment he is born man can feel that, in order to function within the physical world, he needs a physical counterpart. This sense of being incomplete forces man to focus his attention exclusively on the development and the functionality of the tonal, to such an extent that the tonal and its functionality become all-consuming, and the nagal is ignored. The result is that by the time the tonal is fully developed and he has achieved full functionality within the world, man is so utterly identified with the tonal, that he has become all tonal .Yet this causes him to start feeling incomplete again, for he now senses that an essential part of him is missing.

При рождени человек является чистым нагвальным существом, его тональ пребывает, во всех отношениях, неразвитым. Но с того момента как он родился человек может чувствовать, что

History of edits (Latest: Warriorskeep 6 months, 1 week ago) §

It is the tonal that rules in the life of the average man, but it is a very delicate and vulnerable ruler, for the tonal can easily die if seriously threatened. Therefore the tonal has to be protected all costs, because if it dies, the man dies too. For the warrior this state of affairs is a very real dilemma, since on the one hand, the tonal must be forced to give up its control, while on the other hand, it must be maintained and protected as a guardian. The only way around this is to make the nagal surface, in order to support the tonal. Yet this too constitutes a problem, for the nagal rarely — if ever — acts, but when it does act, it terrifies the tonal to the point of death.

The art of the warrior is a very delicate and difficult balancing act, in which the tonal must be coaxed, bit by bit, into gradually being able to accept and then withstand the impact of the eventual emergence of the nagal, without succumbing to death. The only way of accomplishing this most difficult balancing act is to live the impeccable life of the warrior, so as to gain the required personal power to cleanse and re-order the island of the tonal thoroughly. Only an island that is immaculately clean and uncluttered offers no resistance to the impact of the nagal, for it is as if there is nothing present to offer resistance.

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