The Book of Aphorisms - Obligation

Author: Theun Mares. Link to original: (English).
Tags: Book of Aphorisms, Toltec Teachings Submitted by Warriorskeep 31.01.2017. Public material.

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into Russian: Книга Афоризмов - Обязательство. Translated in draft, editing and proof-reading required.
Submitted for translation by Warriorskeep 31.01.2017


Friends, now that we have had bestowed upon us the Sacred Truth there is naught to do other than to honour the vow we took this day by keeping alive within our hearts the resounding responsibility which is now ours until the end of time. Should we fail in keeping the commitment we made, we fail the nagal in us all, and the One Life will stand bereft of the One Power – a travesty too fearful and vile to contemplate. Therefore we dare not fail – we must not fail – we will not fail! But let us also be clear that in the journey ahead of us we will have naught to assist us but our strength, our vision and our unwavering commitment to honour we trust bestowed upon us, no matter what the personal cost to us may be, now or in the future!

Let us therefore take hands, let us take heart and let us take courage for the long and challenging journey ahead.

Let us travel light, taking with us only a light to lighten the way ahead, a fire by which to warm our hearts when darkness falls and an urn, sealed within which is the legacy of our brotherhood. We will take no other encumbrances, so that our journey may be expedited by swiftness of foot and sureness of tread.

Let us further remember that, implied within the vow we have taken, is the duty to ensure that we train those guided to us on our way in the art of Atl’aman, so that when death touches us we will have successors to whom we can entrust the light, the fire and the holy urn we carry with us, in order that they, in their turn, can continue upon the journey to which we have committed ourselves – a journey that must not be allowed to end until we have honoured the Sacred Trust………….

Friends, let us be on our way with open hand and open heart, and as we tread the way may the sound of the Sacred Trust bestowed upon us resonate for ever within the depths of our hearts………….

May the vow be kept………

…….. may the vow be kept……..

…………..may the vow be kept!


…………. fidelity………..


May out hearts keep our steps steadfast, now and for ever more!