Television in my life

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Television plays a very important role in the life of people. With the help of TV people relax, learn about different events and have a good time.

British TV has four channels. There are BBC 1, BBC 2, ITV (Channel 3) and Channel 4. BBC 2 offers more serious programmes than BBC 1. ITV and Channel 4 are independent commercial organisations which get most of their money from ads. Thanks to satellite, TV viewers in Britain can watch TV from European countries. There are currently over two and half million homes in Britain watch cable TV. Cable TV viewers pay for the programmes they want to see.

I prefer to watch STS and TNT, consist of such programmes as feature films, cartoons, comedies, quizes, concerts and interviews and such musical channels as RuTV, MuzTv and Bridge, offer different music.

Besides, many channels have advertising. I do not take ads seriously! On the one hand, it is creative, informative, funny, helps you choose the best products, teachs you how to get the best value for your money and helps to improve your taste. But on the other hand, advertising often puts pressure on consumers, shows a life unrealistically and often annoying.

TV takes a very important place in the life of people. It does our life more interesting, gives new topics for conversations. TV is really very important for people.

Original (Russian): Телевидение в моей жизни

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