Teachings, the Toltec, for the left side, examples of (Warriors' Experience)

Author: Theun Mares. Link to original: http://www.toltec-legacy.com/public-articles/list.html (English).
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Translations of this material:

into Russian: Примеры Учения Толтеков для левой стороны (Воинский Опыт). Translated in draft, editing and proof-reading required.
Submitted for translation by Warriorskeep 30.01.2017



I am finding it really hard to relate to the Westerly females. Most of the time I don't understand what they are saying and it seems to me that they just indulge in being bad humoured! Sometimes in interacting with the West I feel like I am losing my marbles! Am I missing something here?


:) My dear friend, if you go at the West in this way, you should ponder the fact that in the best interests of Death of the Old, the West is best viewed as being a DEVASTATING HURRICANE! LOL! You yourself are West, for God's sake, and so you should know! Or do you STILL not UNDER-STAND?

And what's more, it is not a bad thing to lose one's marbles, my friend, for what are marbles other than the RIGHT mind, in which the marbles roll round and round in circles! No clarity there! Instead reach for the clarity that comes from transmutation!