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Street Epistemology: Makayla (1) | A Really Intense Question

00:00: ANTHONY: I'm gonna put it on my YouTube channel probably. I can give you a card. How are you? What's up? You're good?

00:08: MAKAYLA: Yeah, I'm fine.

00:09: ANTHONY: Do you have a nice day?

00:11: MAKAYLA: Yeah, I guess so.

00:13: ANTHONY: What's wrong?

00:14: MAKAYLA: My card's not working.

00:15: ANTHONY: What card?

00:16: MAKAYLA: My bank card.

00:17: ANTHONY: Oh, really?

00:18: MAKAYLA: Yeah.

00:19: ANTHONY: Do you need some money?

00:21: MAKAYLA: [No.]

00:22: ANTHONY: What do you need?

00:23: MAKAYLA: I don't need any money, just.. I don't know, they don't, they don't even know why it's not working.

00:27: ANTHONY: Are you trying to withdraw money or deposit?

00:29: MAKAYLA: No, I'm trying to, like, order stuff offline.

00:31: ANTHONY: Oh.

00:32: MAKAYLA: I'm just trying to get the tickets for the football game this weekend, but...

00:36: ANTHONY: What football game?

00:37: MAKAYLA: We play Louisiana Tech. It's the "Pink Out" game.

00:39: ANTHONY: The what?

00:40: MAKAYLA: The "Pink Out" game.

00:42: ANTHONY: The "Pink Out" game? OK. I don't follow sports that much.

00:46: MAKAYLA: Oh, OK.

00:47: ANTHONY: Is that for breast cancer awareness?

00:48: MAKAYLA: Yeah, yeah.

00:49: ANTHONY: Okay. Well that's nice that you're doing that. Do you play in it, or, you know, you'll be watching it?

00:55: MAKAYLA: Yeah, we're gonna go, it's home. So they give us, like, a shuttle.

00:58: ANTHONY: Oh, it's gonna be here on the school?

01:00: MAKAYLA: No. Well, no. Our football stadium is, like.. 20 minutes away.

01:06: ANTHONY: OK.

01:07: MAKAYLA: Yeah.

01:08: ANTHONY: OK. Oh, bummer. I hope you get it worked out.

01:12: MAKAYLA: Thanks.

01:13: ANTHONY: What's your first name?

01:15: MAKAYLA: Makayla.

01:16: ANTHONY: How do you spell it?

01:21: MAKAYLA: Makayla.

01:23: ANTHONY: Makayla. I'm Anthony.

01:25: MAKAYLA: Nice to meet you.

01:26: ANTHONY: Pleasure to meet you too. You got five minutes to chat, just to unpack why you hold a belief in a God or anything supernatural?

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