Stalker, the Northerly, ARTICLE ON (Warriors' Journeys)

Author: Theun Mares. Link to original: (English).
Tags: Northerly, Stalker, Toltec Teachings Submitted by Warriorskeep 26.01.2017. Public material.

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into Russian: Северный Сталкер (Путешествия Воинов). Translated in draft, editing and proof-reading required.
Submitted for translation by Warriorskeep 26.01.2017


When I found out that I am a Northerly Stalker many things started to fall into place.

One of the things that I started to explore is how I work with potential. Of course, it is pretty obvious that in materializing something like an art project I have to first recognize its potential. Then I have to visualize and figure out how to best materialize this potential.

I also found that I get easily bored and so I am constantly challenging my own perception of how something is accomplished, and therefore I am constantly on the look-out for other ways of doing or utilizing something. So oftentimes, in the process of working on one thing, I will discover other potentials, which I will either explore and utilize within the same project or I will use as a springboard for yet another project. In this way each project is really a journey of discoveries and explorations, which lead to even more journeys. This, for me, makes the journey truly exciting as I am always discovering something new.

The big challenge for me in working with potential has to do with discrimination and the containment of my own excitement. What I really mean by this is because I find the discovery, exploration and the materialization of potential so exciting I oftentimes find it difficult to contain my excitement and therefore do not properly edit that which is appropriate for me to explore now, that which should be put off till later and that which might be more appropriate to either pass on to somebody else or explore with others.

In essence what this lack of containment and discrimination amounts to is acting like a little child run amuck in a candy store. In observing how I allowed my own gluttonous behavior to take over in working with potentials, I have felt myself get spread too thin.

In this I have seen how easy it is to take something that is truly magical and can bring so much joy and growth, and turn it into a real burden that only brings about a sense of failure, apathy and stagnation.