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Mon, 04/28/2014 - 12:45

Falanster puts together the team for participation in hackathon "Hackforfuture" to develop the project of the participation instrument. The main events will take place on May, 3-4.

Project description

The result of the work is expected to be the system, which will help different communities to prepare and take decisions.

Everyone of us is a member of any community. It often occurs so when it is necessary to put the decision of the community into shape to present it to other communities, citizens or state structures. But it is not always possible to gather all the participants together at one place and time to discuss the issue, when it's needed to be solved. What to do?


Team's goals for hackathon: make a beta version of the systems*.
The main goals are:

install the prototypes of already existing systems (wikiarguments, liquidfeedback);

translate it's interface units into Belarusian and Russian languages (from English);

write easy-to-use manual (or video casting) for system users;

create a promo-video of how-to-use the technology (video casting);

test the appropriate work of this platforms with the participants of hackathon.

*Hackathon coordinators, "Hackforfuture" community are interested in the project and ready to be the pilot platform for such a project.

Who we are looking for?

For system deployment we need:

Network administrator (router configuration, dynamic LAN-Internet address configuration).

Linux administrator (virtual machine and compiler installation, web-server and service customization).

Sound and film editor.

Content-manager. A person, who will sort information about the project (describe, correct, edit information)

A volunteer, who will read texts for recording.

Illustrator for videos and manuals.

Php or/and lua developer (wikiarguments and liquidfeedback systems are written in these languages).

Web designer in UI+EX advice is also needed.


[email protected], +375 29 1274267

Hashtag: #menyajpravila

What's next?

Hackathon is going to be only the first step in development of collective decision-making systems. After the successful start of the system it will be proposed to the cycling community as a variant for discussion of the urgent problems and position-development.

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Original (Russian): Создаём инструмент участия

Translation: © Vladislav_Sivakov . crowd

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