What does the EVS mean for the Falanster and for volunteers?

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On the 19th of October 2016 Falanster get accreditation of EVS from Erasmus+ program. This means we can receive volunteers from EU countries and send belarusian volunteers to the different European projects

The aim of the Falanster's participation in the EVS movement is to foster and reinforce local civil organisation, international volunteering, knowledge and experience exchange among the youth and develop informal education.

What is the EVS?

This is an opportunity to visit one of EU country NGOs and have regular volunteering (around 30 hour per week) for from 2 week up to 12 months (the period depends on a project).

Almost 100% of expenses are covered by Erasmus+ program.

A volunteer have to be between 17-30 years old. The youth from volnurable groups have special attention during the participation in the projects.

Projects can be various and depend on host organization activities. For example:

personal and societal educational development,

civil participation,

social work,

environmental issues,

informal education,

culture and creativity,

informational technology, media literacy and the like.

The volunteer does not need to have professional skills. Educational process is intangible part of volunteering in different organizations. The focal point is the personal motivation and interest to project field, stable wishes to take part, to get new knowledge, learn and implement them into practice, communicate with communities.

It is important to emphasis that EVS is not:

time to time, non-organised, part volunteering,

job in the company and payable position,

touristic activity,

language courses,

expliotation of cheap workforce

education or professional training abroad

How to joining in the EVS project?

In order to participate in one of the EVS project from Falanster you need

1. For EU participators. As the first step you need to submit or form.

2. For participants from Belarus. Firstly, you need to successfully volunteering (or internship) in the Falanster. After the local volunteering we chose the most dilligent and productive persons as a candidate.

First of all, the Falanster is a community active and agent volunteers, social geeks creating new Belarus. We wish a new volunteer helps in our projects (sharing this) and add value for prosperity of our country firstly.

Today we accept new volunteers in the next the Falanster's directions:

- in any current projects (Digital Laboratory, Wikification, Tasty Creativity etc...)

- in any of our current clubs,

- or volunteer can start own project or club which correspond with the Falanster's mission.

For belarusian applicants

Make your internship or fellowship

For abroad volunteers

If you have any question please write us here: [email protected]

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