Self-abnegation, ARTICLE (Warriors' Journeys)

Author: Theun Mares. Link to original: (English).
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into Russian: Самоотрицание [проявление 28 тёмного самоцвета], статья (Путешествия воинов). Translated in draft, editing and proof-reading required.
Submitted for translation by Warriorskeep 06.02.2017


My Shortcoming derives from the Abuse of Power , and manifests as Self-abnegation.

I experience my shortcoming as setting myself up to fail, or sabotaging myself. Most of the time by dwelling on the negative. Although it sounds simple, this appears to be a big challenge so far. Sometimes it feels like every WORD I say is part of this challenge. I tend to waste a lot of personal power with it. Learning about self-nurturing is my only way forward.