Samantha-mod. Samantha's route, fragment 1.

"автор мода", “Саманта-мод. Рут Саманты, отрывок 1.”, public translation into English from Russian More about this translation.

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label ss_main_year2:&

&$ new_chapter(15, u"Samantha")&

&$ day_time()

&$ persistent.sprite_time = "day"

&scene bg ss_wintersquare with

&$ renpy.pause (1.2)

&play music friends00 fadein 1

&$ renpy.pause (2.0)

&play sound leaf

&$ renpy.pause (0.8)

&$ set_mode_nvl()

&window show

&nvl clear

&"Hello, Sam!"

&"It's Christmas Eve here already, but keeping in mind how long our letters are going, I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year as well!"

&"It took over a month for your October letter to get here. It seems that we have the world's slowest correspondence! {w}Should we write to the Guinness Book of World Records? I guess we'd better phone them, ha-ha."

&"Of course, I'd prefer to phone you instead. But the letters are fine too."

&nvl clear

&"Yesterday it was snowing all day long. The snowflakes were huge, like... like cornflakes! {w}You can't imagine how beautiful our town was this morning! It's like everything is under a white blanket, two feet tall."

&"But the real beauty comes in the evening, when all the garlands light up. We've just finished hanging ours, it's been fun. {w}We had a few extra meters left, so I wrapped the snowman. It looks marvelous!"

&nvl clear

&"As you know, I love snow. But this time the cold weather reminds me of you, so I can't really enjoy it. What if you've got the same weather in «Sovyonok»? What if it's even colder there? It's a summer camp, after all... How are you there?"

&"I hope you are not going to stay and suffer if heavy frosts would come. You've got another place to go to, right?"

&"Please don't persist. There's no one to take care of you if you fall ill."

&nvl clear

&"I'm alright. I haven't left the town since my arrival, as I promised. Though, anyway, I don't have a reason to - my flight instructor lives across the road."

&"Ha-ha, just kidding! {w}Though I'm not completely forgotten yet. Sometimes I get invited to various events."

&"So, recently I was asked to participate in some advertisement, but I denied the flight. I don't care. {w}And don't worry about the TV series that I quit. No dice there; it was silly anyway."

&"Did I tell you that I joined our school's drama club? It's nothing like we did in «Sovyonok» but still fun."

&"As in the camp, I'm being offered some leading roles too -- which is flattering, but not really deserved.{w} For now I'll play the Ghost of Christmas Past in «A Christmas Carol». A sort of demotion after Juliet, I suppose..."

&"Still very worried about you. Write back soon and tell me how you are coping with winter."

&"But don't trick me! \"Got plenty of food - the whole forest\" - that's how you put it in the last letter? I hope it was a joke!"

&"And don't lie and say that nothing is going on. Something always happens with you, so make sure you tell me all the details!"

&nvl clear

&"I think I'm gonna finish this letter here. I'll send another one a little later. I won't wait for the reply this time. {w}I mean, I will, of course, but you know!"

&"So... In a week or two, wait for another envelope with the butterflies. I hope it won't outrun this one."

&"Your Samantha."


&"P.S. No parcel this time, sorry! Checking the speed for a letter on its own."

&"P.P.S. But don't be shy, write me what I should send you next time. I'm running out of ideas."

&"P.P.P.S. How's Gustav? Tell him I haven't forgotten him."

&"Though that's exactly what I've done, ha-ha! Under the bed, right? Glad he's with you."


&stop music fadeout 4&

&nvl clear

&window hide&

&$ renpy.pause(1.6)&

&$ set_mode_adv()

&"That's it. So short and simple, but still a message from the outside world."

&play ambience Magiceyes fadein 6&

&"It's a rare evidence of that world still being alive. The only evidence, actually, except for the old postman who brought it..."

&"I still prefer letters more. Each one of them is a big feast in the middle of my monotonous life."

&"Otherwise, if something happens, it's not fun: something breaks or spoils, I run out of supplies. It's hard to spend winter alone."

&"Sometimes, it's also spooky. But most of the time it's just boring. To be exact: dull."

&"\"Where am I?\" - That's the question I constantly wake up with. \"Why am I here?\" - The question for the rest of a day."

&"The answers are simple: "I'm still here", "I have nowhere else to go". {w}These answers won`t work for anyone except me. So I have to think how to explain my affairs. Find new excuses."

&"They don't believe anyway. All they want is to put me on the bus and say goodbye. Seems so easy."

&"And easy it is, but where would I find myself at the end of the trip? In one nightmare or another. Can't imagine anything else."

&"For others bus is a solution to all problems, and for me it's totally not. {w}Rather a way to truly get them."

&"As for now, life is hard, but not a nightmare. At least I have these letters. Now I'll reply and wait for the next one."

&stop ambience fadeout 5

&"A couple more should arrive before Spring, and by that time, somebody will have arrived at last. Summer will be just one step away."

&window hide

&$ renpy.pause(1.2)

&scene black with fade2

&$ renpy.pause(1.0)

&$, delay=0, channel='ambience')

&play ambience ambience_camp_entrance_day fadein 2

&scene bg ext_no_bus with fade2

&$ renpy.pause(1.3)

&window show

&play music Take_Shelter fadein 4&

&"That was a really, really weird dream. {w}It seemed as though a year had passed, but I was still in the camp. Alone."

&"It's always a relief when such dreams occur. You accept a time loss, then you receive it back; a nice surprise."

&"A year seems like a small slice of life, but it's only if you look backwards. {w}Of course, the coming year will pass as well, but you'd better live it differently."

&"Or maybe the same way. {w=0.7}Or maybe even {i}worse{/i}. {w=0.8}Let it be the grayest, most insignificant year. You would still want to live through it, not cross out it. In exchange for some dream."

&"Yeah, someone told me that the camp is indeed a dream; that I have nothing to lose here. But for me, it's not like that -- {w}Now it's my real life, and it holds the same value as the old one. It became real after I'd lived it for so long."


&"A year, indeed a year. Minus two months. That's how long I've been here."

&window hide

&$ renpy.pause(1.0)

&stop music fadeout 5

&with fade2

&$ renpy.pause(1.0)&

&window show

&play sound sfx_ikarus_arrive&

&$, delay=2, channel='ambience')

&"The noise of the approaching bus brought me out of slumber."

&"I jumped out of my favorite deck chair, folded it and quickly hid it behind the gates. I'm only a guest here in this camp. For now."

&window hide

&$ renpy.pause(0.5)

&stop sound fadeout 2

&scene bg ext_bus with dissolve

&window show

&"The bus was already here. Some surprised faces stared at me from the windows; otherwise most seats were vacant - this was staff passage. Personnel, counselors, some workers. No pioneers."

&window hide

&play sound sfx_ikarus_open_doors

&$ renpy.pause(0.6)

&window show

&play music free_air fadein 9&

&"The first one to come down out of opened doors was Olga Dmitrievna."

&window hide

&show mt normal panama pioneer far at cleft with dspr

&$ renpy.pause(0.9)

&show mt smile panama pioneer at cleft with dspr

&window show

&mt "Semyon! Our famous hermit! Waiting for us?"

&me "I am. Got your note only this morning."

&mt "Let me see you... Wow, you've managed to get a tan already! And what about this mop of hair? Never got a haircut ever since?"

&me "I failed to find a barber."

&mt "Taking the old man as an example? No way. I'll take care of your tousle later."

&me "Fine, I don't mind."

& "She looked around slowly, surveying our surroundings, then smiled widely and took a big breath of the morning air, which was still moist and redolent after the rain."

&mt "I'm home."

&show mt normal panama pioneer at cleft

&me "Congratulations."

&mt "So, tell me, how've you been?"

&me "Little of this, little of that. In winter there were some rats... Ah, I've written you about this. {w}Everything's fine, don't worry, I'm passing you the camp in a good shape."

&mt "Have you really been here all winter?"

&me "And where would I go?"

&mt "You could've went to the village."

&me "Too hard for my legs in the winter. Thankfully the lodge kept me warm, along with some clothes from the old man."

&mt "Have you saved any food?"

&me "As you can see... That life is possible, I guess."

&mt "Don't tease me. Aren't you going back to civilization?"

&me "...Not yet."

&show mt sad panama pioneer at cleft

&mt "You can't go on like this."

&show mt normal panama pioneer at cleft

&mt "Alright then, let's talk about it later."

&me "So, any news from Samantha?"&

&mt "Nope. Should I ask you the same?"

&me "The last letter was in April... So, she's not coming back this summer?"

&show mt sad panama pioneer at cleft&

&$, delay=4, channel='music')&

&mt "Why would she? You didn't invite her, did you?"

&me "Of course I didn't..."

&mt "Then don't trouble yourself."

&th "Kind Olga Dmitrievna; No need for Semyon to meet with anyone. Let him live alone in the woods, like a druid."

&th "No, druids actually have social lives. So I'd be considered as a loony even by them."

&th "But the most annoying thing is that she's right."

&"Olga began to frown while looking at me."&

&mt "You can't call her back, Semyon. I hope you understand... Do you?"

&me "Yeah, I do... But who knows what she's up to? Just asking."

&$, delay=3, channel='music')&

&window hide

&$ renpy.pause (0.5)

&show sl happy pioneer at right with dspr&

&window show&

&sl "Oh! I was wondering if that was really you or not. Hello!"

&show sl smile2 pioneer at right

&show mt smile panama pioneer&

&me "Hi, Slavya."

&show sl laugh pioneer at right

&sl "This strange shirt... Looks like a villager. Why are you here?"

&show mt normal panama pioneer

&me "I just.."

&show sl smile2 pioneer at right

&mt "...settled nearby for a while."

&show sl surprise pioneer at right with dspr

&sl "And you knew? Why didn't you tell me?"

&mt "Um... The group is leaving us behind! Let's talk later."

&window hide

&$ renpy.pause (0.3)

&hide mt

&show sl normal pioneer at right

&with dspr

&$ renpy.pause (0.5)

&window show

&me "I'm incognito here."

&sl "I'm not sure..."

&me "Unofficially, I mean."

&sl "I'm not talking about that! You settled here? Where?"

&me "Right here, actually. I guarded camp instead of the watchman during the winter. He's too old for that..."

&show sl surprise pioneer at right with dspr

&stop music fadeout 6&

&sl "So, you're the new watchman?"

&me "Not exactly. The old man is still on duty. He shares half of his salary with me. We just have an agreement."

&show sl sad pioneer at right

&sl "Wow, so that's how it's done. Anyways, I'm glad to see you..."

&"Slavya shook her head."

&me "But?"&

&sl "I just don't understand... Why do you need this?"

&me "...It's complicated."

&play music Lou_Philosophy fadein 3

&show sl serious pioneer at right with dspr&

&sl "Are you hiding from someone?"

&me "Absolutely not. It would be a strike on Olga Dmitrievna's repututation..."

&sl "But now it isn't? {w}When you think about it... It's also strange that she agreed."

&me "She never actually agreed. Basically, I cracked the lodge all winter and spent state-owned coal, etc."

&sl "I understand, but..."

&me "She can't just take me away by force. She can only evict me from the camp -- Yeah, that's an option. But she has been merciful for the time being."

&show sl sad pioneer at right with dspr&

&sl "But why would you live here? Don't you have a home to go to? Don't you have someone waiting for you out there?"

&me "...Something like that."

&sl "No, it's not true... {w}And even if it is - why would you stay here? Isn't it just... boring?"

&me "It's extremely boring."

&show sl smile2 pioneer at right with dspr

&sl "Right! So go, return to society!"

&me "Are you kicking me out?"

&window hide

&show sl shy pioneer at right with dspr

&$ renpy.pause (0.5)

&window show

&sl "No... I guess you may stay for the summer; If there is really no one waiting for you."

&show sl smile2 pioneer at right

&extend " It would be a shame to leave camp just before the term, right?"

&me "About that -- I'll be leaving anyway. I'll spend the summer in the village."

&show sl surprise pioneer at right with dspr

&sl "What? Why?"

&me "Because I'm not supposed to be here. I'm neither a pioneer nor a staff member... Not a legitimate one, anyhow."

&sl "But you're the watchman's assistant... Can't you stay for a while?"

&me "No, I don't want to be an eyesore. If I stay, there will be... questions."

&show sl sad pioneer at right&

&me "I had too much attention last autumn, though I helped in the camp and so on. It's better to stay away this time. Otherwise, they might think.."

&sl "Think what?"

&me "That I am some kind of a... favorite of Olga Dmitrievna. A personal pet?"&

&sl "Oh. It's terrible then."

&me "Yeah. And what about you? Why did you come here so early?"

&show sl smile2 pioneer at right with dspr

&sl "Because I'm not a pioneer either. Not anymore."

&me "I see! So you're a counselor?"

&sl "No, just an assistant... Or maybe a counselor! I don't know yet."

&show sl laugh pioneer at right

&"Slavya laughed, delicately covering her mouth. I couldn't resist smiling as well."

&show sl smile2 pioneer at right

&me "No doubt, you will be a counselor! I'll put in a word for you... {w}By the way, I'll ask you keep silent about me. Alright?"&

&sl "Yes, sure. I promise."

&show sl happy pioneer

&extend " Who is that there? Sticking out from your pocket."

&window hide

&$ renpy.pause (0.3)

&show sl smile2 pioneer at right&

&show gustav normal

&with dspr

&window show

&me "This is Gustav. Samantha lost him here."

&sl "It's cute. Is it a bear?"

&me "He thinks so, but there's still a discussion."

&sl "Ha. Were you planning to return him? I can try to send him to her."

&me "No, I'll give him to her myself... one day. But right now I will keep him until then."

&sl "And... Is this your talisman for now?"

&me "Something like that."

&hide gustav

&extend " So, my sunbed is somewhere here... Things should be in their places."

&show sl surprise pioneer at right&with dspr

&sl "Are you going already?"&

&me "I should talk with Olga first. After that, yes. I already packed my stuff."

&show sl sad pioneer at right&

&sl "It's still sad."

&me "The first pioneers will come soon; you won't get bored."

&show sl normal pioneer at right with dspr

&sl "But you will."

&me "That's possible... but I'm used to it. {w}Anyway, I promised the old man my help with the farm. And you have a job here. There's no time to be bored, right?"

&sl "Right..."

&me "But I'll visit you somehow."

&show sl smile pioneer at right

&sl "You gave me your word, don't forget it! By the way, how did you get here? Is there a bike somewhere?"

&me "I have a bike. It's hidden behind those trees. {w}So... Bye then?"

&show sl normal pioneer at right

&sl "Bye. Don't forget to visit."

&window hide

&$ renpy.pause (0.8)

&hide sl with dspr

&window show

&stop music fadeout 5&

&"Slavya nodded and waved goodbye to me, then ran to catch up with the others, leaving me idling at the bus stop by myself."

&play sound sfx_bush_leaves

&"I pulled my sunbed from the bushes and headed straight to Olga Dmitrievna's cabin."

&window hide

&$ renpy.pause (0.5)

&scene bg ext_houses_day with dissolve

&$ renpy.pause (0.5)

&show gustav normal with dissolve

&$ renpy.pause (0.5)&

&window show

&play music Hideaway fadein 7

&gust "Very prominent young lady."

&me "Yeah."

&show gustav smile

&gust "And more {i}convex{/i} than last summer, from any perspective..."

&me "Stop it."

&gust "You don't like her?"

&me "Slavya? I like her. {w}I should invite her to the village ."

&show gustav normal

&gust "What for?"

&me "Just to visit once. Why not?"

&gust "Sure, sure. Once or twice, huh? Maybe more?"

&me "Maybe."

&show gustav upset

&gust "Such an impudence. Have some shame!"

&me "You started this. I didn't say a word."

&gust "But you thought about it. Think about what you're thinking!"

&me "What's wrong with... thinking about of having a little chat?"

## gust "I know your chats... Will your pocket become uncomfortable for me?"

&gust "I can imagine it. If you invite her - better hide Sam's photo away. It would be bad for her to see such correspondence."

&me "A good idea. I'm sure that Slavya wouldn't appreciate your little altar."

&gust "My altar? {w}Well, go invite her, bring her in... You are a lost person!"

&me "Just a person who wants to communicate, imagine that! I'm tired of chatting with a rag bear!"

&show gustav smile

&gust "Aha! So I'm at least a bear, then!"

&me "Nevermind... It's not right. I have to meet someone..younger than Ilya. Or I will become mentally ill. "

&gust "Don't whine, man. Everyone should understand if your loneliness makes you a bit out of sorts..."

&me "I should've given you to her."

&show gustav normal

&gust "Hell no!"

&me "Why not? She would send you home, as you wish."

&gust "She definitely has other plans for me! I would be helpless against her!"

&me "Wouldn't you be happy to have such a hostess?"

&gust "A true bear can have only one hostess..."

&me "Oh well, enough."

&window hide

&$ renpy.pause (0.3)

&scene bg ext_house_of_mt_day with dissolve

&$ renpy.pause (0.5)

&window show

&"The camp leader's house was empty, but she couldn't have gone far away - I went to search for her."

&window hide

&$ renpy.pause (0.3)

&scene bg ext_square_day with dissolve

&"After some time, I was able to track her down: Olga was leading a group of newcomers through the camp, giving instructions. Approach clearly wasn't worth it."

&"I followed them, keeping my distance and blending in with the surroundings as much as I could."

&window hide

&$ renpy.pause (0.3)

&scene bg ext_clubs_day with dissolve&

&"I traversed the entire camp, playing my spy game. {w}Eventually, I revealed my presence to the camp leader after she'd released her excursionists."

&window hide

&$ renpy.pause (0.2)

&show mt normal panama pioneer with dspr

&window show

&mt "Why were you stalking us? People were chuckling."

&me "I was noticed?! Well tell them... that I'm a local fool."

&show mt smile panama pioneer&

&mt "I'm afraid they were already thinking that."

&stop music fadeout 7&

&me "Well, alright. {w}I'm heading off to the village..."

&show mt normal panama pioneer

&mt "Wait a minute, you have some time. See what I brought for you."

&window hide

&$ renpy.pause (0.2)

&hide mt with dspr

&$ renpy.pause (0.3)

&play ambience ambience_int_cabin_day

&scene bg int_house_of_mt_day with dissolve

&$ renpy.pause (0.3)

&window show

play music In_the_void fadein 7

&"First thing, my hostess poured tea from a thermos, then leisurely began to unpack suitcases."

&"Their contents left me with a lot of useful stuff: clothes, mosquito repellent, a fishing lure set, and two boxes of good coffee."

&"There were also some things that weren't quite as useful: a mini-set of chess (I'd already stolen one like it from the club), a gardening book, and a variety of factory-made sweets. I couldn't remember the last time I've had them!"

&"I was also gifted with useless garbage: camp leader's broken watches, a magazine «Where you need to join» (with brochure «Where you DON'T need to join»), boots that were far too small... and last but not least, an inexplicable and most valuable gift - an electric razor."

&me "Thank you! But this razor..."

&show mt smile pioneer with dspr

&mt "No, you shouldn't run around with bristle. Even Tarzan and Mowgli always were shaved."

&me "...How much do I owe you for all this?"

&mt "Nothing! It's old junk... for the most part."

&me "But what about the coffee? And the rest?"

&show mt normal pioneer

&mt "Don't worry."

&me "Nothing? Fine. Because I still have to pay you ten rubles."

&mt "Is that so? I remember five."

&me "But I remember it was ten. {w}Well, give me another five to avoid confusion."

&mt "Seriously?"

&me "Nope. Really - one hundred and ten rubles from you."

&show mt surprise pioneer&&

&mt "Curb your appetite."

&show mt normal pioneer

&me "So how much salary do we get? The watchman asked me to collect."

&mt "Is that right? And who will sign for it?"

&me "I can."

&mt "Oh no. I'll bring it myself later. {w}By the way, how is his health?"

&me "Not bad. At least, he doesn't complain."

&show mt sad pioneer&

&mt "Watch out. No one is immortal."

&me "What chance is there now if nothing has happened with him for a hundred years?"

&show mt normal pioneer

&mt "...How old is he, actually? Can he really be a hundred?"

&me "Who knows? He likes to babble about old battles... And he bragged that he overtook Archangelsk almost on his own."

&mt "So he is a veteran?"

&me "The village is so old, try not finding a veteran there... But Archangelsk! Do you know which war that is?"

&show mt surprise pioneer

&mt "Which war?"

&me "The Civil War, obviously."

&mt "So we have a Civil War hero as a watchman? And nobody knows about it? How so?"

&me "He doesn't want extra attention, probably."

&show mt normal pioneer&

&mt "No attention is needless for the old folk. We need to find out the details."

&me "But it's an old story... His memory fails sometimes... I wouldn't raise the subject, honestly."

&stop music fadeout 5&

&mt "Well, it ought to be raised! We can invite him to the camp. The kids can listen to him, learn something... Then we'll write to a newspaper, call a radio station!"

&me "A journey straight into confusion. His head is not that clear, you know? He'll address your pioneers as cadets once... They'll think he's a lunatic."

&mt "Oh, come on. I'll visit you soon and we'll see things from there... I'll handle everything. And speaking about lunatics - you are not that different."

&me "Why? What's wrong with me?"

&play music Lou_Philosophy fadein 5

&mt "What kind of one-year vacation are you having here? Is that normal to you?"

&me "Oh, this again..."

&mt "Yes. How long are you planning to do this?"

&me "...Am I bothering someone?"

&show mt sad pioneer

&mt "It's just that you can't do that. I feel ashamed. There is no place for you here."

&me "I think here {i}is{/i} my place..."

&mt "You're not hearing what you're saying. Why lie to yourself?"

&me "If my place is not here, then where is it? Who will tell me? I've lived in a big city for a long time, and I was still a stranger there."

&show mt angry pioneer with dspr

&mt "A stranger... You are thinking too much of yourself, young man! You've had too much freedom. People are working without looking around them, they're studying... They go to the army, after all!"

&me "Or at least to a jail."

&mt "Yes, and you'll go there too if you don't change your approach."

&me "Why? I am no harm to anyone. I even help the village people sometimes."

&mt "And who provides you with everything?"

&me "I do. I make some money here and there. You could say that I worked myself up from nothing..."

&show mt smile pioneer with dspr&

&mt "...To a state of extreme poverty?"

&me "Yes! But at least I'm not a beggar. I buy what I need at the shop or from the villagers... I spend my own fair-earned money."

&mt "Is it so fair-earned? What about your employment and salary papers? Does the work experience count?"

&me "Papers are not the main thing for me."

&mt "Yeah? And what is the main thing?"

&me "I don't know... Freedom? {w}The freedom of papers as well."

&mt "It's a big mistake."

&me "It's freedom to make mistakes too. There's always a lot of chances for a mess...When you're trying to change something."

&show mt laugh pioneer&

&mt "Where are you trying? Don't make me laugh. You're simply lazy all the time."

&me "...Alright, we'll have to agree to disagree."

&show mt smile pioneer

&me "I'm going back to the village. A loafer like me needs to get a lot of things done."

&show mt normal pioneer

&mt "I'll visit you tomorrow . I wanted to go today, but..."

&"The camp leader yawned gratuitously."

&mt "I'm all out of steam. I got up before dawn."

&me "Tomorrow, then. It can wait. Take a rest."

&mt "Bye."

&window hide

&$ renpy.pause (0.4)

&hide mt with dspr

&$ renpy.pause (0.4)

&play ambience ambience_day_countryside_ambience fadein 1

&play sound sfx_close_door_campus_1

&scene bg ext_house_of_mt_day with dissolve

&$ renpy.pause (0.5)

&window show

&"Slavya was walking near the porch with a confused expression."

&window hide

&$ renpy.pause (0.2)&

&show sl normal pioneer with dspr

&window show

&me "Hello again. Were you planning to visit Olga Dmitrievna?"

&sl "Yep..."

&me "Well, I'll be going now."

&sl "Okay."

&window hide

&$ renpy.pause (0.9)

&window hide

&me "Would you like to..."

&gust "No! No! No! No!"

&show sl smile pioneer

&me "...Come to visit us sometime?"

&sl "At the village?"

&me "Yeah... I'm sure you know the place..."

&sl "Of course, with pleasure. {w}When?"

&stop music fadeout 7&

&me "How about tomorrow? You can give Olga company."

&sl "Got it. Shall I go ask?"

&me "Yes, let's..."

&show sl surprise pioneer&

&me "No, stop! {w}I think she's taking a nap."

&show sl smile pioneer with dspr&

&sl "Very well. I'll come back later."

&me "Good. But I don't want to wait around for the verdict... {w}She will bring you, won't she?"

&show sl normal pioneer

&sl "Yes, for sure."

&me "Excellent... {w}I'll go then. Until tomorrow?"

&sl "Yes. See you tomorrow, Semyon."

&show sl smile pioneer

&sl "I'm glad that you're here."

&window hide

&stop ambience fadeout 1&

&$ renpy.pause (0.9)

&play ambience ambience_int_cabin_day fadein 2

&scene bg ss_countryhouse_y2 with fade2

&$ renpy.pause (0.6)

&play music No_Cats fadein 5

&show grigory wow with dspr

&window show

You've returned? Cadet, you're driving me mad. Khe-khe-khe

&th "Always the same."

&show grigory smile

&grch "So what's the good word?"

&me "I didn't get the money. Tomorrow, Olga Dmitrievna will bring it herself."

&show grigory surprise2 with dspr&

&grch "Olga?.."

&me "The counselor."

&show grigory smile2

&grch "I remember her... A prominent lady. Looks like our Vera."

&me "Your cool again..."

&show grigory moody2 with dspr

&grch "Cold! Cold Vera! The greatest actress of all time!"

&th "Not this again."

&show grigory smile2

&grch "I remember her on the premiere in Odessa. How cool she played..."

&grch "Khreidenberg popped her the question then. She said no, and he ran off to his..."

&me "Khrance?"

&show grigory idle with dspr&

&grch "Yes, Khrance, for your information!"

&me "I already know. You've..."

&grch "And took all our allies with him! That's why we lost the war."

&me "Olga Dmitrievna will ask you about it tomorrow. About the war and all that. She's suddenly become very interested in it."

&show grigory surprise

&grch "I've seen many wars. Which one is she asking 'bout?"

&me "All of them, I think. From the first world war, and further down the list."

&show grigory idle

&grch "The First... This isn't how we called it. It was the Great... the Germanic..."

&me "Wasn't there a greater and even more Germanic war before that? Anyhow, give it a rest until tomorrow."

&show grigory moody2

&grch "Don't you dare command me! I'll have your head on a stick!"

&me "...And put that off until tomorrow, too. At least wait until after she gives you the money, otherwise she'll find out and run away with our salary."

&grch "You know what, Cadet? Go milk the cow!"

&me "O-kaay..."

&window hide

&$ renpy.pause (0.5)

&play sound sfx_break_grid

&show grigory surprise with dspr

&$ renpy.pause (0.2)

&stop sound

&window show

&grch "Where the hell are you going with my bucket?"

&me "Milking."

&grch "Who?!"

&me "The cow."

&grch "We don't have a cow, you idiot!"

&me "What do you mean? It's there, in the shed."

&grch "It's our neighbor's cow!"

&me "But it's your shed."

&grch "But the cow is our neighbor's!"

&show grigory smile2 with dspr&

&grch "Are you going to milk it?"

&me "As you command."

&show grigory wow2

&grch "Ha-ha-khe... {w}So that's why Vasilisa complains that her cow gives so little milk! As well as become very skittish..."

&me "Nobody taught me how to milk..."

&show grigory smile2

&grch "Such a buffoon. C'mon then. I'll teach you."


&window hide

&$ renpy.pause (0.6)

&stop ambience

&$, delay=0, channel='ambience')

&scene bg wml_ladder with fade2


&$ persistent.ssg_15 = True&


&play ambience ambience_day_countryside_ambience

&"I spent the next day in my humble abode - in a haystack in the shed's attic."

&"I had a book, a bottle of birch juice and some quickly disappearing goodies such as pies, apple paste, and pancakes with linden honey. The last had to be eaten quite early, 'cause it attracted insects."

&"After a strict diet at the camp, I'd allowed myself to be a bit voracious. No one around to shame me for being indolent - even the fearful cow went out to work. A couple of piglets in a paddock below made up my neighborhood."

&stop music fadeout 9

&"Today, the shed wasn't just a quiet place, but also an observation post. I watched the only road through a small window."

&"It was close to evening when two bicycles appeared. There couldn't be any mistake - I ran to welcome the guests."

&$, delay=1, channel='ambience')&&

&window hide

&$ renpy.pause (0.5)

&scene bg ss_countryside

&show mt normal panama pioneer at right

&show sl smile pioneer at cleft

&with dissolve


&$ persistent.ssg_9 = True&


&$ renpy.pause (0.5)

&window show

&me "Oh, it's you! I nearly missed you. So much work..."

&show sl surprise pioneer at cleft with dspr

&sl "Really? There is a lot to do in the camp, too."

&show sl sad pioneer at cleft&

&extend "I shouldn't have come, should I?"

&me "No-no, I've just finished all the stuff for today. I'll show you everything."

&show sl normal pioneer at cleft

&show mt smile panama pioneer at right

&with dspr

&gust "The hayloft."

&th "Shut up."

&mt "Our old man - is he here?"

&me "Likely. Let's go."

&window hide

&$ renpy.pause (0.5)

&scene bg ss_countryhouse&

&show grigory wow at right

&with dissolve


&$ persistent.ssg_8 = True

&play music the_tunnels fadein 1

&"We came across \"our\" beside a gate - he was returning from somewhere, holding a box nearly the size of a small TV set. I understood everything when I saw the postage stamps, and my heartbeat started to race."

&show mt smile panama pioneer far at cleft with dspr&

&mt "Good morning, Mr. Grigory! How are you?"

&grch "Quite fine, Mrs. Ol'ga."

&show grigory smile at right&

&mt "Haven't seen you since last year. How are you doing here with Semyon?"

&grch "Oh, he's great, great... A great sluggard. But at least it's fun spending time with him."

&me "I do everything you tell me to do. I just need some time to get used to it."

&window hide

&show sl normal pioneer far at fleft with dspr

&$ renpy.pause (0.2)

&window show

&show grigory wink at right

&grch "And who is this ? Another helper for me? "

&show grigory smile at right

&show mt laugh panama pioneer far at cleft

&show sl shy pioneer far at fleft

&with dspr

&mt "Her name is Slavya. She's a helper.. but only mine."

&show mt smile panama pioneer far at cleft&

&sl "I... only came for the company, but if you would like me to do something..."

&show sl smile2 pioneer far at fleft

&extend "Hello."

&mt "You better make this pioneer do something. He'll listen to you."

&grch "Hey, boss, just kidding. I do get along with Stepan."

&me "Semyon."

&grch "Yeah. And there's quite a little work here, it's a small farm."

&show mt normal panama pioneer far at cleft&

&mt "Is it really? Look, the fence is ready to fall down, and there's even a hole..."

&show grigory surprise at right

&grch "The fence is alright! And the chicken pass too."

&show mt surprise panama pioneer far at cleft

&mt "...The pass?"

&grch "You deal with the hole, and there will be no neighbor's chicken."

&mt "But why do you need them? Look, one is on a garden bed."

&show mt normal panama pioneer far at cleft&

&me "At least, only weeds there..."

&show grigory wink2 at right with dspr&

&grch "А то! В щавеле пасутся - в крыжовнике несутся!"

&mt "I don't understand."

&me "Наши кусты для кладок облюбовали."

&show grigory smile at right

&show mt smile panama pioneer far at cleft&

&grch "Да-да. Каждый день яичницу... Кхм!"

&show grigory moody2 at right&&

Yhe old man conspiraly watched the sides.

&grch "But this is military top secret."

&me "And he's the one scolding me over milk."

&stop music fadeout 7

&show grigory idle2 at right

&grch "Fine, we've done enough kvetching for the entire street. Let's get to matters."

&stop ambience fadeout 1

&window hide

&$ renpy.pause (0.7)

&play ambience ambience_int_cabin_day fadein 2

&scene bg ss_countryhouse_y2 with dissolve

&$ renpy.pause (0.5)

&show grigory smile at fright with dspr

&play sound sfx_drawer_rattle

&window show

&"The old man put the parcel right in the middle of the table, where it drew too much attention."

&window hide

&show mt normal panama pioneer far at center

&show sl smile2 pioneer far at fleft

&with dspr

&$ renpy.pause (0.2)

&window show

&mt "What's this?"

&show grigory wink at fright

&grch "It came for the cadet. A lend-lease, he-khe."

&show grigory smile at fright

&show sl happy pioneer far at fleft

&mt "Oh, from Samantha?"

&sl "How interesting!"

&show sl smile2 pioneer far at fleft

&play music Grand_Canyon fadein 4&

&"Everyone stared at me, testing my composure in concert. It was useless: mere mortals cannot expose my secrets."

&me "She sends me cassettes, nothing special. I'll check it later, okay?"

&show sl sad pioneer far at fleft with dspr&

& "I quickly hid the parcel under the bench. Slavya was visibly disappointed, but Olga Dmitrievna only shrugged her shoulders and dug through her handbag. "

&stop ambience fadeout 2

&mt "Well, sentinel - old-timers? Time to settle up."

&window hide

&$ renpy.pause (0.5)

&play ambience ambience_int_cabin_evening fadein 2&

&scene bg ss_countryhouse_y2night with fade2

Not that fast, but finaly done our finance questions we began to frink tea. Ms Olga brought new portion of presents but we already had something to put on the table - all is ours, from the city. Even if not from ours.

&show sl normal pioneer at fleft with dspr

How cosy here. Through, what that photo is?

&show grigory idle2 at fright with dspr

&grch "Так Линкор «Мальборо» в бухте Ялты. Девятнадцатый год, чтоб вы знали."

&sl "And who's the woman?"

&grch "Empress Maria Feodorovna. Leaves the homeland forever."

&show sl serious pioneer at fleft

&sl "Hm. Wasn't that when all the royal family?.."

&show grigory moody2 at fright&

&grch "Not all. I was there, just so you know. As a youngster."

&show sl normal pioneer at fleft

&show grigory idle2 at fright

&grch "I remember... people went to the pier, shooting in all directions... And I was sitting on the main cannon. A British officer was holding me.."

&grch "I was begging him:-\"Let's shoot them! Come on!\""

&show grigory smile2 at fright&&

&grch "How foolish I was! Ha-ha. As comes with youth."

&show grigory wow2 at fright

&extend "I was about twenty years old"

&show grigory smile2 at fright&

&show mt surprise pioneer far at center with dspr

&mt "Wait, are you telling you were on the same ship with the empress?"

&show grigory idle2 at fright

&grch "Not the same one. There was a whole fleet at the Crimean port. French, Italian... And American... canned food, of course."

&show mt normal pioneer far at center

&mt "You are kidding me!"

&show grigory surprise2 at fright

&grch "Not at all. It was a tremendous evacuation."

&show grigory idle2 at fright

&mt "Semyon said you fought in the north -- How did that work? Aren't Arkhangelsk and Crimea in completely separate regions?"

&grch "Well, I was in both, here and there."

&mt "So it's true, then? The Revolution, all of that?.. Why didn't you say that before?"

&grch "I did. Nobody was listening! Even your Stepan."

&mt "The kids in the camp will listen! We will invite you."

&stop music fadeout 7&&

&me "Is it worth worrying..."

&mt "It is! It will be a valuable experience for the kids! It would be shame if you don't share your story with them."

&grch "About Arkhangelsk? It was not that important."

&mt "Tell us more!"

&show grigory smile at fright

&$, delay=0, channel='music')

&play music Rescue_in_a_Wreck&

&grch "Right... I remember."&

&$, delay=3, channel='music')&

&grch "It was no man's city. The Whites where trying to show off, but were not very organised, you see?"&

&grch "And here we were; we sailed, landed... And went to the concert hall where they all gathered."

&grch "I opened the door and headed to the podium... Pushed aside some local prince..."

&show grigory wink at fright&

&grch "And screamed at them!"

&show mt normal pioneer far at center&

&show sl smile pioneer at fleft

&sl "So brave! And what did they do?"

&show grigory idle at fright&

&grch "Nothing. They were silent. Then we kicked them outside... And..."

&window hide

&show sl scared pioneer at fleft

&with dspr

&window show

&mt "...And?"&

&show grigory wink at fright

&grch "And drove them away!"&

&mt "...To where? Across the street?"

&me "Should've dropped them into the sea..."

&show grigory moody2 at fright

&show sl surprise pioneer at fleft

&with dspr&

&grch "What sea? We sent them to the front!"

&mt "Wait a minute. You sent... Whites... on Whites?"

&show grigory surprise2 at fright&

&grch "Why on Whites? On Reds!"&

&show mt surprise pioneer far at center&

&with dspr

& "Olga Dmitrievna choked on her tea."

&mt "H-how on Reds? Which Reds?"

&show grigory idle2 at fright&

& Grch "The Bolshevik Reds. Like your kerchief. "

&me "Grandpa Grigory is a little confused now, let's..."

&show grigory wow2 at fright

&grch "So I appealed to those miserable people. To push, until not a single bloodsucker..."

&show mt sad pioneer far at center

&show grigory smile2 at fright&

&mt "Ok-ok. I got it. That's enough."&

&$, delay=5, channel='music')&

&show sl sad pioneer at fleft

&show grigory surprise2 at fright

&grch "Something wrong?"

&mt "Those are not... deeds that I expected."

&grch "So I'm not suitable for an audience?"

&show grigory idle2 at fright

&"The old man shrugged his shoulders and sat down in his chair. It became quiet, our club of history buffs confused. "

&me "There was another war, right? You can tell about that."

&mt "The Great Patriotic War? Were you a participant?"

&grch "Right."

&mt "...Not for the Nazis, I hope?"

&$, delay=5, channel='music')&

& "Grirory pushed away his cup and straightened."

&show grigory moody at fright with dspr

&grch "For the Motherland. Just as always."

&mt "That's a relief."

&show grigory idle at fright

&grch "...That's how I wrote to the great prince. I remember every word."

&window hide

&show grigory idle2 at fright with dspr

&window show&

& "The old man got up."

& Grch "All of our energy, thoughts and means, until the last centime ... Should be primarily aimed at weakening and overthrowing the red ..."

&show mt surprise pioneer far at center&

&show sl surprise pioneer at fleft&

&show grigory moody2 at fright

&with dspr&

&grch "Brrr, no..."

&show grigory idle2 at fright

&grch "Black German hydra."

&show grigory surprise2 at fright

&extend " Or this in second head?..."

&stop music fadeout 3&

&grch "Is red gang go in first?.."

&play music Lou_Inspired

&play sound sfx_salt_impact

&show sl scared pioneer at fleft

&show mt angry pioneer far at center

&show grigory surprise at fright

&with dspr

&mt "Ok, that's enough!"

&grch "What?"

&mt "Nothing! We've spent enough time here!"

&show sl sad pioneer at fleft

&grch "Aren't you going to stay the night? It's already dark outside."

&show grigory idle at fright

&window hide

&$ renpy.pause (0.3)

&show mt sad pioneer far at center with dspr

&window show

&mt "Oh. We went all the way to the evening..."

&show mt angry pioneer far at center

&mt "That's ok, we will make it! Get up, Slavya!"

&sl "...Are we leaving?"

&mt "Sure! It's late!"

&me "The road leading to the highway is not very good. How are you gonna ride back in the dark?"

&sl "I thought we were going to stay here. I promised to help with the garden, and show Semyon how to weed, and...."

&mt "Ok! I'll go alone, then. And you!"

& "The finger of the angry Olga dug into Slavya."

&show sl surprise pioneer at fleft&

&mt "You should be back before dinner. {w}No, before lunch!"

& "Olga Dmitrievna grabbed her panama from the table, throwing another scalding glance at me. Like it was my idea to entice them into a Whiteguard trap."

&stop music fadeout 3

&window hide

&hide mt with dspr

&$ renpy.pause (0.2)

&play sound sfx_slam_door_campus

&window show

& "She left us, slamming all of the doors and even the gate."

&grch "She forgot the jam..."

&window hide

&$ renpy.pause (0.5)

&show sl sad pioneer at fleft with dspr

&$ renpy.pause (0.7)

&window show

&me "I shouldn't have told her so much yesterday... It's my fault."

&sl "No, Semyon... {w}It wasn't perfect, but it was nothing horrible, right?"

&show sl normal pioneer at fleft with dspr&

&sl "I'll take jam for tomorrow, thanks."&

&"It was quiet for a minute or two. In time, the old man reached for a case on the shelf and took out his cigarettes."

&play music Grand_Canyon fadein 6&

&grch "I'll go visit with Kamenev and Trotsky."

&window hide

&show sl surprise pioneer at fleft with dspr

&$ renpy.pause (0.2)

&hide grigory with dspr

&$ renpy.pause (0.2)

&play sound sfx_close_door_1

&$ renpy.pause (0.9)

&window show

&me "Those are piglets."

&show sl normal pioneer at fleft with dspr&

&sl "A-a..."

&me "He rarely smokes. Only in special cases. Indeed, she was very angry. Will she put a stop to our work with Grandfather?

&sl "I'll talk to her, and also give her the jam. Everything will be fine."

&me "Aren't you angry too?"

&sl "About what?"

&me "That we have ideological enemies here in the village."

&show sl smile pioneer at fleft&&

&sl "Enemies? How many?"

&me "Who knows? Maybe the whole village is full of tsars and nobles in hiding?"

&sl "Do they really need to hide? Let them come out, we won't hurt them."

&me "Right, it's a different time now."

&window hide

&show sl normal pioneer far at center with dspr

&window show

&sl "What's behind that screen? Pictures? Can I take a look?"

&me "Yeah... Grandfather's. Better not -- He wouldn't like it."

&sl "Alright. I won't."

& "We sat in silence for a while and finished our cold tea." Slavya looked at me with concern. "

&sl "So, how are you?"

&me "More or less... {w}I'm doing fine."

&sl "Hopefully not as upset?"

&me "Let's see... prisoner transport vehicle can't going through our dirt, no stair for wrougth boots, and immediate big cellar in 1000 kilometers. What to threaten for us?"

&show sl normal pioneer far at center

&"I tried to smile. My statement confused Slavya a bit, but she smiled too."

&show sl smile pioneer far at center

&me "Sorry, sometimes I say weird things. Won't do that again."

&show sl normal pioneer far at center

&sl "No-no, you are just kidding, right?.. Are you sure that nothing is bothering him?"

&me "Just kidding, of course. And yes, there's nothing to worry about."

&show sl serious pioneer far at center&

&extend " Without a proper fence for execution."&

&window hide

&$ renpy.pause (1)

&show sl normal pioneer far at center with dspr&

&window show

&play sound sfx_open_door_2

& "The outside door creaked, then the floorboards in the passage - the old man had returned. He passed us on the way to the kitchen and began washing."

&grch "It's a bright, moonlit night. Olga Davidovna will be fine."

&sl "Great. But I will stay here tonight. I hope I won't be troubling you?"

&grch "Not at all. We have enough beds."

&show sl normal pioneer far at center

&sl "I can sleep here on this bench, if that is alright."

&show grigory idle at left with dspr

&grch "Hm. It's your choice. We still have two beds free. I'm on a plank bed, Stepan - somewhere in the hayloft."

&me "Yes... It's a comfortable place. No need for beds."

&grch "Yes, if the dust wasn't as bad as the Kaiser's lice."

&me "I'm ok with sleeping on hay. {w}I just have to not breathe as much."

&play sound sfx_knocking_door_outside

&show grigory wink2 at left with dspr&

&"We heard a knock outside, like a signal. An old man snapped his fingers and winked at us."

&show grigory wow2 at left

&grch "Such a surprise! Gentlemen are calling."

&show grigory smile2 at left

&me "What? Today too?"

&grch "Take care of our guest, Stepan. I'll be late. I won't wake anybody. Just leave me a fairway to the stove."

&grch "I'm leaving."

&window hide

&show sl smile pioneer far at center with dspr

&$ renpy.pause (0.3)

&hide grigory with dspr

&window show

&play sound sfx_open_door_1

&"The old man adjusted his cap and went out into the passage. I was left alone with Slavya - she smiled in confusion."

&sl "I understood nothing. Fairway?"

&me "Ah, that was from last time... I left a bucket in the aisle. I learned a couple of new swear words."

&show sl normal pioneer far at center

&sl "And where is he going?"

&me "...Don't ask that."

&sl "Why?"

&me "Because I do not know! {w} They have a circle in there. Either the village club is being restored ... or a monarchy."

&sl "Okay, then... Everybody has a secret around here."

&me "Why? I don't have any."

&show sl smile2 pioneer far at center with dspr&

&sl "Really?"

&"The curious visitor indicated under the bench. Here goes nothing - I reached for the box with a sigh."

&me "It may take a while to unpack... Well, let's see."

&show sl happy pioneer at center with dspr

&"Slavya was already clapping her hands impatiently. I unfolded the paper and carefully lifted up the plywood cover. We looked inside."

&show sl smile2 pioneer at center with dspr

&"On top was a patriotic baseball cap. I cleverly placed it on Slavya's head."

&stop music fadeout 6&

&show nyc_hat with dspr

&"She didn't appreciate that. She took the cap off and set it aside."

&hide nyc_hat with dspr

&"Under the baseball cap were several audio cassettes, along with bags of candy and chocolates. All of this went to the table."

&me "Care to listen?"

&sl "Of course."

&"One of the cassettes was placed into the tape recorder."

&play sound sfx_click_1

&$, delay=0, channel='music')

&play music Dance_Hall_Days fadein 1

&th "The first part of the ritual has been observed. But how can I read the letter in front of Slavya?"

&"I fished several magazines out of the box, and also the most important thing - an envelope, decorated and variegated with stickers as always. My reply will go out the same way."

&"As I put the envelope aside, there was something more interesting underneath: a colorful box that occupied most of the space. I solemnly pulled it out."

&"On all sides were the inscription «Polaroid», as well as a representative of this family of glorious devices at different angles."

&show sl happy pioneer at center

&sl "What's that? A camera?"

&me "Just the box, probably."

&sl "Let's find out!"

&show sl smile2 pioneer at center&

&extend " Well?!"

&me "Really... look."

&"I handed the rest to Slavya, and she looked inside the box once more. There remained a few incomprehensible sachets, and that was all."

&sl "Why is it so big? Professional?"

&me "Polaroid. It prints pictures."

&sl "It does? How so?"

&me "I'll show you ... {w} Or not? .. {w} It's completely new. The packaging isn't even broken."

&show sl serious pioneer at center with dspr

&sl "What? Aren't you supposed to send it back?"

&me "Well... The thing is expensive, of course... {w} But no way! I can't send it back - Samantha would be upset."

&show sl smile pioneer at center

&$, delay=5, channel='music')

&"I resolutely tore the protective film - there was no road back. Slavya nodded approvingly."

&"I took a weighty miracle of technology in my hands and confidently opened the flash. The lens was aimed at the guest - there was no need to offer a smile."

&play sound sfx_click_1

&"The trigger clicked blankly."

&play sound sfx_click_1

&queue sound sfx_click_2

&extend "Several times. The attempt to steal Slavya's soul was a failure."

&show sl surprise pioneer at center with dspr&

&sl "What's wrong? Is it not working?"

&show sl sad pioneer at center

&me "Such an old thing... There isn't even a display. How would I know if it works?"

&show sl surprise pioneer at center

&sl "Did you check the film roll?"

&me "Heck! Here... {w}Yep, these cartridges in the box."

&show sl smile2 pioneer at center with dspr

&sl "You figured it out so fast. It will definitely work now!"

&me "I wouldn't be so sure. I don't see any batteries... But let's check."

&window hide

&$ renpy.pause (1.0)

&play sound polaroid

&$ renpy.pause (0.3)

&show sl happy pioneer at center with dspr

&window show

&"For a second time the miracle happened. I gave the picture to Slavya so I could enjoy her reaction."

&show sl sad pioneer at center with dspr

&sl "Hmm. I thought it would be more visible... Check it out."

&show slavya_pol_blank with dspr

&me "What did you expect? But it prints pictures by itself."

&window hide

&show slavya_pol_halfblank with dissolve2

&show sl surprise pioneer at center

&window show&

&sl "Hey, something's happening!"

&me "Blow on it - the image will become clearer."

&show sl awesome pioneer at center with dspr

&"Slavya followed my advice intensely, ignoring her giggling advisor."

&show sl smile pioneer at center

&window hide

&show slavya_polar with dissolve2

&window show

&sl "It's great! What a miracle. And you can shoot anything you want?"

&me "Except for me."

&show sl awesome pioneer at center

&sl "Come on! Let me take a picture of you."

&me "The old man will take a picture of us tomorrow. I'll be sure to shave for it."

&show sl smile pioneer at center&

&sl "Alright. And what to do with this photo?"

&me "...What to do?"

&sl "Mind if I keep it? Or you can have it if you want... Or send it to Samantha."

&me "We can take more pictures. We'll get one of everybody!"

&stop music fadeout 5

&window hide

&$ renpy.pause (0.4)

&hide slavya_pol_blank

&hide slavya_pol_halfblank

&hide slavya_polar

&show sl normal pioneer at center&

&with fade2

&window show

&" After we had fun playing with the Polaroid, we sat down to drink tea again - now with new sweets."

&sl "...Did you send her this kind of present yet?"

&me "This kind - no. Last time there were a lot of canned goods... They've been very useful."

&sl "Hm."

&me "It's kind of awkward. I asked her to send only letters, but of course she didn't listen."

&sl "What about her parents? Aren't they surprised?"

&me "I'm not sure if they know about any of this."

&sl "What are you saying? That she's buying all of this herself? Even a camera?"

&me "I don't think so. She might have her own money, but that's too much. Someone's elses gift, I guess..."

&sl "Why are we guessing? Here's the letter, there must be something about it."

&me "...Okay. Let's see"

&show sl smile pioneer at center

&"I looked inside the opened envelope."

&show at_chryslers

&with dspr

&"In addition to the letter was a photo: Samantha, standing high above a giant city in the background."

&show sl awesome pioneer at center

&sl "Wow! Where is she?"

&show sl smile pioneer at center

&me "Surely not at home."

&sl "That means, travelling."

&th "Why did she go there? We didn't agree on this! Even the roof is dangerous..."

&show sl normal pioneer at center

&sl "Is that bad?"

& "Due to lack of a good explanation I could only shake my head and unfold the letter."

&th "Should I read the whole thing, then tell her? That way it will be safer, but slightly suspicious."

&th "Okay, there's nothing to hide when it comes to Samantha... At least, from what she usually writes about. So be it. I'll translate it line by line."

&me "Shall we read?"

&show sl smile pioneer at center

&sl "Come on!"

&play sound leaf

&window hide

&$ renpy.pause (0.8)

&$ set_mode_nvl()

&window show

&nvl clear


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Original (Russian): Саманта-мод. Рут Саманты, отрывок 1.

Translation: © platon0FF, MajorGopnik, Krachenko, Modmaker9000, sanek94cool, r1ckslade, pickliner, stalker-ru, Noximilian, eughikka, Kalipsa, s0mm1k, nikitaardashev, lt7, Tinkertoy113, Bust, Filcho, Роман, xeesus, kingruseek . crowd

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