Russia, the people of, nature of (Warriors' Experience)

Translations of this material:

into Russian: Природа Русских людей (Воинский Опыт). Translated in draft, editing and proof-reading required.
Submitted for translation by Warriorskeep 26.01.2017


Dear Members of the UK, NA & Russian Forums,

Okay! The fun and games are over for the moment, for I have lit enough fires under your butts for the moment! BUT.........please keep the momentum GOING, or else you will all once again drift off into Mother's Awareness, fall asleep in your utter sense of COMPLACENCY and MISS the goddamned PLOT! Why are you here? To LEARN, of course! With respect to this it is truly heartwarming to see that since we started this little escapade there are now a few more bright gems than there were before we started. Congratulations to those new-comers! What you have demonstrated IS the STUFF warriors are made of! Well done!

BUT there are also STILL those who try to HIDE, to FEED OFF other people's efforts and who make absolutely NO EFFORT to UPLIFT themselves through the medium of PARTICIPATING within LIFE. So be it! I have stated it very CLEARLY: "On GUARD!" Russell will have some more to tell the oxygen thieves tomorrow.

And, now, my Russian friends! YOU are so very PREDICTABLE! LOL! But you also all hide your rational approach to the teachings behind your so-called language barrier, and worse, your FALSE subservience! If I could write and read Russian like you lot write and read English I would be quite satisfied with my accomplishments. For example, look at your American friends! There is nothing wrong with their English but STILL they cannot READ! LOL! And therefore they CANNOT LEARN! Furthermore, will you all please DROP your VICTIM mentality! And please STOP whining and complaining about the workload! We ALL have a HUGE workload, not just you POOR Russians. And, YES! I too have a language barrier! People talk the biggest lot of CRAP and I have to TRY to UNDERSTAND them so that I can LEAD them to freedom! The Warrior's Path is NOT communism and therefore the "State" does NOT OWE you a living and neither is the "State" going to do it for you! YOU must DO it for YOURSELVES! So GET ON WITH IT, you MICE! Just stop SQUEAKING in the goddamned DARK! FIGHT for the LIGHT! Like we all have to!

Furthermore, I would just like to point out that the ACTIONS of a nagal are ALWAYS in the nature of teaching. Therefore I have purposely been using SIMPLE but nonetheless NOT EASY English to demonstrate to you all just HOW complacent you are, especially with respect to the use of words. This is exactly WHY most of you are so STUCK in Mother's Awareness. I have been trying to show you with my use of words HOW to STALK your own PERCEPTION. So what some of you have perceived as being secret messages to some members of the group, was as CLEAR to see as DAYLIGHT, if ONLY you could but READ! If I wish to send secret messages, I do so privately, NOT on the e-group! So, PLEASE! Wake up.............

Furthermore, also ask yourselves, "Will the next escapade be a repeat of this one?" <ebwg> You must be joking! Stalkers always IMPROVISE in the MOMENT! BUT, their fellow men always GIVE them more than enough material AROUND which to improvise! SMT RATFL!