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Rulebook Masmorra: Dungeons of Arcadia


Beneath the streets of the great city of Arcadia, far from the eyes of its citizens, lies the Masmorra: a magic dungeon created to train and test those brave Heroes who seek to join Arcadia’s powerful guilds. But during the latest crisis to shake the city, the terrible wizard Malaphyas took the dungeon by storm, turning it into his personal lair of doom. Now, the Heroes must delve deep into this perilous, monster-infested dungeon to free the city from another major threat!


In Masmorra: Dungeons of Arcadia, the players control brave Heroes who will explore a challenging dungeon underneath the city of Arcadia, fighting monsters and gathering treasures. There are three ways to play:

• In the Standard Game, the Heroes compete to accumulate the most experience and become the undisputed champion of Masmorra—while doing all they can to disrupt their opponents’ carefully laid plans!

• In the Epic Game, the Heroes must fight their way into the lair of Malaphyas himself to confront the evil wizard, while still competing with the other Guilds for fame and glory!

• In the Alliance Game, the Heroes face the greatest threat Arcadia has ever seen—one so terrifying that the Guilds must set aside their differences and (gasp!) work together! Can they reach the lair of Malaphyas and stop his dark and unholy ritual in time?

Most of the Standard Game rules apply for all three play styles. For more details about the Epic Game, see page 22. For the Alliance Game, see page 24.


The Heroes will explore Masmorra, fighting monsters and collecting treasures, but most importantly earning experience! The game ends at the end of the round when any player reaches 16 or more Experience Points (abbreviated “XP”). The player with the most XP at the end wins the game!

You can earn XP in four ways:

• Defeating monsters

• Opening treasure chests

• Disarming traps

• Exploring medium rooms

If there is a tie for the most XP at the end of the game, the tied player with the most gold wins. If they are still tied, the tied player with the most Life Points left wins. If there is still a tie, they share the victory!

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