Russian comedian Michael Zadornov about englishmen.

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Do you know as on English slave?

Such an amazing answer to all questions!



In Latin, "Slave" "sclavus" Slavs at the time called

time called Sklaven

They always wanted to make slaves of us

Because our ancestors were very

good toilers

for them harvesting not was then


But to conquer us, they can not.Sons

of god's! What to do with them?

The conquer tried.Not gets! They do not

know that we have Motherland,

they assault our State, but the punch

they got from Motherland every time.

Hitler was happy when his

reconnaissance has stolen the road map

of USSR,

but Motherland had no such roads!

What to do, that is a question, yeah?

Was faced by them. And finally how to turn slavs in slaves?

Incredible! Crysis doesn't overcome them!

To devaluate their currency?

But for moonshine it's impossible.

This and that doesn't work!

To conquer?

No success! So what?

To overcome with PR!

To deprive their roots, language, history. To invent myths about them

for the whole world hatred!

You know, we are really hated worldwide

thanks to the englishmen PR


"The slavs are agressive!" Are we agressive?

Let me show you my point of view:

No one of World Wars were waged by slavs.

All wars were started by Western.

And did we have colonies like englishmen had? No!

There was one - Alaska. The tsar rent it after several

years and said: "We

would be unable to feed them".

Normal attitude to colonies?


have been destroying everyone and we are called aggresive

after that!

Never our ancestors not participation

to crusades!

Never not to go with name jesus

to destroy others countries in the name

of gold!

On the contrary!

The most disgusting order in the world, Crusaders,

deminished after


kicked their ass

Near Pskov! They

idiots still then were blunt!

Came on ice lake armoured! Only stupid could do that!

This first meeting on hockey was then still

ended with a crushing score!

As they say about Americans?
Conquest of America

As say about us? We have Nanai, Koryaki Udegei

Nivkhi this too our injuns

aborigines. As they say?

Mastering Siberia

because their no one

переводили на их языки наши священники.

Well talked

to some Nanai

Do you want to be Basil? If don't, you'll be Thedor.

And these

Europeans call us aggressive!

Inquisition was not!

Well, someone was burned because...


Millions of women were burnt in Europe!

You know, I look from the stage.

And I see very beautiful women here.

Have you seen women in

european hall?

Oh watch My God! Was the Inquisition!

On the beach is a European woman

Chingachgook Big Snake!

She has no choice except to fight for Feminism!

she not blame! they burned

women energy in Europe!

No one should destroy womens' and mens' energy!

They should be balanced! But they destroy womens' energy.


They became faggots!

I don't blame them! I don't blame gays.

Those who changed

their sexual orientation

they just recover their energy

in an ugly way for me

But they are fulfilling

a cosmic mission.

But those who say we are agressive - those are faggots.

И главное мир верит в это! Латыш чиновник мне говорит. Вы русские

всегда были агрессивны! Я говорю.Почему?

Он говорит. Вы даже напали на Шведов под Полтавой

Нормальная постановка вопроса!

Поняли,как нас Пиарят по полной программе?

А Родина Мать? Ну у кого есть ещё

вот эта великая статуя Родины Матери? Нигде!

Такого могли сделать только в Советском Союзе.

До сих пор Американцы приезжают,

фотографируя её и говорят. Это выше

нашей нашей свободы.

О, тоже мне главнюки нашлись!

А наши ещё с ними прикалываются

говорят,если придёте в полнолуние она вам

мечом помашет.

Те приходят,ждут.

Наши спрашивают. Не машет?

Что-то нет. А вы курили?

Нет.Ну тогда не помашет.

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