Перевод "Right to Left and Farsi Mapping for Vim"

Mortaza Ghassab Shiran, “Right to Left and Farsi Mapping for Vim”, public translation into Russian from English More about this translation.

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Right to Left and Farsi Mapping for Vim

*farsi.txt* For Vim version 7.2. Last change: 2005 Mar 29

VIM REFERENCE MANUAL by Mortaza Ghassab Shiran

Right to Left and Farsi Mapping for Vim *farsi* *Farsi*

{Vi does not have any of these commands}

In order to use right-to-left and Farsi mapping support, it is necessary to
compile Vim with the |+farsi| feature.

These functions have been made by Mortaza G. Shiran <[email protected]>

In right-to-left oriented files the characters appear on the screen from right
to left. This kind of file is most useful when writing Farsi documents,
composing faxes or writing Farsi memos.

The commands, prompts and help files are not in Farsi, therefore the user
interface remains the standard Vi interface.

o Editing left-to-right files as in the original Vim, no change.

o Viewing and editing files in right-to-left windows. File orientation is
per window, so it is possible to view the same file in right-to-left and
left-to-right modes, simultaneously.

o Compatibility to the original Vim. Almost all features work in
right-to-left mode (see bugs below).

o Changing keyboard mapping and reverse insert modes using a single

o Backing from reverse insert mode to the correct place in the file
(if possible).

o While in Farsi mode, numbers are entered from left to right. Upon entering
a none number character, that character will be inserted just into the
left of the last number.

o No special terminal with right-to-left capabilities is required. The
right-to-left changes are completely hardware independent. Only
Farsi font is necessary.

o Farsi keymapping on the command line in reverse insert mode.

o Toggling between left-to-right and right-to-left via F8 function key.

o Toggling between Farsi ISIR-3342 standard encoding and Vim Farsi via F9
function key. Since this makes sense only for the text written in
right-to-left mode, this function is also supported only in right-to-left

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