ReactOS Fundraiser 2012

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ReactOS fundraising 2012

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ReactOS Fundraiser 2012

The ReactOS Project has engaged in several fundraising efforts in the past, and thanks to their success and non-monetary donations, an industry-grade infrastructure was developed and deployed, and is being continuously improved.

Donations have also helped developers travel to several conferences and events to promote and present ReactOS. These presentations were crucial in drawing attention to the project and often helped spur further donations.

This year we want to do something different, something even grander. ReactOS is quite close to transitioning to beta testing and we are constantly improving the development process itself. However for many core developers ReactOS remains a hobby in which they participate in their spare time as all have other real life obligations to meet. All of the developers are extremely skilled and every contribution they make helps significantly improve ReactOS' quality.

For the first time ever, the ReactOS Foundation seeks to go beyond the usual small fundraising campaigns aimed at paying infrastructure expenses. We wish to raise money to formally hire as many core developers as possible, to work on the project they believe in, the project they've been working on, to transform a hobby into a job so they can dedicate all of their time to the ReactOS project.

In light of the significant advances the project enjoyed thanks to work done as part of Google's Summer of Code 2011, it became even more obvious that the fastest way to accelerate the development of ReactOS is by directly funding developers to contribute to ReactOS. As such, the project is reaching out to our many fans and believers to help make this happen. Together, we can make ReactOS into a true competitor and alternative for computer users worldwide.