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ReactOS Community Edition

0:02Welcome to the ReactOS Community Edition!

0:06There are hundreds of apps and drivers which are compatible with Windows.

0:09Think about your favorite ones.

0:11Wouldn't it be *better* if we develop full compatibility with your favorite apps and

0:16drivers first?

0:18That's the ReactOS Community Edition: You will decide, through your votes, which apps

0:23must be fully supported release after release.

0:28Thanks to your backing, the Community Edition will maintain the spirit of ReactOS: A free,

0:34open source, Windows compatible operating system.

0:37With no government controls, corporate snooping, or privacy backdoors built in.

0:42We're opening a new door to the future.

0:46ReactOS Community Edition comes with new enhancements and features: A newly rewritten User Interface

0:51(no Metro - we promise!).

0:54It provides the ability to let you install your favorite apps during initial setup.

0:59The Community Edition leverages ReactOS 0.4.: A new, spectacular version with improved compatibility

1:06that will be further boosted by your backing.

1:09You don't want to miss our impressive comparison chart between the upcoming 0.4 version and

1:14the previous 0.3 on our website!

1:17We want you to be part of this! Becoming a Beta Tester and enjoy early access

1:21before we release it to the world! Join our Wall of Fame, back our open source effort!

1:27Reveal the Crazy Cake plan that is hidden among several stretch goals! Check our rewards

1:31for more!

1:32You'll decide which apps and hardware you want us to work on, and we'll make it possible..

1:37Thank you for backing the future! Take control! ReactOS Community Edition.

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