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QupZilla is a fast and secure open-source web browser

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QupZilla is a fast and secure open-source web browser, intended for general user. It allows seamless integration with users' desktop environments and has several distinguishing features positively received by reviewers. QupZilla is distributed under GPL v3 license.


QupZilla makes use of WebKit to support modern web standards.[1] The additional effort was put into seamless integration of the browser with the native look and feel of users' desktops.[2] The additional features of the browser include the integration of history, web feeds and bookmarks in the single location, the ability to take screenshot of the entire page and Opera-like "Speed dial" home page.[3] It is reported to consume less system resources with the major general purpose browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.[4]


The project was started as a research project in 2010. The first preview release, written in Python (using PyQt library) ready by December 2010. In 2011 the source code was rewritten in C++ with a goal to create a general purpose portable web browser with the initial target at seamless integration with Microsoft Windows' and Linux desktop environments' look and feel.[5]

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