Publish — a DokuWiki plugin (lang files)

Author: Link to original: (English).
Tags: DokuWiki, plugin Submitted by alexgearbox 11.01.2013. Public material.
An approval/draft system (aka. sighted revisions) for DokuWiki

Translations of this material:

into Russian: Publish — плагин для «Докувики» (языковые файлы). 57% translated in draft.
Submitted for translation by alexgearbox 11.01.2013




// banner

$lang['apr_recent_draft'] = 'The <a href="%s">Most Recent Version</a> of this document is a draft.';

$lang['apr_outdated'] = 'This version is <em>Outdated</em> by a <a href="%s">Newer Approved Version</a>.';

$lang['apr_draft'] = 'This version (%s) is a <em>Draft</em>.';

$lang['apr_approved'] = 'This version (%s) was <em>Approved</em> by %s.';

$lang['apr_previous'] = 'The <a href="%s">Previously Approved Version</a> (%s) is available.';

// Pending Approvals List

$lang['apr_p_none'] = 'No Documents Pending Approval';

$lang['apr_p_hdr_page'] = 'Page';

$lang['apr_p_hdr_previous'] = 'Previous Approval';

$lang['apr_p_hdr_updated'] = 'Updated';

$lang['apr_p_approved'] = 'By %s on <a href="%s">%s</a>';

// Submit (Next to the tick-box to approve a page)

$lang['apr_do_approve'] = 'Approve';




$lang['apr_namespaces'] = 'Namespaces this plugin applies to';

$lang['apr_approved_text'] = 'Automatic Approval Comment';

© Андреас Гор и сообщество «ДокуВики». License: GNU GPL 2