Перевод "Progressive Exercises for Theremin"

Victor Estrada, “Progressive Exercises for Theremin”, public translation into Russian from English More about this translation.

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Progressive Exercises for Theremin

Introduction and acknowledgments

This book is the first (in its second version) of a series of manuals of exercises, études and repertoire which will be published little by little and with which I seek to ease the road for all those interested in this instrument and who wish to study it in a serious and orderly manner. I have also attempted to rationalize [streamline, systematize] the basic concepts of the theremin to the maximum so that the initiate can succeed in getting into it without the typical problems of incomprehension that can occur.

This manual is designed as a series of daily exercises to polish and improve performance technique and combine it with other études and works for theremin. It can serve as a complement, in case one lacks a teacher, to the DVD methods of Peter Pringle, Lydia Kavina and Pamelia Kurstin* as well as the lessons of the great Clara Rockmore edited on DVD by Moog Music. From the aforementioned DVD’s we can learn the positioning and use of the body, arms and hands, which is indispensable to be able to begin these exercises. It is important to point out that as a practitioner of the Canadian and American schools I have fingered the exercises according to their principles. The student who fingers according to the Russian school will have to modify the fingering of all the exercises; all these concepts will be treated throughout the book. Actually, there are also the impressive methods of Masami Takeuchi and Carolina Eyck, aside from the beginning method of Clara Rockmore translated into Spanish by Oscar Alberto Garcia, all of which will be very good to increase our knowledge of the theremin.

I take it as a given that the student has sufficient knowledge of [musical] theory and solfège to understand the method, and furthermore plays another instrument with which s/he has developed a sense of tune and rhythm. I have felt that the computer will serve as a great aid to study and have prepared all the exercises, together with their accompaniments, and archived them in MIDI format. With the help of an adequate computer application** we can change the tempo, the type of sound, and the key; make loops, repeat the exercises as we like, or have a metronome synchronized with the accompaniments.

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