Перевод "Предсказание WebBot на 2010-2011 годы"

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Предсказание WebBot на 2010-2011 годы

— Разбейте по кускам по человечески. homakov

The Shape of Things to Come
Volume 0, Issue 3
Data Set Analysis
December 6, 2009
Asymmetric Language Trend Analysis
Interpretation and Predictions for 2009/2010
By clif high (halfpasthuman.com)
Copyright 2009/2010 (all rights reserved)

WARNING: This report is not for the faint of Heart. Very nasty stuff
follows that WILL impact your consciousness in a negative manner (at least
at first). And may affect your health. BE WARNED NOW!
So make a decision now to NOT read this material any further if you have
any health or consciousness problems that may weaken your bodily systems.

Disclaimer of Methods
The predictions herein are produced using our radical linguistics method that has been in development and
production since 1997. The data sets employed are a result of the data gathering begun in October of 2008.
Conventions employed in this interpretation.
Within this document, words or phases that are enclosed within square brackets [example] are extracted
from the data presented in its more raw form. Words, not delineated in other ways, and that surround such
bracketed words or phrases are used to place the marked word/phrase in context. This is to say that there is
a deliberate attempt to present the information in as coherent an essay format as is possible, given the
complexity of the subject matter, and the process involved.
Disclaimer of the Extremes
The process employed to produce the ALTA reports seeks out emotional associations with words in
common use on the internet. As a result of the nature of emotions, it is easier to find and identify such
words that are associated with extremes of emotions. Thus there is an in-built artifact of our production that
will always tend toward the most extreme ends of the emotional range. Further, it is easier to identify words
associated with negative emotions than with positive emotional states, therefore, again, there is an in-built
artifact within our processing which tends to focus on the more extremely negative range of words.
Disclaimer of status of knowing
This document presents forecasts of trends and predictions based on radical linguistics that are derived
from a process of invention. This invention process is on-going, and self-transforming. This invention
process is inherently flawed at so many levels that it discussion of the discrete problems is beyond the
scope of this presentation. The reader is cautioned against the in-built process in humans to ‘believe’ the
written word. The information presented herein is at best a very poor process of mapping the collective
consensus reality and some small amount of the changes that it manifests. To restate this premise: it is our
understanding here, that each viewing of the future, changes the future. Usually these changes manifest in
unanticipated ways. Likely this is due to universe favoring ‘surprise’ as a method of keeping consciousness
awake and slightly jittery.
To repeat this in other words:
Do not assume we know what we are doing in the presentation of this material.
Always discount the information presented as it has an in-built error toward the most extreme connotations
available in language and trend interpretation. In yet more words, the information presented uses words that
presume the worst-case for future manifestation of the collective consensus.
ALTA Disclaimer
The text of the last of our subscriber ‘runs’ is included in this presentation. The following disclaimer
applies to all the text of this document, with special emphasis applied to the text of the ALTA reports.
Note that this report is offered for entertainment only. Any resemblance between the events portrayed in
this report and any developing reality is purely coincidental and in no matter represents foreknowledge on
the part of the authors of this report.
Note that the results presented herein are derived from humans expressing themselves on the internet. As
such, emotional values and the words used to express these emotions are being sampled and interpreted
here, not the future. Any resemblance between this report and future developments is entire in the mind of
the perceiver and does not exist in reality. The Authors cannot be held liable for accuracy, or lack thereof,
in this report. Authors cannot be held liable for human interpretation of this report nor any action any
human takes as a result of this report. Any human foolish enough to alter their behavior based on this
entertainment only analysis demonstrate themselves incapable of rational appreciation of reality, and the
Authors are explicitly held harmless and blameless for any and all such mental aberrations on the part of
the reader.

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© Clif High.