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"Digital technologies is our landscape.

Internet is our sea.

Communities is our everything!"

(Not by Charles Fourier)

What is Falanster?

Falanster is a group of like-minded people who want to change our society, propel it.These are social innovators and experimenters who promote the new forms of cooperation within communities, assist communities to form and strengthen. Falanster is a hope for a different, more conscious tomorrow.

Conscious tomorrow is the sum of our deeds, which were first ideas and then became reality. Today our principles are do-ocracy, transparency and involvement.

What we do

We don't sleep at night, but dream, imagine, and carefully work on:

development of yards ( Informal Football Tournament, Cyclist Handbook),

atypical development paths (Mesh club, Linux Meetups, Ars Nova, Drupal-club)

the Belarusian language (Wiki Handbook, Translations)

education (Creative Commons, Cinemabunker, Wikification)

self-organization (eParticipation Tool, Digital Lab, Housewarming).

Who we are and who we're looking for

We create a community of social geeks! If you are …

an open-source user-loner

a grammar nazi journalist

a bilingual rapper

a cyber designer

an admin 404

a wiki nerd and a lurkmore navigator

a fair lawyer

a digital caretaker

a crypto cooker

a paranoid translator

a PR-introvert

a mesh-cyclist

a pirate, a walking meme or other E-lite

it means, you are a social geek.

How we work

We believe that technologies make it possible to change the world. We use many methods, but keep our focus on digital technologies, particularly the Internet. At the heart of our activities are communities.

Are you interested in experimenting?

Take part!

Read the Falanster Story here.

Original (Belarusian): Пра нас

Translation: © nadzeyabobrovnik .

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