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Cyclist`s Helper 2.0

The new edition of brochure "Cyclist`s Helper" is a occasion for public discussions of problems of cyclists in the city. Helper gather a team of people to work on changes in the traffic code. "Cyclist`s Helper" is the open source project that can be improved, extended, converted.

Step 1. Research

Communicate with cyclists. We conducted a survey (from November 2013 to January 2014), which was attended by 424 people. The main point of survey: to find out, what cyclists in Belarus want.

* To allow ride on the carriageway (roadway у ЗША) or dedicated lane (revision of point 148 );
* Do not dismount when you crossing the road (revision of point 151):
* Separate lane for the cyclists

and etc.

More than half of respondents speak positively for the changes of the traffic code.

Is there enough information for changes?

Step 2. Changing

Create together a crib "Cyclist`s Helper." Collecting the knowledge and experience of previous generations of the traffic code, the principles of urban space and distribute them among cyclists, thus increasing the level of knowledge and form an active community. (Area of work: wiki, trello, skype).

Helper is changing you!

Step 3. . Change

What will be after Helper?

* Collect opinions and suggestions of the cyclists, discuss and analyze, systematize them.
*Connect people who have similar ideas and proposals for joint work on them.
* Create a petition and then openly promote them in government.

Launch Tool of Participation for this (system of discussion and making decisions).

Changing the rules!

How to join the team? You can join the team on any step. (Areas of work: wiki, trello, skype), you can provide financial aid as well. Write [email protected] or call +375298602312.

Post Scriptum

Work on the "Cyclist`s Helper" version 1 was held in February-May 2013. The presentation took place last summer.
Download "Biker Assistant 1.0"
hashtag: # menyajpravila
Change the rules! Changing urban landscape for the bicycles.

Original (Russian): Помощник велосипедиста

Translation: © Kseniya_idi . crowd

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