The cyclist's helper 2.0

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The aim of the cyclist's helper

The new edition of the brochure "The cyclist's helper" will become an offer for public discussions of cyclists' problems in the city. Helper will gather a team of people for changing the rules of the road.

We collect the knowledge and experience of previous generations about traffic rules, the principles of urban space and spread it among the cyclists thus increasing the level of knowledge and forming an active community. (Workspace: wiki, trello, skype)

Plan of project work

1. Making additions and changes (March 2014), that will match even more and help cyclists to ride through the city streets today. Proofreading and translating the material.

At this stage we are interested in cyclists and pedestrians who want to share their experience, lawyers who are ready to bring useful information from their practice.

We need people who are ready to find mistakes in russian and belarusian texts and translate from one language to another.

2. Drawing pictures and viral design for the Helper (March-April 2014), which will attract people's attention and won't leave anyone indifferent. We make up the brochure.

At this stage we need artists who will create thematic pictures, stickers and a map for the Helper. Also we need a designer who is able to make up a brochure.

3. Spreading The helper in cities of Belarus (April-May 2014). Making a presentation in Minsk and other belarusian cities.

We pay attention to the place of bicycle in the city and society at this stage. We continue actualization of changing traffic rules and infrastructure.

We search people who are ready to help at the presentations in Gomel, Grodno, Mogilev, Brest, Vitebsk . Also we looking for rooms for presentations, photoreporters, managers of social networks.

4. Expanding the platform for discussion traffic rules, infrastructure of city and developing a common solution of cyclists (May-August 2014).

We need server, LAMP developer for deploying and maintaining server, lawyers for forming requirements of cyclists to the authorities, proofreader for editing the presentation texts, managers of social networks to promote the platform.

5. Creating the Helper as a web application to make access to information more comfortable by using the Internet.

At this stage we need a programmer for creating a mobile version of the site, a designer for drawing design.

How to join the team?

You can join our project at any stage (Workspace: wiki, trello, skype).
Write us to [email protected] or call +375298602312.


The work at "The cyclist's helper" version 1.0 was in February - May of last year. The presentation took place last summer.

Download "The cyclist's helper 1.0"

Change the rules! We can change the urban landscape for bicycles.

Original (Russian): Помощник велосипедиста 2.0

Translation: © heyhayfever . crowd

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