Перевод "Polyphasic Sleep – One Year Later"

Steve Pavlina, “Polyphasic Sleep – One Year Later”, public translation into Russian from English More about this translation.

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Polyphasic Sleep – One Year Later

It’s been nearly a year since I terminated my polyphasic sleep experiment. If you didn’t follow that experiment, for 5-1/2 months (Oct 2005 – Apr 2006) I followed a pattern of sleeping about 20 minutes once every four hours around the clock – 6 naps every 24 hours, about 2 hours of sleep per day. I blogged about it as I went along, and you can find the links to all those log entries by following the link above.

Adapting to polyphasic sleep took many days, and I felt like a zombie the first week. At one point I just sat on the couch staring at a wall for 90 minutes, unable to form any thoughts. But eventually I was able to adapt, and it was one of the most unusual experiences of my life.

I was lucky to have a lifestyle that gave me every possible advantage in conducting this experiment, including working from home, a flexible schedule, and a supportive family. Most people who attempt polyphasic sleep can’t make it fit their schedules, and it takes a lot of discipline to avoid oversleeping. You can shift your naps around a little, but not by much. As soon as you awaken from a nap, you have only 3 hours 40 minutes until your next one. By adapting to polyphasic sleep, you may gain some waking hours each day, but you sacrifice a lot of schedule flexibility.

Eventually I abandoned the pattern and returned to monophasic sleep, mainly due to social reasons as I explained in my final post of the series: The Return to Monophasic. The rest of the world simply isn’t polyphasic. However, returning to my original sleep pattern wasn’t quite the same after that experiment. Something came back with me.

Cue eerie sci-fi music…

No, I didn’t come back possessed… although some might refer to my recent ramblings on subjective reality and polarity as evidence to the contrary. What happened was that part of the polyphasic sleep adaptation seems to have stayed with me.

Polyphasic napping

The critical part of polyphasic adaptation is to reach the point where you can take a 20-minute nap and hit REM sleep. During typical nighttime sleep, you don’t normally hit your first REM cycle until after about 90 minutes. So when you first attempt polyphasic sleep, you’ll initially suffer from terrible sleep deprivation because you won’t be getting any REM sleep during your naps. You’ll awaken feeling even more tired, and you WILL feel like a zombie for many days, possibly weeks.

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