Path, with a Heart, misconceptions concerning (Warriors' Experience)

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Theun, thank you for your guidance.

I understand very well what you meant when you wrote: " This may well be, but please understand that it is not ME who makes these decisions! If it is your FATE to be with us then power will sooner or later makes this clear! But what I can make clear for you right now, is that it would be a very BIG mistake for you to return to the West on the ASSUMPTION that you will be joining us! If you are going to return to the West then this MUST be under your OWN steam, and you MUST be prepared to make for yourself a life with or without me and the family." And I am prepared to run from my own steam.

I look forward to hearing about your proposal. I do not think much stalking from your part will be needed to convince me to go ahead with whatever your proposal may turn out to be.

Knowing I am leaving soon is affecting the way in which I approach my daily activities and relationships. As of now, only my wife and parents are aware I am leaving. I have noticed that I am becoming more "daring", meaning that I seem to care less about what the people in my life may think of me.

Other things are also happening beneath the surface which I cannot yet describe with words.

I watched that video you and Arzhan talked about and although the information I got from it was not really new, I kind of understood something about what it means "being of service".

Please correct me if I am wrong but I think this man is being of service because he is following his heart. And if I am correct then does this mean that one is automatically being of service when following his/her path with a heart?

Also, I have a quick question about the assemblage point. Just yesterday as I walked out of the building where I teach, I noticed a girl who was talking on her cell phone. Her face was agreeable to my eyes but more than that I was kind of mystified by it. I kept glancing at her as she walked next to me while I was getting ready to leave on my scooter. Finally as I started moving, I had a flash and remembered that I had seen her before and where I had. And then, I also knew she had also recognized me.

At that moment I felt like something aligned itself to allow me to remember. So, I'm thinking what I felt might have been a movement of my assemblage point. Is this correct or am I simply imagining things?

Thank you so much.


"......thank you for your guidance."

:) It is my pleasure.

"......I am prepared to run from my own steam."

I sincerely hope that you teach English better than you write it! LOL! I think what you mean is that you are prepared to run ON your own steam. Running FROM your own steam is now really NOT a very good idea, for it means that you will be running away from your own personal power. LOL!

"I look forward to hearing about your proposal."

I said that I MAY have a proposal for you! :) I did not say that I DO have a proposal for you.

"I have noticed that I am becoming more "daring", meaning that I seem to care less about what the people in my life may think of me."

This is dangerous, and just ASKING, no BEGGING, for a whack from power! The warrior is NEVER careless, and most especially not when he is about to embark upon a new journey! But this is your problem, not so? You see the start of a new journey, but you are stupidly FOCUSING on the END of the journey you have been on, and because you feel you no longer need your old life, you are becoming careless and reckless. Not wise at all!

Will none of you EVER get it into your heads that none of us know WHEN death is going to tap us on the shoulder? And therefore the warrior makes his EVERY act the FINEST act he can make it, because it may well be his final act upon earth! So, my friend, it has obviously not occurred to you that this time you have left in Korea may well be your final days upon earth, has it? This was again so graphically demonstrated with Russell's death. He got up from the table after dinner, excused himself and went upstairs to his room to make a Skype call. Little did he know that he would never see any of us again. Little did he know that his death was waiting for him in his room. A few minutes later he was dead! So how do you wish to die? An impeccable death? Or a careless death?

"......I think this man is being of service because he is following his heart."


".....does this mean that one is automatically being of service when following his/her path with a heart?"

LOL! What a weird question! RATFL! If you are following a Path With a Heart, it means you are following your HEART! And if you are following your heart then how can you NOT be of service to the One Life? But why I say your question is weird is because you would NEVER have asked this question had you been CLEAR on what it is to follow your heart as opposed to following what you THINK will make you h-a-p-p-y.

People are FOREVER under the insane ILLUSION that following your heart spells HAPPINESS! No, my dear friend. No, no, no and a thousand more times NO! Happiness has got ZERO to do with PEACE and JOY! Happiness is a TRANSIENT state of temporary EMOTIONAL satisfaction! But not so joy and peace! Both true joy and peace are states of AWARENESS that can bring forth either happiness or sadness, melancholy, anger, or any other form of emotion the human being is capable of experiencing. But the point is they are STATES of AWARENESS, and therefore not transient like the emotions!

So in following a Path With a Heart, you should FORGET about happiness, for it may be that in this lifetime you are not MEANT to experience much happiness, and therefore you will never find it! Period! Why do you think I entitled one of the books, "This Darned Elusive Happiness?" But what is within the capability of ALL of us, irrespective of our FATE, is to find genuine joy and peace within the lives we were BORN TO LIVE!

Furthermore, in following your HEART, which is the VOICE of the Dreamer, your purpose within life is to learn, learn, LEARN, and I can assure you that not ALL learning brings forth happiness! Some learning is EXTREMELY painful! I have had lessons in this lifetime alone that have scarred me VERY deeply, and that to this day STILL hurt a great deal when TOUCHED, even though many of these scars happened many years ago and have in the meantime become healed to all intents and purposes! But do I have regrets? Would I do it differently if I were to do it again? NO! I have NO regrets because I was following my heart. And I do not feel victimised and hard-done-by because most of the time I knew up-front that I was going to get hurt badly, but the thought of NOT following my heart was FAR worse than my fear of the scars! LOL!

Scars, even though they may take MANY years to heal, do eventually heal. But the consequences of NOT following one's heart bring about a REMORSE that NEVER heals! I have no wish to die with remorse. Instead I choose to live my life with the PEACE that comes from knowing that I am living the impeccable life of the warrior, and with the JOY I find in being of service, even though OFTEN in being of service it brings me a great deal of sadness and even spiritual anguish.

But I have also found that when one lives in this way, then for every tear shed there is always a flower somewhere that grows. :) For example, one day, not so long ago, I was sitting in my car waiting for Alexandros. We were in Valparaiso on business, and although I was fully on purpose I nevertheless felt very down and sad on that day because of what all was transpiring within my life right then.

I was sitting thinking about this when a bag lady came along, and parked her trolley containing all of her worldly possessions next to me, and proceeded to stare me down. LOL! As I was smoking, I had the window of the car rolled down, and I turned my head to look at her, thinking that she was going to beg for money. She was a thin and ragged looking old scruff, but with a radiant face full of wrinkles.

When I looked her in the eyes, instead of begging she looked straight back at me, grinned a somewhat toothless grin, yelled at me, "EH!" And then giving a little hop skip and jump, she careened off down the street with her trolley!

I burst out laughing with the sheer joy of having been given such a wonderful gift from power, and my spirits immediately lifted and stayed that way for the rest of the week. I watched that old bag lady all but running down the street with her trolley, which she had more than likely "borrowed" from a supermarket somewhere, and I laughed and laughed, for her whole attitude was "catch me if you can!" LOL!

In that moment my spirit was running with her down the street, laughing and laughing with the sheer joy of being FREE, and I knew that this old bag lady was following her heart, whatever that may mean to her! And she most certainly made a difference in my life on that day! :) I will never forget her for that! :)

"So, I'm thinking what I felt might have been a movement of my assemblage point. Is this correct or am I simply imagining things? "

SIGH! Yes, you are correct! But so what? LOL! You are SO caught up in the WRONG things that you keep on missing the TRUE gifts of power!

I make it quite clear in the books that for all our knowledge concerning the act of perception, Toltecs today are no nearer to understanding this stupendous act than we ever were. Sure, you discovered for yourself what happens when the assemblage point realigns itself. But do you know HOW you did this? No. Do you know WHY you did this? No. None of us can answer these questions!

But what is truly fascinating, and what SHOULD be keeping you busy, is HOW, or perhaps WHY, one person can see a world in a grain of sand whilst someone else sees only a grain of sand, no matter how hard they try to see it differently; and how one person can see in an old bag lady a gift from power, whilst someone else tries his best not to even NOTICE the old bag lady; or better still, WHY did that old bag lady stop to "address" me when there were also other people in the same street? HOW did she know that it is ME she must address herself to?

Those, my friend, are questions that put MEANING into Life, instead of the type of questions that take all the fun out of life by reducing life to a meaningless intellectual affair that is void of any warmth! LOL!

If you wish to follow a Path With a Heart, then learn to ask the "right" questions, for if you don't, you will find your heart remains silent. The heart cannot respond to questions in which there is no MEANING behind questioning the One Purpose, other than to appease a sterile mind caught within the trap of any one particular view of the world!

The heart is universal, fully inclusive and non-judgemental. It does not know how to answer meaningless questions within the limited context of a particular view of the world based upon prejudice. So before you start becoming hysterical about your heart is telling you this and that your feelings are telling you that, first ask yourself, "How can I be SURE this is my heart speaking to me, and not my mind?" As a rule of thumb, if you LIKE what you are "hearing," then it is not your heart speaking, but your mind! VERY few people like hearing the truth! And it takes a warrior to LISTEN to the truth WITHOUT judgement!

So what then is meant by the statement, "It makes my heart sing?" :) For most people, stupid people, people that are too thick to grasp the SIMPLE truth, it means being h-a-p-p-y! That is why I term it stupidity! Only stupid people will trade lasting joy and peace for a transient happiness that is here now, and then gone the next moment!

I see it happening all the time, and all I can do is to laugh, laugh and laugh at the folly of it all! I see a woman walking into a supermarket with such a happy look on her face and pushing her shopping trolley like it is just the best vehicle she has ever driven. And then something happens; she accidentally bumps into a pile of toilet paper and there is suddenly rolls of toilet paper everywhere in the store, and the poor woman, overcome by shock, by shame and embarrassment, is standing there with a look of horror on her face! All the happiness of moments before has evaporated! POOF!

But no-one knows how to laugh! Instead it is all DEADLY serious! And so it is a HUGE catastrophe! But I am killing myself laughing at people, lots of people, suddenly all busy chasing toilet rolls through the shop, whilst some others are trying to stop the pile from falling over even more, some people trying to dodge the toilet paper with their trolleys, whilst yet others try hard not to see what is happening so that they do not have to lose their dignity chasing after toilet rolls! LOL!

I really do not know why people go to the movies to be entertained. I just go to do my weekly shopping, and invariably I have a great time, laughing and laughing, sometimes feeling sad, and then laughing again the next moment! And it does not cost me a penny, and nor does it require taking extra time out to have some fun! <g> My fellow human beings keep me entertained wherever and whenever, and the added bonus is that this is REAL life happening, and not some funny movie script. <g>

So, happiness? What is that, if not a figment of the imagination? And how can this illusory figment existing only in people's minds possibly compare with the FUN, the JOY and the genuine PEACE that comes from the marvellous privilege of being able to experience REAL Life upon the physical plane? :)


You know, I want to share one last thing with you. :)

I have this theory, not proven, just a theory, that when the good God "created" the universe, He had this bunch of human spirits that He in His wisdom knew would not likely amount to very much, considering that we are the bottom of the food chain. But rather than just turf us as being undesirable components for His otherwise perfect creation, He decided to create the planet Earth, the ONLY planet within our solar system on which life is manifesting upon the dense physical plane.

And then, with a thoroughly wicked sense of humour, He gave us physical bodies and let us free! And I am sure that He did it this for His own amusement, because there is nothing funnier than a human being in a physical body upon the physical plane! RATFL! If we did not have physical bodies we could never possibly BE funny, for the simple reason that we do not know HOW to laugh! We just do not have the MENTALITY to be funny! But give us a physical body, and let us loose in the world! And oh boy! Are we funny? Screamingly funny! RATFL! The only sad part about it is that it is all by DEFAULT! SMT RATF LMAO!

With much love and hope,