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Celebrating 55 years of Ministry

And 32 Years of Pastors-Leaders Schools


Tommy Barnett is the Senior Pastor of one of the fastest growing churches in America, Phoenix First Assembly of God, in Phoenix, Arizona.

The church is known as The Church with a Heart, because of its 260+ outreach ministries.

With an average weekly attendance of over 17,000, Phoenix First is a soulwinning church, committed to reaching the city, country, and world for God.

The Church moved into a multi-million-dollar complex in 1985, occupying 75 acres on Shadow Mountain.

The first building constructed was the 6,500-seat auditorium, one of the largest sanctuaries in America. Next came three additional buildings -- administration, education, and gymnasium.

Completed in 2001 is the exciting SMALL WORLD VILLAGE.

This state of the art facility is 33,800 square feet of early childhood education.

Thirty classrooms are used for a variety of church services and ministry activities.

It showcases innovative use of materials, light and space.

Two other buildings have been completed in recent years.

One is the world-class YOUTH MINISTRY PAVILION!

It has been designed to serve as a “magnet” for thousands of local teenagers – one of the most critical “mission fields” of our community.

Also – CITY LITES CHILDREN’S COMPLEX, this beautiful ultra-modern all-glass facility not only serves as a children’s church facility, but also for weddings and other events.

The newest building - the PRAYER PAVILION of LIGHT was completed February, 2007 This all glass building is positioned at a high point on the campus, and is accessed by a long meditative path.

Envisioned as a ‘lantern on a hill”, it is a ‘glass box’ chapel surrounded by grounds filled with trees and plants and also has a reflection pool, burning flame, 50 foot steel cross, monumental cast-bronze doors artistically inscribed with the Lord’s Prayer, and a beautiful view of the city.

At night the glass pavilion is transformed by hues of color and shade, a glowing, unique and fascinating environment created by each color shift.

Truly an inspirational Place of Prayer!

On many occasions, attendance at special services has soared including an outdoor event of 25,000.

Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday in multiple services has reached over 150,000.

Phoenix First Assembly is noted nationwide for several outstanding assets introduced by Pastor Barnett:

• Spectacular events at Easter, Independence Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

• A great soulwinning Bus Ministry.

• Trained soulwinners.

• Strong discipleship training.

• Hundreds of lay people overseeing the follow-up and care of attendees, visitors, and new converts.

• Reaching out to the homeless and hurting with the founding of the LA Dream Center in 1994, in 2006 the Phoenix Dream Center, and once again the New York Dream Center opened in August 2008!

These assets have contributed to the impressive growth of First Assembly under Pastor Barnett’s leadership.

When the Church called him as pastor in December 1979, the average attendance was 250.

Within three weeks, a Christmas rally drew 2,700.

Attendance in 1980 climbed to 4,800 at Easter, over 6,500 at Thanksgiving, and over 8,000 at Christmas.


Attendance continued to spiral upward spurred by these major events.

In 1981, and again in 1982, the magnificent SINGING CHRISTMAS TREE services at Phoenix Symphony Hall brought turn-away crowds to the 3,000-seat Hall.

In 1982, more than 18,000 attended Easter services and the giant Independence Day rally moved to a city stadium.

The 1983 Easter services broke all records for the denomination, attracting 25,000; the Living Flag on July 4th filled the stadium with 15,000 spectators; and the Thanksgiving Dinner was the largest in the City, serving almost 12,000.

Breaking records again – Easter, 1989, saw crowds of 100,000 in one weekend.

This included four Easter Splendor musical drama productions at the new large church auditorium as well as the 14 outdoor children’s rallies that were held all over the city.

Easter Splendor presentations were repeated 12 different times throughout Easter Week.

A total of 150,000 people in attendance were a part of that phenomenal week at Phoenix First Assembly.

The annual Christmas Production attracts over 130,000 in a ten day long schedule.

Phoenix First Assembly’s Bus Ministry was born in 1980 with five buses.

By 1981, a nationwide poll of all denominations named Phoenix First Assembly the fastest growing Bus Ministry in America.

Our fleet of buses includes nine wheelchair vehicles.

Phoenix First’s bus ministry was innovative in operating on Saturdays bringing children to the giant Saturday Sunday School and again on Sundays transporting yet another group of children and adults to Sunday School.

With the increasing needs of the people in the urban areas, “Adopt-a-Block” was formed to weekly minister to entire neighborhoods on a regular basis.

Far more than surface-evangelism, Adopt-a-Block teams mow lawns, fix houses, wash graffiti, provide furniture, and build lasting relationships with the community while bussing them to church.

In addition to children and adults from all types of homes, the buses provide transportation for college students, the elderly, deaf, handicapped, and homeless.

The International Christian Education Association and Moody Monthly recognized the unusual growth of Phoenix First Assembly by presenting the “Fastest Growing Church” award to Pastor Barnett in two consecutive years.


In addition to remarkable numerical growth, Pastor Barnett has guided First Assembly into an era of phenomenal revival.

At the altar calls, scores of people of all ages and backgrounds come forward to commit their lives to Christ.

In addition to thousands of people saved every year, hundreds are baptized in water.

On one Sunday alone, as Pastor Barnett spoke in a Sunday morning service at which a group of some 2,000 visiting French people were in attendance, a phenomenal 1,600 answered the altar call to accept Jesus Christ as Savior!

Assisting Pastor Barnett is a staff of 16 pastors who minister in such areas as counseling, music, hospital visitation, youth, college and career, elderly, bus ministry, Spanish outreach, home visits, church administration, and much more.

The Church now operates over 260 individual ministries to the hurting.

Many young people from Phoenix First Assembly have entered full time ministry and many new Christians have done the same.

Phoenix First Assembly members minister in nursing homes, prisons, parks, and apartment complexes.

More than 10,000 have graduated from Pastor Barnett’s Saturday Soulwinning Society classes.

The Deacon Visitation Ministry has developed a large core of committed lay-ministers within the church to help the pastoral staff ensure that every single visitor and new convert receive personal follow-up and mentoring.

Soulwinning Teams go out to call on homes throughout the City, some witness to the street people.

Phoenix First Assembly heads up the Church on the Street, a rehabilitation center that was started after seeing homeless people attend the Church’s Thanksgiving dinner in 1980.

They now minister weekly to 3,500 people in inner-city church services, parks, streets, prisons, and has now evolved into the PHOENIX DREAM CENTER.

The numerical and spiritual growth of Phoenix First Assembly has inspired other churches across the country.

By popular demand, Tommy Barnett hosts an annual Pastors’ School.

Approximately 7,000 pastors, leaders, and workers attend each year.

Pastors’ School is an intensive, informative, and exciting three days of study, observation, and field practice in the methods, which have spurred the explosive growth of Phoenix First Assembly.

The year 2008 celebrated the 31st school.

Pastor Barnett travels weekly to conferences and conventions, challenging pastors and church leaders to build great soulwinning churches.

A survey once reported him to be the outstanding person for inspiring pastors and churches in the full gospel movement to grow.


Before coming to Phoenix, Tommy Barnett was nationally known, although he had pastored only one other church.

During his eight years in Davenport, Iowa, he was responsible for Westside Assembly of God to grow from an average of 76 to 4,400 and won the “Fastest Growing Church” award in 1976.

“Christian Life” magazine selected Tommy Barnett, along with former President Jimmy Carter, as one of the “Ten Sunday School Newsmakers of the Decade”.

Pastor Barnett electrified Davenport by bringing Johnny Cash to hold two stadium rallies. The second rally set an attendance record of 19,000 with several thousands accepting Christ at the altar call.

Starting at age 16, Pastor Barnett became the best-known evangelist in the denomination. He preached in city-wide meetings, camps, churches, and seminars and to as many as 30,000 in an outdoor meeting India.

He traveled around the world eight times.

He celebrated 50 years of ministry in October, 2003.

Tommy Barnett grew up in the home of an Assembly of God minister.

His dynamic, innovative father, the late H. W. Barnett, pastored Victoria Tabernacle church in Kansas City, Kansas, for 43 years.

His mother, Mrs. Joy Barnett was the creative pacesetter for the illustrated sermons that Tommy Barnett is so renowned for today.


Pastor Barnett has made appearances on Trinity Broadcasting Network, and The 700 Club.

He and his son Matthew produce a weekly documentary program from The Los Angeles “Dream Center”, which is aired internationally on TBN.


Tommy Barnett, the father of three children and grandfather of seven, is entering the most exciting chapter of his life.

In September 1994, Tommy Barnett as a result of the invitation from the Southern California District of the Assemblies of God launched the Los Angeles Dream Center as a home missions project.

Beginning with a church averaging 48 people on a Sunday morning, the ministry is now reaching 35,000 per week.

Located in the heart of the inner city of Los Angeles in the former Queen of Angeles Hospital, the 1400 room facility consists of almost 400,000 square feet in buildings on 8.8 acres of prime commercial real estate.

The church operates over 175 ministries, reaching out to gang members, drug addicts, unwed mothers, children without parents, halfway house for released prisoners, feeding the homeless and needy, motorcycle groups, taggers, AIDS victims, and various subcultures, ethnic, and nationality groups. Miracles take place there daily at the “Dream Center”, so called because people are given an opportunity to “Dream Again”.

The church epitomizes Pastor Barnett’s quote, “Find a need and fill it, find a hurt and heal it.”

Pastor Tommy Barnett co-pastors with his son Matthew Barnett in providing the vision, leadership skills, training, and financial management for the ministry.

A move of God is ALWAYS nothing less than historic.

On November 1, 2001, history was made when Matthew Barnett was appointed pastor of nearby Angelus Temple.

Two powerful denominations – Assemblies of God and the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel – united in building the kingdom of God; do effectively reach many thousands with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson founded Angelus in 1923 and led it to become one of the most renowned churches in America.

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