RTM activity Report for August 2012.

-, “Отчет о деятельности РТД за август 2012 года части 1”, public translation into English from Russian More about this translation.

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RTM activity Report for August 2012

Dear supporters!

It's the news of “Kriorus” with you!

There is much work in “Kriorus” as always. Our clients are people who have entrusted to us their TOMORROW! We receive more and more orders for cryopreservation and also for DNA preservation. During this month there were two standard operations of cryopreservation.

On August 15th and 16th the contracts have been signed with clients from Israel and Vladivistok. These contracts are fulfilled – there have been two cryopreservations carried out recently. Several other contracts were signed with people willing to extend the life of themselves and their relatives. Clients from Moscow would be able to use such opportunity as cryopreservation and healthy life in the future, being on the fourth stage of cancer today.

A woman from Krasnoyarsk informed us about her decision to make a cryopreservation contract with us.

Kuzminok Sergey Vladimirovich, a Russian musician and former director of Igor Talkov preserved his father’s DNA for further cloning opportunity.

On the pages of our guest book Sergey Vladimirovich didn’t hold his emotions:

“Thanks for the important work!

Way to go! Do go on with this difficult work! Great future is before you! And a gratitude from people when they realize the importance and necessity of such work! I vote for you by my both hands!"

We thank Sergey Vladimirovich for warm words and confidence in us.

An active work on professional equipping of cryodepositarium is underway. In August a new dewar has been mounted. Cosmetic repairs is coming to an end.

The experience exchange with representatives of foreign organizations is an important part of “Kriorus”'s work. In August Danila Medvedev held a meeting with cryonicists from USA. Foreign colleagues showed interest in further communication and proposed co-management of a project within Singularity Institute (http://singularityu.org/).

The banners will soon appear on the streets of Moscow, introducing the citizens to the possibilities of cryonics. We hope this will be the world breakthrough in explanation of necessity of cryobiology development, and also the first step to an active marketing. The release of banners will become logical continuation of the announced in last month series of billboards about pets cryopreservation. Once again we would like to express our gratitude to creative activists from RTM for their help with billboards release.

Original (Russian): Отчет о деятельности РТД за август 2012 года части 1

Translation: © RedCaT, Arey, wolgan404 .

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