Old, the, falling apart (Warriors' Experience)

Translations of this material:

into Russian: Разрушение старого (Воинский Опыт). Translated in draft, editing and proof-reading required.
Submitted for translation by Warriorskeep 30.01.2017


Dear All,

Firstly remember that the world is NOT what it appears to be! What all of us need to keep in SIGHT is that there is no point in just LOOKING through the GATE! As the OLD continues to fall apart around us we are left with no option but to move forward THROUGH the GATE! The UNKNOWN does not unfold WITHIN the context of the KNOWN! To map out the UNKNOWN requires ENTERING the UNKNOWN! From RIGHT to LEFT! Frightening, but TRUE!

North-South? The place of MATERIALISATION is IN-DEED the battlefield! The place of POWER remains a mysterious place! On the OUTSIDE power is moving East, North, South, West; on the INSIDE East, West, South, North! Who KNOWS what power is up to, but it ever remains a tricky manoeuvre to reconcile SOBRIETY with WARMTH! The battle does not lie within the East-West axis as such, but rather in reconciling the two different flows of power, one from the East, one from the South!

TASTING both the AIR and the WATER!