Numerology (Warriors' Experience)

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Dear All, Below is some guidance on numerology.

With warm regards, Russell

Note Well:

Any number is a spectrum of vibrations and not something absolute; so a 5 that comes from 11+3 is very different to a 5 that comes from 4+1.

Christian name: Reveals you as an individual

Middle name[s]: Reveals your potential and knowledge gained in previous life times. Whether this knowledge is conscious or not depends on memory restoration.

Surname: Everything to do with your family; what you share with them and why you chose the parents you did.

Personality Number: The self-image you project into the world around you.

Soul Urge: That part of your destiny that you will materialise in this life time, i.e., the challenges that will enable your FATE to unfold. See the soul urge as being the "lessons" you need to learn in this life time.

The Destiny Number: The "examination" with respect to your unfolding fate. The more you come to grips with and transmute the challenges inherent within your soul urge the more you will embody the true nature of your destiny number.

Remember that you cannot avoid your fate, much less your destiny.

Positive: The pioneer/leader; Negative: Domineering/opinionated.

Positive: The follower/supporter; Negative: The proverbial doormat/timid.

Positive: The soul of the party/creative; Negative: Impulsive/undisciplined.

Positive: The Organiser/Dependable; Negative: Inflexible/dogmatic.

Positive: Versatile/Brilliant intellect; Negative: Escapism/lack of completion.

Positive: Family person/adaptable; Negative: Argumentative/indecisive.

Positive: Loner/Introspective; Negative: Conceited/fantasising.

Positive: Inclusive/Analytical; Negative: Tactless/unco-operative.

Positive: The true humanitarian/teacher; Negative: The proverbial do-gooder.

Positive: Born to live and lead in the limelight; Negative: The loud-mouthed bully.

22: Positive: The Diplomat with broad vision and understanding; Negative: Hard to pin down/forever ducking and diving/avoiding.

33: The pure white light of the dreamer. When this number appears as the destiny number, it shows a Christed Being, for it is the number of the Christ/World Saviour and Teacher. Where it appears in the soul urge it indicates challenges relating to the deeper meaning to be found in forebearance, humility and understanding etc. Where it appears in the personality number it tends to indicate the same challenges but in the negative; e.g. forebearance becomes intolerance; humility and understanding becomes arrogance.

N.B. If you do not live up to the vibration of a power number it automatically reverts to its reduction, e.g. if you do not have the required strength to live up to 11, it reverts to 2, and then mostly as the negative 2; i.e. the doormat.