Numerology Revealed - Conclusion

Author: Theun Mares. Link to original: (English).
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into Russian: Нумерология {Развёрнутая} - Завершение. Translated in draft, editing and proof-reading required.
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In this book I have endeavoured to introduce you to the magical world of numbers. But as with any magical world, remember that although we may partake of this world, we do not live in that world. It is therefore imperative for you not to become addicted to numerology. Numerology, and indeed all the aspects of any teaching, are but tools to be used when needed. Therefore never be tempted to live your life according to numerology. Instead you should learn how to use numerology within your life, whenever you need clarity beyond what you can come up with by simply listening to the guidance you receive daily, both from within yourself, as well as from the world around you. If you approach it in this way, you will never fall into the trap of turning a most useful tool like numerology into a superstition, or worse still, into a god of sorts.

We are all meant to be the masters of our own destinies, and tools such as numerology are meant to aid us, and not dictate to us how we should live and how we should approach life.

You are the master of your destiny - the tool is not your master!