Numerology Revealed - Chaprer 9

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The esoteric meaning of the numbers is based entirely upon the symbolism contained within the Tarot Cards. It is therefore not possible to grasp the esoteric meaning of the numbers to any great extent, without having at least a working knowledge of the basic principles of Tarot.

In respect to this, it is important to understand that there are two great keys to unlocking the secrets of the universe; one being cosmology and the other being esoteric astrology. Both of these specialised branches of knowledge also require keys to unlock their secrets. Tarot is the key to unlocking the secrets of cosmology as represented in Otz Chiim, the Tree of Life, and thus Tarot is a vast study on its own.

Consequently, even to impart only a working knowledge of the basic principles of Tarot goes beyond the scope of this book. In this book I will simply endeavour to give you a very rudimentary knowledge of Tarot, just to enable you to work with the esoteric meaning of the numbers as they appear in numerology. I cannot do any more than this in such a book, which is meant for the novice to the Toltec teachings. However, for the more serious student I would recommend that you study the very detailed section on cosmology given in my second book, as well as the section on the jewels of awareness given in my fourth book, and also that you devote time to the study of a book entitled Jung and Tarot, written by Sallie Nichols, a student of Carl Jung. In this very excellent book Sallie Nichols gives a most profound and precise introduction to Tarot.

When I speak of Tarot I am referring to a particular and ancient science known to Toltecs by that name, and which Toltecs much later represented symbolically in the cards of the same name, and hence the Tarot Cards. Of the various decks of Tarot Cards that survive to this day, the original Marseilles deck is the most accurate in numbering, symbolism and colouring.

Tarot is essentially the science of vibration and frequency, and the relationship between various vibrations and their frequencies. In Tarot, vibrations are the result of the electro-magnetic impulses of universal emotion, the physical manifestation of what Toltecs define as intent, the inherent awareness of the Ineffable Cause of Manifestation, and what appears to the inner vision of the seer as colour. The numbers as given on the Tarot Cards denote vibration, whereas the symbolism on the cards, which only came into existence in the making of the Tarot Cards, depicts the relationship between a vibration and its range of possible frequencies.

However, it is important to understand that the cards were not developed for the purposes of Tarot, or for the purposes of numerology. Toltecs already had the science of Tarot, and they were also already fully familiar with the Art and Science of Numerology by the time they made the cards. Combining these two sciences was merely a very convenient way for Toltecs to devise an exceedingly efficient, but covert form of communication necessary during the various periods in which Toltecs were persecuted.

The way this communication worked was that the messenger, who would be fully versed in Tarot, would set him or herself up in the local town square as a “fortune teller” who, to all outer appearances, was using the Tarot Cards with which to tell fortunes. When the recipient of the message arrived, he or she would give the “fortune teller” a password, whereupon the “fortune teller” would spread the required cards in an order that would enable the recipient, who was also fully versed in Tarot, to read the message. After reading the message, the messenger could also send a response, if needed, by shuffling the cards and then picking from them the relevant cards, which he would ask the “fortune teller” to explain. By the time the “fortune teller” had finished explaining the cards, he or she had memorised them and their order, and the message could then be passed on.

It should therefore be clear from where the Tarot derived its dubious reputation for being a system of fortune telling. Although there exists a perfectly good system for using the Tarot Cards in order to understand what forces are at work within one’s life, and which Sallie Nichols gives in her book, the Tarot Cards were never seriously meant for fortune telling. Understanding the forces at work within a person’s life is a far cry from fortune telling.

What is important to grasp in working with the esoteric meaning of numbers is that although numbers are exact in their pure state, they do change their frequencies under the impact of perception. This is a law of physics that is only now coming under investigation, as some scientists are just beginning to recognise this phenomenon, and so it is still not widely known or acknowledged.

In the Introduction to this book I defined what is meant by numbers, and how numbers should be viewed. I would strongly suggest that before you proceed with this section of the book, you first go back and refresh your memory on all that I explained in the Introduction. As you do so the important point to grasp is that no number can be taken at face value, nor can it be taken as being an absolute, other than for the purposes of pure mathematics, in which the number is fixed as a constant. But in Tarot there is only one constant; namely, time. Everything else is subject to the awareness of the observer.

From all we have learned about numbers, it follows that when working with the esoteric meaning of numbers the final results obtained hold true ONLY within clearly-defined boundaries. What this boils down to is that the expression of the numbers derived by the numerologist in any one numeroscope is true ONLY for that particular numeroscope, and can therefore not be summarily transported into another numeroscope, without considerable error being the result, for the simple reason that every numeroscope is unique in its vibrational configuration.

Furthermore, in numerology it is perfectly possible for the frequency of a vibration to be drastically altered by the relationship between it and another vibration; that is, another number. Where this is most noticeable is in those numbers termed Power Numbers and Karmic Numbers, both of which have a most dramatic effect upon the numbers they relate to, often modifying their frequencies in most unexpected ways. In addition, Power Numbers are also highly dynamic numbers, which are extremely sensitive to various states of awareness. As a result Power Numbers have the extraordinary ability to modify their own frequencies, to the point of actually changing vibration altogether.

Up until now we have only worked with the numbers between 1 and 9, since in numerology we reduce all numbers to a single digit for accuracy of computation. However, when doing the interpretation we also work with composite numbers.

In Tarot there are thirty-three numbers in total that display a clearly-defined chart of various qualities of awareness encountered in the evolution of awareness. This is highly technical, and therefore I recommend the serious student of numerology to study my other books for greater detail and understanding of what I am mentioning here ever so briefly. But let it suffice for now to say that because these thirty-three numbers denote specific qualities of awareness, they are termed jewels of awareness. The term “jewel” has no significance in numerology, being merely an archaic term still in use today.

Of these thirty-three jewels of awareness, the first twenty-one; that is, the numbers from 1 to 21, are termed the light jewels. The numbers from 22 to 32 are termed the dark jewels, and the number 33, as we have already noted under Power Numbers, is the pure white light of a Christed being.

The reason why these jewels are termed light and dark is also highly technical, but for the purposes of this book we can simply say that man is the microcosm of the macrocosm. In other words, man was created in the image of God. But the whole purpose of manifestation, as well as the evolution of awareness, is because God wishes to know every aspect of Himself; the good, the bad and everything in between. Therefore in the Christian bible God reveals Himself as being both good and evil. And since man was created in the image of God, it stands to reason that man too has a “good” side and a “bad” side, as well as everything in between. Therefore the so-called light jewels pertain to what we may term man’s better side, whilst the dark jewels pertain to the side of man that most people would rather not acknowledge they possess.

From this it follows that in order to achieve Christhood it is necessary for man to master the lessons of every number from 1 to 21, and also those dark aspects of man’s nature encountered in the numbers 22 to 32.

However, since the majority of humanity is a long, long way away from being able to work constructively with its dark side, Toltecs came up with the method in numerology whereby we work only with the light jewels in setting up numeroscopes; that is, with those numbers from 1 to 21, with the exception of 22. This is not to say that Toltecs ignore the dark side of man’s nature, but rather that Toltecs saw it as being more expedient and safer to deal with the dark side of man in an altogether different way - a way in which man cannot do harm to himself or others by working directly with the dark jewels. The method for working with the dark jewels is dual in nature. The first method is fully explained in my other books under the various sections dealing with the expressions of the dark jewels, which are termed shortcomings. The second method, which concerns working with composite numbers in the general use of numerology, will be explained later in this book. But the important point to grasp here is that in the interpretation used in numeroscopes we work only with the light jewels, with the exception of 22.

In numerology it is impossible not to include 22, even though it is the vibration of the dark jewel known as egotism, for 22 also happens to be a Power Number. The way Toltecs got around this is not at all easy to explain, without long and highly-involved technical explanations. But the short story is that all Power Numbers are the highest possible vibration of their respective reductions, whilst not being limited to this vibration. In other words, 11 is the lowest possible vibration that the highest possible vibration of 2 can equate with. Yet obviously 11 is not limited to this lowest possible vibration. 22 is likewise the lowest possible vibration of the highest possible vibration of 4, and 33 is the lowest possible vibration of the highest possible vibration of 6. In other words, there is a relationship between the vibrations 2, 4 and 6, and the vibrations 11, 22 and 33 respectively. However, this now takes us into yet another vast realm of knowledge known as the Seven Rays of Creation. So I am going to cut my explanation short by saying that the set of frequencies pertaining to the vibration 22, and termed the dark jewel egotism, that we work with in numerology, is the highest possible vibration of 4, which technically speaking is the reflection of the potential inherent within egotism, as this is gradually developed through the process of transmutation.

From all of the above it should now be clear that when working with the esoteric meaning of numbers it is vital that you approach them with complete openness, having no preconceived ideas about what they should or should not mean. Their true meaning is only revealed through the relationship they have with the other numbers found in conjunction with them. One of the most powerful laws within the manifested universe is the Law of Harmony and Balance. Under the impact of this law life is forever balancing itself, so as to maintain universal harmony. The numbers are no different, for they will always modify their frequency to be in harmony with one another, whenever they are brought together for a specific purpose.

Therefore the esoteric meaning of numbers is an aspect of relationships, and as with all relationships, we should always strive to understand the tensions inherent within the relationship, because it is these tensions that give rise to the dynamics between any two people. Consequently as we try to come to grips with the esoteric meaning of numbers and how to use them in setting up a full interpretation of a numeroscope, what we must bear in mind at all times is that we are NOT working with absolutes, but with living vibrations that can and do alter their frequencies, depending upon the tensions inherent within their respective relationships with one another.

Thus our approach should not be unlike being an arbitrator in a dispute between two people. In fact, it actually helps our understanding to think of the esoteric numbers as being like people! It is for this very reason that Jung referred to the Tarot Cards as depicting archetypes, and Sallie Nichols in her book, Jung and Tarot, approaches each card as if she is having a personal audience with the figure depicted in that card. I can offer the reader of this book no better advice than this - consider yourself as having a personal audience with each of the esoteric numbers, and allow them to reveal to you what their relationship is with another number.

Unless you are already fully versed in the esoteric meaning of the numbers, I would strongly suggest that you get yourself a deck of the original Marseilles Tarot Cards, and that as you work with each of the esoteric numbers you study its card in depth, allowing your feelings to guide you. If you do this, you will find the figures within the cards starting to take on a life of their own and, through your feelings, guiding you into an understanding of their secret lives and how they are relating to their fellow numbers within a numeroscope.

Remember at all times that although the Tarot Cards within themselves have no power, they nevertheless represent realities that do exist, and the realities we are dealing with here are living vibrations and their frequencies - that which quite literally constitutes the emotional impetus of the Ineffable Cause of Manifestation. And as we saw earlier, emotional impetus is the physical manifestation of intent, the one and only omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient force within the universe, and which is within and without all of life, both manifest as well as unmanifest. Therefore in working with numerology, let no-one tell you that you are only working with mere numbers. You are not! You are working with intent, as expressed through universal emotion. So approach the esoteric numbers with the respect that is due to them.

In what follows here I am going to give you only the keynotes of each of the numbers, for to do more than this would be to start fixing their meanings in terms of absolutes: the ultimate in injustice towards the esoteric meaning of numbers, and completely negating the purpose of interpretation. However, should you feel stuck in your approach, then you will find the book written by Sallie Nichols to be an enormous help in getting you past your mental block.

In working with the cards there are three more points that need to be explained here, so as to avoid confusion. The first of these points concerns the numbers as given on the cards. Although these are given as Roman Numerals in the Marseilles deck, some of the numerals were purposely changed to reflect more accurately the import of the numbers, which were originally notated in a form of ideogram that represents symbolically what a seer sees.

The second of the points concerns the directions the Tarot characters are facing. In order to get proper bearings on the way the characters are facing, which has esoteric significance, you should think of reversing backwards into the face of the cards. Therefore what is facing right when you are looking at a card, becomes left, and vice-versa.

The third point concerns the gender of the respective cards. The gender of the Tarot characters is partly dependent upon what is known as the relative factor of awareness, which is fully explained in my other books. Since the relative factor of awareness is a vast subject I am not going to explain it here, but I am simply going to give the gender of each of the Tarot characters. Please note that because we are working with the relative factor of awareness there is a marked difference between bisexual, hermaphrodite, neuter, masculine versus feminine and male versus female.

If a card is male this means that it represents the true male, who is the embodiment of the male side of power; that is, the nagal of man. If the card is female this means that it represents the true female, who is the embodiment of the female side of power; that is, the tonal of man.

The masculine and feminine cards pertain to the relative factor of awareness, and are not easy to understand. The best way in which to understand the gender of these cards is to look at some examples. If we think of the mother of a child it is clear to see that because of her role within the life of her child she is masculine relative to her child, even though she is a female. Likewise, if men have a female boss, this is because her knowledge is greater than that of the men, and therefore she is masculine relative to her subordinates.

The same principle applies within the hierarchy of the numbers expressed through their numbering. 1 represents the One Life and is therefore the highest number. Next comes duality, expressed in 2. Then comes multiplicity, expressed in 3. Thereafter we have the gradual manifestation of multiplicity, each successive number indicating an ever greater multiplicity and therefore being lower down on the scale of purity.

From this we should now be able to see that if a card is masculine, it means that it is masculine relative to the cards below it in terms of number, but it becomes feminine relative to the cards above it in terms of number. Likewise, if a card is feminine, it means that it is feminine relative to the cards above it in terms of number, but it becomes masculine relative to the cards below it in terms of number.

The Empress and Justice are the two exceptions to the rule concerning the relative factor of awareness, for although both these cards are masculine, they represent that awareness termed Mother’s Awareness, an awareness which was fully developed in the previous great manifestation, and because of this they are both always masculine relative to all the other cards, except for The Fool.

If a card is hermaphroditic it means that it can be either male or female, depending upon which card it is interacting with. But realise the subtle difference here between being male or female, versus being masculine or feminine. The male is the nagal, compared with masculinity, which is the potential of being male. Likewise, the female «the tonal, compared with femininity, which is the potential of being female. With male and female we are dealing with reality, whereas with masculinity and femininity we are dealing with potential.

If a card is neuter this means that it is asexual; that is, it is neither male nor female. This is not to be confused with bisexual, which means having a fully developed awareness of what it is to be both male and female. Again this is subtly different to being hermaphroditic, which is the expression of the ability to be either male or female.