Numerology Revealed - Chaprer 8

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We now come to the last number we need to consider; namely, your Power Number. The Power Number should not be confused with any of your other numbers, for it literally acts independently of all your numbers. I like to look upon the Power Number as being like a lucky number, for it is the ability of a person to pull a rabbit out of a hat, when all else seems to be failing. In other words, your Power Number acts very much like a secret reserve upon which you can draw, whenever you feel a great need for support, or when facing an emergency in which there is no time to think about anything other than survival. But we will soon see how to use your Power Number.

To find your Power Number we simply add your Destiny Number to your Birthpath Number as shown below, and we ignore Power Numbers and Karmic Numbers.

Because of the nature of the Power Number it has no negative characteristics, so we ignore the negative characteristics when doing the analysis of the Power Number. Note that there are TWO expressions of the Power Number; namely, the exoteric and the esoteric expressions. The exoteric expression is the final reduction, in your case, 7. The esoteric expression is the number before reduction, in your case, 16.

Although the exoteric expression is good and does work, the real, and therefore esoteric, expression is far more powerful if it is understood correctly. The advantage in working with the exoteric expression is that it is a whole lot easier to understand and therefore to work with, whilst the esoteric expression is somewhat nebulous and irrational, and therefore not so easy to work with, unless one has a good working knowledge of the esoteric meaning of numbers.

Because we have not yet covered the esoteric meaning of the numbers, I am going to give you the analysis of both expressions of your Power Number. However, until we get to the next section of this book, in which I will explain the esoteric meaning of the numbers, you will not necessarily grasp the esoteric meaning of your Power Number now, much less understand how to work with it. But after we have studied the esoteric meaning of numbers you can come back to study the esoteric meaning of your Power Number and also how to work with it. For now we are dealing with your Power Number here, because it rightfully belongs in this section of the book.

Exoteric Analysis

With 7 as your Power Number you can always, if your need is great enough, suddenly become very introspective and think very deeply, whilst on your feet as it were. Literally within the blink of an eye, and having turned within, you will hit upon the solution you need, without even knowing how you got to the solution. If you do not pause to think about anything other than survival, you will find yourself acting upon the solution with enormous methodicalness and precision, and this will yield the most amazing results. If, however, you pause, hesitate or start deliberating, your moment of power will be gone and lost, and you will be just as helpless as before you hit upon the solution.

Exoteric Analysis

With a Power Number of 16 it means that in moments of great need you can achieve liberation through the power of intent. No-one knows how intent works, or what exactly it is. All we know is that it does work in moments of great stress or in moments of dire need. All that is required is to intend liberation and then to act on the ensuing feeling that will come forth in response to your need, with as much forcefulness and clarity as you have at your disposal. The results will appear to be miraculous, or much like having used a magic wand.