Numerology Revealed - Chaprer 7

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We come now to what are known as the planes of expression. The planes of expression are four in number; namely, the physical, the emotional, the mental and the intuitive.

Not everyone is fully developed on all four planes, and therefore deficiencies, strengths, as well as balance between the four planes of expression also have a huge impact on how we express ourselves within life and most especially on how we face our challenges within life.

The physical plane has got everything to do with the physical body; how we feel about ourselves because of our physical bodies, and also how we engage with life because of our physical bodies. For example, someone who is physically beautiful will normally have a good self-image, whereas someone who has a physical handicap of sorts will often have quite a low self-image as a result of feeling embarrassed or disempowered because of the handicap. Likewise, someone with a strong, healthy body will be much more capable of manual labour than someone with a weak or unhealthy body.

The physical plane also reveals how practical we are, as well as our abilities to generate the money we need within our lives. This obviously implies how well we work with the form of anything, no matter whether it is the form of our business, or the form of our relationships in general. The physical plane also determines our ability to extract from life around us the guidance we need.

The emotional plane has to do with our ability to listen to the heart, as well as our ability to follow feelings and to act upon them. The emotional plane reveals our ability to work with our emotions skillfully (Note that feelings and emotions are NOT the same. For a full explanation of the differences, please refer to my other books) and shows us to what extent we are capable of utilising the creative imagination.

The mental plane denotes our level of intelligence, which determines our ability to reason and to control our thought processes. It also shows how much clarity we are capable of.

The intuitive plane depicts to what extent we are capable of differentiating between our subjective reality gained from experience, and the objective reality of life to which we bear witness. The intuitive plane has got everything to do with intuition, vision and the ability to receive guidance from within ourselves.

The numbers that relate to each plane of expression are:

In order to determine your planes of expression we set up your full name, but this time round we simply put all of the numerical values of the letters underneath the name, for we are only interested in working out how many of each number you have. Also, because we are looking at all the numbers together we do not need brackets or plus signs between the individual names.

Now we compute the numbers you have on each plane as shown below, starting with the physical plane.




Positive characteristics: Practical, efficient, hard-working, responsible, dependable. Good at manual labour and anything practical.

Negative characteristics: Not creative or imaginative. Argumentative. Not open to new ideas.


Positive characteristics: Adventurous and curious, likes change, the unknown, original ideas and the new. Good at sales and promotions.

Negative characteristics: Restless. Not very practical. Can be impulsive.



Positive characteristics: Very sensitive, with strong clear feelings and a vivid and creative imagination, but with a keen eye for detail and a love for collecting facts and anything that is beautiful. Good in business partnerships.

Negative characteristics: Lacking in self-confidence. Prone to worry, fear and feelings of inadequacy. Not good as an entrepreneur.


Positive characteristics: Artistic, especially in writing, poetry and speaking, but often in music too, and therefore excels as an entertainer who is also very versatile.

Negative characteristics: Untidy and disorderly, and although the imagination is very creative, there is the tendency to scatter talents. Not very factually orientated through being impulsive. Not good at manual labour or anything practical.


Positive characteristics: Responsible, dependable, artistic and practical. Home and family orientated, and therefore good at community and welfare work. Disciplinarian at heart.

Negative characteristics: Demanding, domineering and idealistic. Therefore not too popular, especially with own children.



Positive characteristics: Original, clear-thinking and strong leadership qualities. Good at pioneering the new.

Negative characteristics: Strong likes and dislikes, opinionated and quickly bored.


Positive characteristics: Logical with good reasoning ability. Excellent executive ability, and very much the boss who does not like following orders.

Negative characteristics: Ambitious for power, self-centred, overly proud and a show-off.



Positive characteristics: Reserved. Refined. Dignified. Psychic and intuitive, but also very analytical. The true scientist.

Negative characteristics: Not very friendly or sociable. Perfectionistic, critical, sarcastic and bad-tempered.


Positive characteristics: The deep thinker who is tolerant, sympathetic, generous and impersonal. Capable of working with all types of people.

Negative characteristics: Seeks love and approval and becomes very upset, even dramatic, when this is not forthcoming. Likes to appeal to crowds and to be admired. Needs guidance because of being too much of a dreamer.

Now that we know the meaning of the numbers for the planes of expression we can do the analysis of your numbers. However, there are a few points that you need to bear in mind in terms of the analysis.

The careless student often confuses the planes of expression with the other numbers, yet this should never happen if the planes of expression are understood correctly. The planes of expression are just what they tell us they are; namely, the way in which you express yourself within this lifetime. Therefore the planes of expression should be seen as preferences of expression, rather than as actual knowledge displayed in any one area of endeavour. To understand this fully it helps to look upon the planes of expression as being the default behaviour of the person concerned. It will help to clarify this point if we first look at an overall analysis of the digits, and then use your own example.

Zero of a digit means that either you have no knowledge or ability at all in that area of expertise, or you are not prone to using your knowledge in that area, for whatever reason.

One to three of a digit means that either you are still learning in this area, or else this is as much of your knowledge in this area as you normally use.

Four or five of a digit shows you have a good working knowledge in that particular area, and that you generally use your knowledge in that area to your best advantage.

Six or more of a digit means that you excel in that particular knowledge, because you favour it over your other knowledge or lack of.

The negative characteristics of a number come into being when your knowledge in that particular area is limited, or when you tend not to use what knowledge you do have in that area to your best advantage. So when you have 1 to 3 of a digit, you will manifest both the positive as well as the negative characteristics of the digit. But if you have zero of a digit, you will manifest only the negative characteristics of that digit, and none of its positive characteristics.

If you have four or five of a digit you will manifest more of the positive characteristics of that digit than its negative characteristics, depending upon your proficiency in handling your challenges within life. If, on the other hand, you have six or more of a digit, you will manifest only the positive characteristics of that digit.

Balance is also very important. The total number of digits you have on each plane shows your preferences for working on that plane. And the balance between each of the numbers denoting a plane reflects which aspect of that plane you favour over the other. This balance also shows where you are lacking in knowledge, and obviously such a lack needs to be addressed in terms of your learning in this lifetime.

For the sake of convenience let us again list your numbers for each of the planes.


Having four digits on the physical plane means that you work reasonably well on the physical plane. However, all your efforts on the physical plane are centred on 5, meaning that you are adventurous and curious, that you like change, the unknown, original ideas and the new. But you are also restless, not very practical, and you can be impulsive at times.

You have a 4 in your middle name and in your Birthpath, yet as we can see from your planes of expression, you will tend to suppress this knowledge, unless you make every effort to consciously apply it. It is quite clear to see that your tendency to ignore your knowledge of the 4 comes from the 13 found in your last name.

You have six digits on the emotional plane, which makes of you the emotional type.

From your planes of expression we can see that you lack sufficient knowledge in 2. This means that you are not all that sensitive, and neither are you good at listening to your feelings. You furthermore have very little creativity and imagination. This is made even worse because whatever knowledge you do have concerning creativity and the imagination from your 4’s, you tend to suppress. You also do not have a particularly keen eye for detail, for facts or for beauty. Instead you tend to have very little self-confidence, which makes you prone to feelings of inadequacy, to worry and to fear. You are not at all good in business partnerships, and you should definitely never try to be an entrepreneur.

You have three 3’s, which is your main focus on the emotional plane. This makes of you someone who is fairly artistic, especially in writing, poetry and speaking, but often in music too. However, since you are lacking in creativity and imagination, your artistic abilities are limited to the reproduction of other people’s work. You are, nevertheless, also fairly versatile, meaning that if you apply yourself to your artistic abilities, and stop suppressing your knowledge in this area from your 4’s, you could be fairly good as an entertainer.

What you need to guard against is being untidy and disorderly, leading to a lack in self-respect and the scattering of your talents. You also need to focus much more on acting from the basis of facts, rather than acting out of impulse. All in all you need to cultivate the ability to be good at manual labour and the practical aspects of life, areas in your life at which you are not particularly good.

Having two 6’s means that you have the ability to be fairly responsible, dependable, artistic and practical, provided you make the necessary effort to be so. You are, to an extent, fond of having a home and a family, and therefore you are also quite drawn towards community and welfare work. However, your untidy and disorderly behaviour from your 3’s, plus your demanding, domineering and idealistic ways, often wreak havoc at home and with your family. You need to learn to be much more of a disciplinarian, not only with others, but also with yourself. Should you have children you should not be surprised if you are constantly in conflict with them, as a result of your demanding and domineering ways, your lack of discipline, and your lack of providing a lead in tidiness and orderliness.

On the mental plane you have five digits, meaning that you have average abilities on the mental plane. However, as on the physical plane, you are also not very balanced on the mental plane, for you have four l’s, but only one 8. Yet as we can see from your Birthpath, you are not lacking in knowledge of the 8. Therefore, because you have to take your knowledge of 8 to a much higher level of understanding in this lifetime, which we can see from your Soul Urge, you tend not to use your knowledge of 8 to your best advantage.

Having four l’s makes you an original thinker and a strong leader. You also show a good ability at being able to pioneer the new. However, what sabotages you are the negative characteristics found on your emotional plane. As a result, you tend to manifest your ability with 1 as having strong likes and dislikes, being opinionated and quickly bored with life.

What is more, because you suppress so much of your knowledge concerning the 8, you do not exercise to the full your ability to be logical and reasonable. And neither do you use your executive ability. Instead you shirk much of your responsibility upon the mental plane, and behave like the very demanding and domineering boss who does not like following orders, but expects everyone else to do so. You are, moreover, ambitious for power, but because of the 13 in your last name, and also suppressing your knowledge of your 4’s, you are too lazy to materialise your wishes. As a result, you are self-centred and overly proud, with a tendency to show off, instead of using your abilities as a performer to entertain.

You are not a good performer when it comes to the intuitive plane, for here you have only two digits. As we can see from your middle name, you do have some knowledge of 7, but once again you mostly suppress this knowledge. Further, because you favour the emotional plane, and are therefore prone to all your negative characteristics there, you are mostly lacking in the positive characteristics of 7. So instead of being reserved, refined and dignified, you are untidy, disorderly and undisciplined. You also tend to ignore any psychic and intuitive abilities you do have, as well as your ability to be analytical and scientific in your approach towards life.

In addition, as a result of the negative characteristics you express on the emotional plane, as well as on the mental plane, you also tend to be unfriendly and unsociable, being instead a perfectionist who is critical about everything, sarcastic and bad-tempered, because you are not able to have life on your own terms.

You are sorely lacking in experience of, and therefore a knowledge of, 9, as can also be seen from your numeroscope as a whole. Having a Personality Number of 9 does not mean that you have true knowledge in this area of life, but instead it shows that you like to pretend to be very knowledgeable in this area. It also means that you like to appeal to crowds and to be admired, leading to you always trying to seek love and approval, and becoming very upset, and even dramatic, when this is not forthcoming. Further, in not having any real knowledge in this area you badly need guidance, because you live with your head in the clouds and dream too much, when you should be disciplining yourself into taking the required action, both in learning about yourself and in making of your life what it should be.

Looking at your numeroscope as a whole, and not just at your planes of expression, it is clear that you do have all the knowledge you need in order to create for yourself a very fulfilling and meaningful life, provided that you stop suppressing the knowledge you do have, and work hard at gaining control of your emotions, and disciplining your mind, areas which lead to some very destructive behaviour.