Numerology Revealed - Chaprer 6

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Your challenges within life are worked out from your Birthpath. They are the principal difficulties you have to overcome in this lifetime, as part of your learning about yourself and about life. It helps to look upon your challenges, not as additional challenges to those we have already noted, but rather as the overall form your collective challenges will take throughout the course of your lifetime.

First we again set up your date of birth as before, but note that with challenges we do not work with Power Numbers or Karmic Numbers, and so these are reduced straight away to single digits.

Having reduced all the numbers to single digits we now discard the brackets as shown below.

3 + 4 + 1

In order to find the challenges we subtract the numbers from one another, but since negative challenges would be a contradiction in terms, we always subtract the lesser number from the greater number. It is traditional to do this BELOW the date of birth, to show that we are subtracting.

To find the first sub-challenge we subtract the day from the month, or vice-versa, depending upon which number is the greater. To find the second sub-challenge we subtract the day from the year, or vice-versa, depending upon which number is the greater.

We then subtract the two sub-challenges in order to arrive at the principal challenge. And finally we subtract the month from the year, or vice-versa, depending upon which number is the greater, in order to arrive at the final challenge, sometimes called the additional challenge.


With challenges we work with only the positive aspects of the numbers, for this is the meaning of a challenge; namely, it is something we have to learn and master. Therefore it makes no sense to work with the negative aspects of numbers, for to do so would imply that our challenges are leading us into retrogression, which is antithetical to life.

Your principal challenge within life is 2, and this is further amplified by the fact that your final challenge is also 2. This means that throughout your fife you will mainly be preoccupied with acquiring the necessary humility, understanding and strength of conviction you will need for the unfoldment of your destiny. In doing so you will also have to focus on being supportive and selfless, not only towards yourself, but also towards others, always nurturing the positive and refusing to tolerate the weaknesses in both yourself and others. In order to do all this you will need to cultivate feeling and a quietness of life, forever exercising gentleness in your approach towards life. As a result of cultivating these qualities within yourself you will also more than likely be called upon by many to arbitrate in disputes and conflict situations.

You should also look at your sub-challenges of 1 and 3. However, in working with these, you should see them more as extra lessons provided, as you work with your other numbers. In other words, the first sub-challenge and the second sub-challenge are NOT primary challenges, but are more in the nature of supplementary lessons to help you learn the main ones.


We now need to look at your last name, or surname, for this name works in conjunction with your challenges, which we have just looked at.

We set up your last name in the same way as we did for your first name and for your middle name, and the same rules for working with individual names also apply.

Your Last Name is (7 + 6) = 13.

Because there is no reduction to be done after your Karmic Number of 13, we do not reduce the 13, but work with it as it is.


The 13 in your last name, which is your family name, means that you were born into a family in which there is a fear of the unknown, laziness, inefficiency, negativity, indifference and general discontent. Social manners are also not a priority, and neither is self-respect.

Since you have inherited these characteristics from your family, these will have to be dealt with if you are going to materialise the wonderful opportunities you have in your other numbers. An important point to note is that because your last name is used only in order to reveal any additional challenges you may have acquired from your family, we work with just the actual reduction of your last name, and we ignore the origin of your last name. The reason we do this is that although SOME of your family characteristics, as shown by the origin, will have rubbed off on you, such characteristics are much more in the nature of social conditioning, rather than being the real you. However, what WILL help you in conquering the challenges inherent within the 13, is the 4 in your middle name.


We now come to the way in which you sign your name, for this too has relevance in terms of numerology. Your signature shows us your intent in approaching life and its many challenges. The written form of a signature already shows us a great deal about how a person has set his or her intent. Some signatures are very clear and concise. Some signatures are rather vague and incomprehensible. Some signatures are an untidy scrawl. Some signatures are very clever and conceal a hidden intent.

We set up your signature as shown below, but this time we simply add all the numbers together, without separating vowels from consonants. Power Numbers and Karmic Numbers are also ignored in signatures, because any signature is a personal choice, and therefore Power Numbers and Karmic Numbers do not apply.

For the purposes of this book we will say that your signature is the one given in Example 1. But for the sake of clarity we will also work through two more possible examples of signatures you could have used, in Examples 2 and 3.

Example 1

JL Peterson

= 44 = 8.

What this signature tells us is that you have set your intent well in terms of learning everything you came into this life to learn, in that it is the same vibration as your Soul Urge. It is also a support for your Destiny Number, meaning that your intent will call forth all the lessons you need in terms of your learning, and that you will handle your challenges well.

Example 2


= 20 = 2.

What this signature tells us is that you have set your intent on learning through the medium of humility and understanding. In many ways it is an excellent intent, for it means that you will approach all of your challenges within life with humility and with understanding, both of which guarantee a high level of learning.

Example 3

J P________n

= 13 = 4.

What this signature tells us is that you have set your intent on achieving stability within your life. This too is good, for it means that no matter what your challenges within life are, you will always strive to find stability by means of reaching for an inner strength.

Final Note: Do not be tempted to change your signature, for even if you do, it will not necessarily change your intent. Intent works without our volition, and we choose it by intuition, or feeling, rather than by conscious choice.


The concords are derived from the reduction of your birthday. The esoteric symbol for a concord is the equilateral triangle.

When you look at the triangle the bottom left-hand apex is termed the cornerstone, the bottom right-hand apex is termed the key, and the top apex is termed the capstone.

The cornerstone is what it tells us it is; namely, the cornerstone upon which your concord is constructed. The key is what unlocks the potential of your concord. And the capstone tells us what that potential is.

Birthdays which reduce to 3, 6 or 9 are in the Air Concord, which is the artistic type. In the Air Concord 3 is the cornerstone, 6 is the key and 9 is the capstone.

Birthdays which reduce to 1, 5 or 7 are in the Water Concord, which is the scientific type. In the Water Concord 1 is the cornerstone, 5 is the key and 7 is the capstone.

Birthdays which reduce to 2, 4 or 8 are in the Fire Concord, which is the business type. In the Fire Concord 2 is the cornerstone, 4 is the key and 8 is the capstone.

In your own case your birthday is 22, which reduces to 4, placing you in the Fire Concord, and so making of you the business type. In other words, you will always excel in any form of business.

Your cornerstone is 2, which means that in order to be successful within business you must strive to put into practice the lessons of the 2 in deciding what type of business you need, and how to build your business. The key to your business success lies in striving for the qualities of the 4 in operating your business. And the potential of your business is dependent upon how well you heed the lessons of the 8.


We now come to the pinnacles. Your pinnacles within life are also worked out from your Birthpath.

Throughout our lives we follow very definite cycles and these cycles, known as the pinnacles, are invariably a support to us in facing our challenges as we go about fulfilling our scripts. So once again, as in working with our challenges, we work only with the positive aspects of the numbers, for clearly the negative aspects can hardly be considered a support.

In order to find the pinnacles we again set up your date of birth as before and, as with the challenges, we do not work with Power Numbers or Karmic Numbers, and so these are again reduced straight away to single digits.

In reducing your date of birth we again follow the same procedure we used when working out your challenges, except this time we are going to add the numbers in order to find the pinnacles. Because we are adding, it is traditional to do this ABOVE the date of birth, so as to follow the rules of mathematics in showing that we are adding.

To find the first pinnacle we add the day to the month. To find the second pinnacle we add the day to the year.

We then add these two pinnacles in order to arrive at the principal pinnacle. And finally we add the month to the year in order to arrive at the final pinnacle.

Duration of the Pinnacles

In order to work out the periods within one’s life during which these pinnacles will be operative we follow the rule that an entire lifetime from birth until death can be represented by a circle.

A circle has 360 degrees, and according to the rules of cosmology the circle is divided into four segments of 90 degrees each.

Our lives consist of four pinnacles, and so each pinnacle in our lives is universally represented by a quarter of a circle; that is, 90 degrees. Now according to the rules of numerology 90 = 9, and 360 = 36.

Naturally, each and every person is unique and so too are his or her cycles. In order to work out the individual cycles we start off by subtracting the Birthpath from 36 in order to arrive at the duration of the first pinnacle. This is always the longest cycle, for it takes time for the person concerned to be mature enough to make full use of his or her pinnacles.

To arrive at the duration of the second pinnacle we add 9 to the duration of the first pinnacle. Then we again add 9 to the duration of the second pinnacle in order to arrive at the duration of the third pinnacle; that is, the principal pinnacle. The principal pinnacle is so named because it is the cycle in which the person concerned is the most active during his or her lifetime. We then again add 9 to the duration of the principal pinnacle, in order to arrive at the fourth, or the final pinnacle, which lasts until death.

So in your case we have the following:


Your first pinnacle of 7 runs from birth through to the age of 28. During this period of your life you will be drawn to being naturally introspective, seeking guidance both from within as well as from without. You will tend towards being a loner, thinking deeply about everything, because you can sense that you cannot just take the world and other people’s opinions at face value. You can also in this time learn to be very methodical in everything you do.

Your second pinnacle of 5 runs from the age of 29 years through to the age of 37 years. During this period in your life you will be preoccupied with bringing about change within your life, and you can find freedom in being innovative and adaptable. You will also feel the need to develop a curiosity and an enthusiasm for the unknown, and you will want to explore this. Furthermore, your energy levels will be very high during this period. And all of this will be a support for the 5 found in your first name.

Your principal pinnacle of 3 runs from the age of 38 through to the age of 46 years. During this time you will experience mixed abundance, and you will feel very creative and joyful, resulting in wanting to mix freely with people and being quite extrovert in doing so, but also warm and friendly. You will tend to become versatile and industrious, whilst developing a flare for languages and a keen intellect. You can also during this time become an enthusiastic collector of whatever strikes your fancy, whether this is music, poetry, stamps, sea shells or friends. All of this will be a support to you in conquering the debilitating characteristics of your 13.

Your final pinnacle of 4 will run from the age of 47 through to death. This means that for the latter part of your life you will gain in stability, inner strength, sobriety and assuredness, whilst you become ever more purposeful, dependable and steadfast, as you focus on the safety and the welfare of those who depend upon you. During this time you will also develop exemplary qualities in terms of judiciousness and discipline. It will be within this period of your life that the 8 of your Soul Urge, through learning the lessons of your Destiny Number, will come to fruition, provided you conquer the 13 in your last name.