Numerology Revealed - Chaprer 5

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We have worked out and analysed the three most important of your numbers, so now we need to look at the details pertaining to those numbers. These are found within various other numbers in your name. The first of the numbers revealing more detail is your first name.

But before we get lost in too much detail let us first, for the sake of clarity, briefly reiterate what we have learned about the numbers so far.

Your Soul Urge is the real you and it shows us what you need to learn in this lifetime, whilst your first name shows us the part of the real you that is going to be doing the learning within this lifetime. These words can be confusing, for you may well wonder what is meant by a “part” of the real your? So I will explain very briefly.

We learn lifetime after lifetime, and each time we incarnate we follow the script we have written for ourselves. But realise that no single lifetime is ever long enough to learn absolutely everything surrounding our lessons. So in practice we never really finish our learning, no matter how dedicated we may be. Very often in our learning we will excel in one area, whilst we may struggle with our lessons in another area. So whenever we reincarnate we either continue with the lessons we started in the previous lifetime but did not finish, or we focus on those lessons with which we struggled.

Yet if we consider how vast life is, and how much there is for us to learn, it stands to reason that in order not to scatter ourselves, and to avoid taking on too many different areas of learning and thereby stretching ourselves too thin, we need to choose our lessons very carefully, by focusing on what is most needed in terms of us evolving our awareness successfully.

It follows that we never bring all of our evolving selves with us when we reincarnate. Instead, we bring with us only that part of ourselves which needs to be worked on in this lifetime. For example, we either incarnate as males or as females. But when we incarnate as a female we do not also bring with us all of our knowledge concerning what it is to be male, and neither do we write into our scripts lessons to do with being a male. Likewise, unless we need to learn the lessons involved in being an adopted child, we will not write such lessons into our script, and neither will we bring with us any knowledge we may already have concerning this. And if we have to learn about the corporate world, we will not write into our script lessons concerning entrepreneurial pursuits, even though we may have a great deal of knowledge concerning being an entrepreneur. And so on.

So when I say that your first name shows us the part of the real you that is going to be doing the learning within this lifetime, I am referring to the real character you are in this lifetime, together with the knowledge you already have as this character, as well as the limitations of your knowledge. Yet as we know, you have also written for yourself a script, and this script is revealed in your Destiny Number, which tells us how you are going to learn the lessons you need to learn in this lifetime. And, just as happens on the stage, where every character also needs a personality to act out the script written for it, so in your case this personality is, of course, revealed in your Personality Number.

Now you should be able to see how your first name works in conjunction with your Soul Urge. To work out the number of your first name we set it up as shown below. However, there is a j difference when working with the individual names that is most important to note.

When we are working with one name at a time we are looking at the significance of ONLY that name, and therefore we are not going to be adding this number to any other number. Consequently, if an individual name ends in either a Power Number or a Karmic Number we do NOT reduce this to a single digit, but we work with it as it is.

Your first name is (6 + 5) = 11.

Because there is no reduction to be done after your Power Number of 11, we do not reduce the 11 any further.


You love the limelight and being the centre of attraction (11). So you are the natural performer, the natural speaker and you have great visionary abilities (11). You are intuitive and inspirational, albeit quite flamboyant in your ways, as well as being flirtatious at times (11). As a result you are also very friendly, kind, tolerant and lovable (6), even though you can become quite judgemental (5), argumentative, quick-tempered and aggressive at times (6). Because of your love for change and freedom, innovation and adventure, you are also very adaptable, with a natural curiosity, and you are generally full of energy and enthusiasm (5). Consequently you have no difficulty in choosing between the Old and the New (6). You can be good as a speculator (5), but you should guard against becoming impulsive through being restless (5), and therefore taking unnecessary risks through lacking in discrimination (5).

Other negative characteristics you should guard against are showing off, being vain, conceited, too forceful and invasive (11), and taking advantage of others (6). You should also take care that you do not become over-optimistic and therefore flippant (11), for if you do this will invariably yield results which will cause you to start doubting yourself, resulting in indecisiveness and uncertainty (6). Because of your flirtatiousness you could also very easily become unfaithful within marriage (11).


The next two numbers we need to look at are your Birthpath and the number of your middle name, for these two numbers throw much light on how to work with your Destiny Number. Whilst your Destiny Number is the script you have written for yourself in this lifetime, your Birthpath and your middle name show us the tools, or more precisely, the knowledge and the skills you have brought with you in order to fulfil your script. These tools are qualities and skills you already have, and are therefore not qualities and skills that you first need to develop before you can use them.

To work out your Birthpath we set up your date of birth as shown below. It is important that you first write down the number of the month, followed by the day on which you were born, followed by the year in which you were born, with plus signs in between each of the numbers, and a set of brackets to show that the numbers are to be taken as one whole.

This order is important when we come to work out your challenges and your pinnacles. The numbers of the months are the same as we use in the calendar year.

Let us say you were born on 22nd December 1972.

(12 + 22 + 1972)

Next we have to reduce to single digits, following all the same rules as before. However, 22 is a Power Number, so keep it intact until the last moment. There is also another Power Number, 11, in 1972, as well as the Karmic Numbers 16 and 19. But since Power Numbers take precedence over Karmic Numbers we note the 11.

So your Birthpath is 8 from (4 + 22).


Your Birthpath, being 8, is a strong support for your Soul Urge, which is also 8. This means that you are not new to learning the lessons of 8, for you have previously learned much about 8, as is evident from your Birthpath. So what this implies is that now you are ready to go through this cycle of learning again, but on a higher turn of the spiral than before. In other words, everything we have noted about 8 is still applicable to you, but this time round you have to learn these same lessons in far greater detail and thereby gain a much deeper understanding of what the lessons of 8 bring you.

Your Birthpath is likewise a strong support for your Destiny Number, for the two are identical, even in the fact that both contain the Power Number 22. The only difference is that instead of the 4 found in your Birthpath, you have a 13 in your Destiny Number. We will shortly see the significance in this.

It is not uncommon for some people to have a Birthpath that is identical to their Destiny Number, and what this means is that come hell or high water you will succeed in learning the lessons you need to learn in this lifetime.

In working with the Birthpath we are looking at the knowledge and skills you have already acquired in previous lifetimes and which you now bring with you in order to help you with your learning in this lifetime. Since you already have these skills it stands to reason that we do not have to worry about the negative characteristics of the numbers that appear in the Birthpath.

Having an 8 Birthpath means that you already have much knowledge concerning bringing about harmony and balance, and in striking a happy medium between the temporal and the spiritual. You are also very efficient, conservative (8), stable, inwardly strong, purposeful and dependable (4). You also have much sobriety, and you are self-assured, steadfast and judicious in all your actions (4). Needless to say, these qualities, which you get from your 4, will help you greatly in transmuting the negative qualities of the 13 in your Destiny Number.

Your 22 tells us that you already have much knowledge and skill in being the universal diplomat and the internationalist, whilst also being very pragmatic, humanitarian and group- orientated. The stability, strength and dependability you get from 22 augments these same qualities in your 4.


Number of Middle Name = (4 + 7) = 11.

Because there is no reduction to be done after your Power Number of 11, we do not reduce the 11, but work with it as it is.


Your middle name, like your first name, is an enormous support for what you have to learn in this lifetime. The 11 in both your first name and your middle name, and especially since it is a Power Number, will greatly aid you in many ways. Having a first name and a middle name of 11 means that you have already acquired the skills of the 11 in previous lifetimes. Since we have covered the 11 in the analysis of your first name we need not again repeat it here.

Because the 11 in your middle name comes from (4 + 7), everything we have noted earlier concerning these two numbers applies here as well. So all in all, even though you will encounter many challenges, difficulties and even contradictory aspects of yourself, you have all the capabilities necessary to meet your challenges head-on and to surmount them.