Numerology Revealed - Chaprer 4

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Numbers underlie everything in our world. As Plato was famously recorded to have said; “God geometrizes continually.” In this book we find out why, as Theun Mares explains the origin of numbers and shows why they permeate the structure of our lives, including our names. In straightforward and simple terms we are shown how to work out our complete numeroscope, beginning with our Destiny Number, our Soul Urge and Personality type. We learn the meaning of our first name, our BirthPath, Middle Name and the significance of our unique signature, as well as other vital numbers, including our Power Number. In addition to the exoteric meanings of our numbers, Theun provides the keynotes of the esoteric values, illustrating these with reference to the Major Arcana of the Tarot. Of enormous use when computing different names is the fact that, apart from the English Alphabet, Theun also gives the numerological values of the Spanish, Greek, Bulgarian and Russian alphabets, since these have unique and hidden variations.

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Now that we have computed the major numbers we have to start analysing them in order to start setting up a proper numeroscope.

For the purposes of analysis we use the exoteric meaning of numbers, since this is more than accurate enough for this aspect. However, in order to do a full interpretation of the numbers we need to use the esoteric meaning of numbers, the understanding of which is very closely allied with an in-depth understanding of the major arcana of the Tarot Cards. We will deal with the esoteric meaning of numbers later in this book.

But before we proceed with the analysis there is a most important point that needs to be made. For the sake of simplicity and for ease of understanding, I am going to give the analysis of each of the numbers we have already computed. However, it is a grave mistake to become excited or despondent about the analysis of any single number. All the numbers must be seen within the context of the ENTIRE numeroscope to be accurate, for all the numbers are thoroughly inter-related, interactive and interdependent. Therefore one negative number in one area of a numeroscope can quite easily negate the positive characteristics of another number in another area, and vice-versa.



Positive characteristics: Absolute potential; the source; the eternal child; the dare-devil; fearlessness; innocence; inspirational.

Negative characteristics: Emptiness; the fool; the delinquent; foolhardy; childish; naivety; disappointment.


Positive characteristics: Pioneering; the go-getter; the instigator; the strategist; the natural leader; the inventor; the cosmologist; mapping out the unknown; fluidity; tenacity; originality; individualism; self-respect; volatility.

Negative characteristics: Anti-establishment; the trouble¬maker; the dictator; the mad-scientist; ambition; stub¬bornness; impatience; abstraction; egotism; carelessness; pride; impracticality; bad-tempered; chaotic.


Positive characteristics: The unfoldment of destiny; the eternal mother; the natural arbitrator; humility; understanding; supportive; selflessness; nurturing; feeling; quietness; gentleness; strength of conviction.

Negative characteristics: The doormat; servility; blind obedience; unquestioning; low self-image; mothering; emotional; non-proactive; passive; apathy; timidity.


Positive characteristics: Mixed abundance; creativity; joy; the natural musician; the extrovert; the collector; the linguist; the belle of the ball; poetic; versatility; industrious; friendliness; keen intellect.

Negative characteristics: Chaotic; scattering of talents; silliness; alcohol and/or drug abuse; lacking in completion; flowery talk; verbosity; lacking in self-respect; cruelty; a bad judge of character; the jack of all trades but master of none; the show- off; the miser.


Positive characteristics: Stability; strength; purposefulness; dependability; sobriety; assuredness; safety; steadfastness; judiciousness; the executive; the disciplinarian; the natural commander; the natural ruler.

Negative characteristics: Stagnation; dominance; pedantry; dogmatism; intellectualism; maniacal tendencies; prejudice; confining; demanding; making impossible demands; the dictator.


Positive characteristics: Change; freedom; innovation; adaptability; curiosity; full of energy; the adventurer; the enthusiast; the speculator.

Negative characteristics: Chaos; anarchy; impulsiveness; taking unnecessary risks; judgemental; foolishness; restlessness; lack of discrimination.


Positive characteristics: Choosing between the Old and the New; friendliness; lovable; tolerance; harmony; kindness; orderliness; group-orientated; unbiased; quick-tempered; the natural debater.

Negative characteristics: Indecisive; abuse of alcohol and/or drugs; taking advantage of; immorality; fastidious; uncertainty; aggressive; argumentative; the partner in crime; the doormat; the hippie.


Positive characteristics: Introspection; guidance; meth¬odical; the loner; the deep thinker; the scientist; the student; the seeker; the natural sceptic; the philosopher.

Negative characteristics: Morbidity; unfriendliness; intellectual abstraction; unrealistic expectations; the authoritarian; the bookworm; the spiritual gypsy.


Positive characteristics: Harmony; balance; the material and spiritual couplet; efficiency; the conservative; the industrialist, the politician; the banker; the editor.

Negative characteristics: The fence-sitter; the gross materialist; the workaholic; the spiritual evangelist; lack of insight; inertia; untrustworthiness; biased.


Positive characteristics: Completion, the universal teacher; the proverbial big brother; empathy; benevolence; hyper-sensitivity; neighbourliness; selflessness; idealism; broad-mindedness.

Negative characteristics: Superficiality; the control freak; the partner in crime; the do-gooder; overly emotional; the doormat; holier-than-thou; approval-seeking; impractical idealism; lack of originality.


Positive characteristics: Love of the limelight; the centre of attraction; the natural performer; the, natural speaker; the visionary; intuitive; flamboyant; flirtatious; inspirational.

Negative characteristics: The show-off; vanity; conceited; forceful; over-optimistic; invasiveness; flippancy; unfaithfulness; delinquency.


Positive characteristics: The universal diplomat; the internationalist; pragmatic; thinking on a grand scale; humanitarian; group-orientated; stability; strength; depend- ability

Negative characteristics: Argumentative; stubbornness; unrealistic idealism; inertia; abusiveness; the do-gooder; the mobster; the proverbial gypsy.

Warning: As I mentioned earlier, Power Numbers DEMAND that you live up to the vibration of the number. If you do NOT live up to what is expected of you because of your Power Number, the Power Number will revert to its reduction and, more often than not, to the negative characteristics of its reduction. For example, if you have the Power Number 11, but do not live up to what is expected of 11, the 11 will revert to 2, and most often to negative 2, that is, (-2). In a nutshell this means being the ultimate doormat, timid, withdrawn and pitiful, used and abused by everyone. Likewise, if you have the Power Number of 22, but do not live up to it, the 22 will revert to 4, or to (-4); the maniacal and dogmatic dictator who destroys everything that stands in his or her way, including his or her own happiness and security.


This is the pure white light of the Dreamer, attainable only once there is a full at-one-ment between the indwelling spirit, the re-incarnating ego and the personality. It is quite literally the vibration of a Christed Being. Therefore should this number be encountered within a person’s numeroscope it should be noted as potential, but then reduced to 6. The reason for this is that such beings do not usually incarnate in the normal way in which humans incarnate, and therefore to do numeroscopes for them is pure nonsense.


Fear of the unknown; laziness; inefficiency; negativity; indifference; discontented; ill-mannered.


Darkness; loss of trust; victimisation; repetitiveness; boredom with life; no luck; stuckness.


Destruction; loss; defeat; disgrace; accident-prone; deception; adversity.


The equalising force; the collector of debts; you reap what you sow; endurance; exposure.


Once we know the meaning of the numbers it is very straight¬forward to do the analysis. So let us first analyse your Soul Urge.

For the sake of clarity it may be helpful to refresh our memory by looking at the whole computation again.

Soul Urge = (6 + 11) = (6 + [1 + 1]) = (6 + 2) = 8.

Soul Urge = 8 from (6 + 11).


Remember that your Soul Urge shows what you need to learn in this lifetime. Since you will already have learned at least some of what you are meant to learn by the time you read this book, I am going to write the analysis of your Soul Urge as if you have already mastered all your lessons. But as you read what follows bear in mind that some of the analysis will ring true for you, in that you have already managed to learn this much, whilst other aspects of your Soul Urge may seem strange and unfamiliar. This will be because these are the aspects of your Soul Urge which you still have to learn, before you can incorporate them into your own knowledge as well.

Having an 8 Soul Urge indicates that harmony and balance is very important within your life. What this means is that because you have a natural affinity for both materialistic pursuits as well as spiritual pursuits, you should guard against favouring one above the other. In other words, you should strive for a happy medium between simply making money and working on your self-development, so that you can see money as a means to an end and not as a goal to be achieved at all costs. If you achieve this happy medium you will be very successful at being able to materialise all of your material needs.

In this lifetime you need to learn much about conservatism, which means that you will have to learn not to take unnecessary risks, but rather to work with what you know to be tried and tested. Although this is good in one way, you should also take care that you do not limit yourself, by being too conservative and therefore never striving for anything new.

You will also have to learn to be very efficient in everything you do, while taking care that this does not lead to obsession with perfectionism, and therefore turning yourself into a workaholic. Once again, it is harmony and balance that you need to strive for.

A good way for you to make the money you need and desire is to turn your attention to anything to do with industry, irrespective of what type of industry this is. However, if politics is for you a Path with a Heart, which it often is for people with a Soul Urge of 8, then you will also be very successful in anything to do with politics. This does not necessarily just mean being a politician, but it can also mean anything from being actively involved in politics at any level, to running a support business for political campaigns, to managing projects with political interests, to fund-raising projects for your local municipal endeavours.

Because you are so drawn towards money, another area of expertise for you to consider is anything to do with banking and money, like for example, the stock exchange and trading in commodities.

Working with journalism and the typical self-help type of literature is also for you. In this area you can either take to writing self-help books, or to working as an editor for such books or magazines, since you have a natural aptitude for knowing what interests people and also for editing.

What you should guard against is the negative aspect of being a conservative, for unless you are careful you will find yourself being indecisive and tending to sit on the fence, waiting to see which way the wind blows before committing yourself in any way. If you do this you will become caught up in inertia and you will lack any real insight of your own, always being dependent upon the whims of others, and therefore being like a leaf at the mercy of the wind.

The other thing you need to guard against stems from your great desire to strive for harmony and balance, for unless you take care you will find yourself in the invidious position of trying to please everyone, and in the end pleasing no-one, least of all yourself. In such situations you will often try to rectify matters by trying to play both sides of the fence, and thereby gain a reputation for being untrustworthy.

Another negative aspect of the person with a Soul Urge of 8 is the tendency to be very biased, either for or against. Once again it is harmony and balance you need to strive for, so as to be objective and fair at all times. Also stemming from this bent towards being biased is the tendency to want to preach to other people about what is right and wrong. Taken to its ultimate end, this leads to the proverbial bible-thumper who will even go as far as becoming a fanatical evangelist of sorts.

Your own 8 comes from (6 + 11). What this means is that whilst everything we have said above is still applicable to you, you will also always be faced with having to choose between the old and the new (6), something that will constantly challenge your need for learning conservatism (8).

The 11 in your Soul Urge shows us that you have to consider stepping out of your natural conservatism (8), and be far more daring in every area of your life; mentally, emotionally and physically. Your visionary abilities (11) will help you to do this, as will your natural aptitude for politics, since deep down inside you have no fear of exposure, of being in the limelight, of operating within the public eye and of public speaking (11). So even though at heart you are a conservative (8), you should also strive for achieving harmony and balance (8) between the old and the new (6), by being much more tolerant, unbiased and innovative in your thinking and in your actions (11).


Remember that your Soul Urge is the REAL you learning more about itself in this lifetime. But now let us look at the “you” that you like to believe you are - the “you” that you present to other people - in other words, your personality; that is, the person everyone around you also believes is “you.”

Your Personality Type is:

(5 + 7 + 6) = (11 + 7) = ([1 + 1] + 7) = (2 + 7) = 9.

Personality Type = (11 + 7) = 9.


Your Personality Number of 9 makes of you the universal teacher, always wanting to look after the interests of others like the older brother. As a result you like to think of yourself as being empathetic, benevolent, selfless, idealistic, broad-minded and neighbourly. You are, however, also hyper-sensitive, not only to the plight of others, but also to criticism. A very good and strong characteristic of your Personality Number is that you always strive to bring everything you start to completion.

Negative characteristics you should guard against include becoming holier-than-thou, through wanting to be the teacher, and trying to control the lives of other people, through wanting to be the older brother. Your sense of empathy can also very easily lead you into supporting people in their weaknesses, and therefore becoming a partner in crime and a do-gooder, which more often than not results in you also becoming a doormat, desperately seeking the approval of other people. If you do this you will become superficial and you will lack originality, which will in turn lead to impractical idealism. You should also guard against your hyper-sensitivity making you overly emotional.

Because your 9 comes from (11 + 7) we must look at both the positive as well as the negative characteristics of 11 and 7.

The 7 in your Personality Number makes you believe that you are very methodical and also introspective, often seeking out solitude in which to think deeply upon life and your challenges, for you would like to seek guidance, not only from the world around you, but also from within. However, you are also drawn towards the limelight, often finding yourself being the centre of attraction, since you have a natural aptitude for speaking and for being inspirational (11). People enjoy listening to you speaking, as you are in fact intuitive and inspirational, from the 11 in your first name and middle name and you also have good visionary abilities, and therefore enjoy telling a good tale (11).

You can also become quite flamboyant in your ways, and once in the mood of being the centre of attraction, enjoy being flirtatious (11). Here you should guard against becoming the show-off and allowing vanity, conceit and flippancy to creep in (11). You should also guard against your love of flirting causing you to become unfaithful (11).

Other negative characteristics you should watch out for come from your love of introspection, for this can easily develop into being morbid and unfriendly when life is not to your liking (7). And in such circumstances you can also become quite forceful and invasive in your approach (11), whilst being very authoritarian and having unrealistic expectations of both yourself and others (7).


Let us now analyse your Destiny Number. In doing this, we should bear in mind that your Destiny Number is all about the script you have written for yourself in order to learn in this lifetime what is demanded from you in terms of your Soul Urge.

So whilst your first name and your Personality Type dictate what you are and what your life is like upon the physical plane, your Destiny Number dictates how you will learn what you still have to learn. Needless to say, you will learn from the experiences you call forth within your life, and these experiences are brought about by the inter-relationship between the three principal numbers; namely, your Soul Urge, your Personality Type and your Destiny Number.

Therefore it is vital that you study in depth all these three aspects of yourself, for although I am working through each of the examples in as much detail as this book allows for, realise that there is obviously far more detail that you can work out for yourself, by pondering all the numbers found within your numeroscope, and looking at how these numbers interact with one another.

What I am trying to do in this book is simply to give you the guidance you need in order to set up your own numeroscope, and to work out for yourself what you and your life are all about. I cannot do any more in a book such as this, which is meant for everyone. But since no two people are identical, there is a limit as to how much information I can give. Therefore my challenge in writing this book is to give enough detail to guide the serious student of numerology into being able to work by him or herself, but without giving so much detail that the guidance becomes confusing.

Your Destiny Number is: 8 from (22 + 13).


Your Destiny Number (8) is the same as your Soul Urge (8). What this means is that you stand a very good chance of being able to learn all your lessons in this lifetime very well, provided you do not fight against your fate.

In order to learn the lessons demanded by your Soul Urge (8) you will constantly be faced throughout your life with situations in which you have to bring forth harmony from conflict (8), and where you will have to balance your materialistic pursuits against spiritual values (8). In all of this you will have to be very efficient and conservative in your approach (8), whilst guarding against becoming a gross materialist and workaholic (8). In being conservative also take care that you do not become a fence-sitter for fear of taking action, for if you do you will start to lack in insight and become prone to inertia.

Your Power Number of 22 demands that you develop the skills of being the universal diplomat and the internationalist, meaning that you will have to learn how to persuade an Eskimo to buy ice in the middle of winter. Although a conservative by heart (8), you will often be called upon to think on a grand scale, as well as to be humanitarian and group-orientated in your endeavours (22). You will also be forced into being extremely pragmatic, stable, inwardly strong and dependable (22).

However, negative characteristics you should guard against are trying to play both sides of the fence to such an extent (22) that you become untrustworthy and biased (8). Other negative characteristics arising from your 22 are being argumentative, abusive and stubborn, with an unrealistic sense of idealism. The Karmic Number 13 makes you extremely prone to strong tendencies towards laziness, inefficiency, negativity, indifference and discontent. You can also be very ill-mannered and offensive towards others (13).