Numerology Revealed - Chaprer 13

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The best way of explaining how to work with the dark jewels is for me to give you a series of examples. I will give two types of examples; namely, the effect of one dark jewel upon another dark jewel; and the effect of a dark jewel upon a jewel of light.


22 Egotism

23 Destruction

24 Fear

25 Temptation

26 Illusion

27 Resistance

28 The abuse of power

29 Abuse generally

30 Manipulation

31 Reason or logic

32 Disharmony

Example 1

Let us say that you experience a lot of disharmony in your life, and you would like to know how best to deal with this, and preferably how to eliminate it.

Disharmony is the dark jewel 32. Now the first thing you need to look at and find out for yourself, is how you react to disharmony whenever you are faced with it. Say you find yourself becoming very fearful and, as a result, withdrawn and nervous. Fear is yet another dark jewel, 24.

Now that we know at least this much, let us see what happens when these two vibrations interact with one another. To do this we set up the simple equation below.

Disharmony is 32, and fear is 24.

From everything we have learned so far, we know that the first thing we need to do is to reduce these two composite numbers. However, in reducing them there is now a difference. Because these are dark jewels we are working with, we cannot expect that reducing them is somehow miraculously going to transmute them into positive characteristics. So it stands to reason that the reduction of 32 will result in the negative characteristics of 5, and 24 will reduce to the negative characteristics of 6. We notate this as shown below, using negative signs to indicate that we are working with negative characteristics.

As before, we do not reduce Power Numbers or Karmic Numbers, other than for the purposes of reduction, even if they are in their negative form. So if the final reduction yields either a Power Number or a Karmic Number we work with it as it is. The same applies for the origin of the final reduction.

From the above information it is now relatively easy to work out why you encounter so much disharmony within your life. However, in order to understand what I am about to explain, it is absolutely vital for you to realise that if you wish to use numerology in this way, it is taken as a foregone conclusion that you are taking FULL responsibility for the challenges YOU are calling forth within YOUR life. The rules of numerology, as well as the information it yields, do NOT allow for the victim mentality^. Therefore if you are one of those people who believe that you are the victim of your circumstances, that everyone is out to get you, and that life is unfair and a bitch, then this section of numerology is NOT for you. I would suggest you close the book immediately and do not go on reading.

Leading on from what I have just explained it is clear that we must bring everything that happens within our lives back to ourselves, and then make it about ourselves. If you follow this rule it is now not so difficult to see that you call forth disharmony in your life because you manifest the negative characteristics of 11 in your relationships. This means that no matter what the rest of your numeroscope may reveal about you, the fact is that because you experience disharmony within your life, which then calls forth fear in you, you are prone to any one or more of the following behaviours:

Showing off

Being vain

Being conceited

Being forceful

Being flippant

Being invasive

Being unfaithful

Being a delinquent

It is pretty obvious how any such behaviour will call forth conflict, resulting in disharmony. But although it is half the battle won to know WHAT you do to call forth disharmony, it is not enough simply to leave it here, for we also need to know WHY you manifest this behaviour. To find this out we need to look at the origin of your negative 11.

Your (-11) comes from (-5 + -6). In a nutshell this means that you lack both true change and freedom (-5), and this is caused by your lack of being able to choose between the Old and the New (-6), meaning that you are stuck in your old habitual way of life, of thinking and of doing things. Therefore far from being free of your normal doings, you are caught in them.

Now that you know what you are doing wrong, and why, you have solved the problem, and you now know HOW to correct this imbalance in your life that is calling forth the disharmony.

From the above we have learned the golden rule in working with the dark jewels, and this rule is given as:

Bring everything back to yourself, and make it about yourself.

To apply this rule it helps to remember the following three questions:

WHAT is the cause of the challenge?

WHT am I indulging in my Doing?

HOW can I Not-Do my normal Doing?

Let us look at a few more examples in order to make this clearer.

Example 2

Say you have disharmony in your life, but that now you react by becoming abusive in your interactions whenever disharmony arises.

Disharmony is the dark jewel 32, and abuse is the dark jewel 29.

From the equation above we see that you call forth disharmony as a result of lacking guidance (-7). This means that you are not open to guidance, either from within or from without. Practically speaking this means that firstly, you do not listen to your heart, but live in your head instead; and secondly, you are not open to feedback from other people, because you never listen to them.

You do this because you have no real change and therefore freedom in your life (-5), because you are arrogant, conceited, forceful, flippant and invasive, secretly seeing yourself as being superior to everyone else (-11).

Example 3

You call forth abuse in your life, and you react by becoming manipulative.

Abuse is 29, and manipulation is 30.

You call forth abuse because you lack any real change and therefore freedom in your life (-5). This is because you are arrogant, conceited, forceful, flippant and invasive, secretly seeing yourself as being superior to everyone else (-11), and because you lack any real joy and creativity in your life (-3). As a result, your life is boring, and because you are bored you feel that life owes you a living (-11).

Example 4

You are constantly being disappointed by other people, because you always see only the best in them, and then when they do show their true colours, you react by beating up on yourself after the relationship concerned has gone pear-shaped.

If we look at the dark jewels we see that the only one that can cause this type of experience is Illusion. In your case, you live in the illusion that every person you meet is a potential angel or hero. Also beating up on yourself is clearly destructive behaviour, albeit self-destruction.

Illusion is 26, and destruction is 23.

You call forth illusion in your relationships, and then beat up on yourself when the relationship goes wrong, because you invariably manifest all the negative characteristics of 13 in these situations. This means that instead of there being death of the Old, leading to the New coming into being, you have death and decay in the relationship, causing you and the other person much distress.

The reason you manifest this behaviour when it comes to relationships, is your bias for seeing only the good in other people, and you are also the proverbial fence-sitter, always pushing your own negative thoughts and feelings aside, and continually giving the other person the benefit of the doubt. This causes you to lack any true insight into where the other person is really at, (-8), and therefore instead of acting upon your own intuition, you fall into a state of inertia concerning the relationship (-8). As a result, you will take unnecessary risks in the relationship, to try to improve it, and worse still, you will often do this upon impulse based upon foolishness, caused by a deliberate lack in discrimination (-5).

Example 5

You are very prone to temptation, and then react with huge resistance once you realise that you were about to be seduced into the temptation, whatever the temptation may be.

Temptation is 25, and resistance is 27.

You are continuously tempted within life because you lack liberation through the power of intent (-16). This lack is caused by intellectual abstraction, and indulging in unrealistic expectations that come from considering yourself to be an authority, when in actual fact you get all your knowledge only from books (-7). Further, you are a do-gooder, seeking approval, and you lack originality through being superficial (-9).

Example 6

You are an egotist who becomes very destructive when challenged in some way.

Egotism is 22, and destruction is 23.

You become very destructive in your behaviour because you never bring anything within your life to completion impeccably (-9). This happens because you tend to stagnate, and become very domineering, pedantic and dogmatic, by indulging in intellectualism and prejudice, and making impossible demands upon both yourself and others (-4). In addition, you take unnecessary risks on impulse, because you are judgemental and foolish, through lacking in discrimination (-5).

Example 7

You try very hard to be impeccable in your every action, yet you always call forth illusion of sorts, which causes you to doubt your own sense of judgement.

Impeccability is 10, and illusion is 26. Here we must take care, because 10 is not a dark jewel but a jewel of light, and therefore its reduction will be positive.

You call forth many experiences of illusion because you are badly in need of guidance, both from within and from the world around you (-7). Although you are a very fluid person, who is naturally the pioneer, the go-getter and the instigator, with lots of originality and individualism (1), you are also anti-establishment, the trouble-maker, the dictator and the mad-scientist, ambitious, stubborn, impatient and prone to carelessness and impracticality (-1). In addition, you tend to be the fence-sitter, waiting to see which way the wind blows before acting definitively, and since you are lacking in insight, you can also be quite untrustworthy and biased (-8).

Example 8

You consider yourself to have a very well-developed sense of discrimination. Yet time and time again you find yourself in conflict situations, which result all too often in a lot of destructive behaviour, either your own, or that of the person you are interacting with, and which therefore always end up in a mess.

Discrimination is 17 and destruction is 23. Once again we need to take care, because 17 is a jewel of light, and therefore its reduction will be positive.

You call forth mixed abundance (3), which you perceive to be a chaotic mess, because you need to come to grips with creativity, joy, versatility, friendliness and the ability to express yourself openly and honestly (3). Although you love harmony and balance, and even though you are very efficient in everything you do, you are too much of a conservative, and therefore do not always strike a happy medium between your spiritual pursuits and your materialistic desires (8). Instead you are all too often impulsive when faced with conflict, and therefore take unnecessary risks, using your ability to discriminate in order to become judgemental and foolish. As a result your interactions tend to end up in chaos (-5).

Example 9

You are timid and shy, and you like to live in peace with everyone, but somehow or other you call forth much abuse in your life, making you feel deeply unhappy and victimised most of the time.

Timidity and shyness are the negative expression of the light jewel 2, whilst abuse is the dark jewel 29.

-2 + 29

= -2 + 11

= -4

What you experience as abuse in your life manifests as you being dominated, confined and kept in a state of stagnation, as a result of having impossible demands to meet (-4). You also find yourself constantly being confronted by your oppressors with intellectualism, which you cannot fight, and because of this they become ever more dogmatic and prejudiced towards you. However, if you now bring this back to yourself and make it about yourself, then you must realise that people are but our mirrors, reflecting for us our own behaviour. Therefore, although you see yourself as being timid and shy, you should also look at how you manifest the very same behaviour you see in your oppressors.

Furthermore, all of this is happening in your life because you need to learn the positive characteristics of 2, instead of being the proverbial doormat (-2). Your timidity and shyness must be transmuted into true humility and understanding, supportiveness, selflessness and an inner strength of conviction; quiet yet assured. When you do this you will begin to see that all that you now perceive as victimisation are in actual fact only the negative characteristics of strength (11). In other words, you are calling forth people in your fife who are forcing you, through their actions, to uplift yourself to the positive characteristics of 11. In other words, towards having a love of the limelight, and of being the centre of attraction, the natural performer, the natural speaker and the visionary who is intuitive and inspirational (11).

From all the above it is becoming clear that you have an 11 in your numerology which you are not living up to, and it has therefore reduced to its negative reduction, with the result that you call forth abuse.

In these examples I have tried to give you many different variations, in order to show how you can work with the dark jewels. But it is only really through practice that you will gain the needed confidence with which to decipher all circumstances within life. Yet practice makes perfect, and as you gain in confidence through working with the numbers, you will find that all our circumstances within life can be made that much more understandable, by using the simple equations shown in the examples above.

However, the golden rule to bear in mind at all times when working with the dark jewels is to make everything about yourself, by bringing everything back to yourself. It is a fool’s game to play the blame game, and if you do, you will find yourself going off on wild tangents, leading to much assumed understanding that will only bring you grief sooner or later.