Numerology Revealed - Chaprer 12

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Finally we come to the interpretation. As we work through the interpretation we will see how this corresponds with the analysis - even being identical in places, for at the end of the day there can only be one analysis of the numbers. Yet through the interpretation we learn how not to take the numbers at face value, but instead to feel them as real people talking to us, much like parents would address their children, or siblings their brothers and sisters. As a result the interpretation has a warmth and a depth of meaning that is not always apparent in the analysis. In other words, the analysis speaks to our minds, whereas the interpretation speaks to our hearts.

Your Soul Urge within this lifetime is Justice, which has a masculine vibration, even though it is a female. Justice, as is shown in her card, demands balance within life, and through this balance, harmony. This means that your whole life is going to be centred upon finding the balance between right and wrong, good and evil, the spiritual versus the temporal. Swinging towards either one or the other will bring forth much disharmony within your life, leading to deep unhappiness and lack of success.

Justice is related to The High Priestess, who is forever in support of the One Purpose and, as such, is very much her mother’s daughter, in that she demands we live a full and rich life upon the earth in service to the One Life. No part of our lives may be left unattended or neglected with Justice ruling our Soul Urge. This means that we can have no gaps in our knowledge, for everything must be brought to the test upon the Scales of Justice, and nothing is allowed to be more important than anything else.

But Justice is also related to The Empress, her half-sister, and these two represent Mother’s Awareness, meaning that they can either be a support to you in striving to fulfil the One Purpose, or they can hinder you. What makes the difference is your approach towards life. If you acknowledge the duality of life; namely, spirit and form, and represented in the twin pillars of wisdom and in the twin trays of the Scales of Justice, and if you acknowledge within your endeavours the importance of both, Justice will support you in all your endeavours. However should you favour one aspect of life above the other, Justice will use all of her power in fighting against you in order to maintain the equilibrium of life, and you will find yourself stuck in preservation and stagnation, ultimately leading to death and decay.

Justice holds within her right hand the Sword of Justice with absolute precision. This means that you are not only required to learn how to wield the Sword of Power with practical skill upon the battlefield of life, but also that you learn to do so in service of the One Life. The fact that she is holding in her left hand the Scales of Justice, means that everything you do will be tried and tested as to its fitness concerning the evolution of awareness, in terms of not elevating one aspect of life above another. Her left; hand indicates the need to listen to your heart before making any decisions.

In all of our actions, Justice remains impartial, unaffected by the success and the failure of man. Her only interest lies in how well we equalise our challenges within life. And with Justice as our Soul Urge, equalise our challenges we will, whether we like our challenges or not. But the secret in soliciting the aid of Justice lies in coming to grips with change. If you make the desire to change also your heart’s desire, you will always be guided into balancing your every action, physical, emotional and mental, so as to serve the dual aspect of the One Life. Through this you will bring forth harmony from conflict, and you will come to understand that your whole life is based upon conflict: conflict within and without, conflict between spirit and form, as the force of inclusiveness strives to bring together that which was necessarily set apart for the purposes of evolution.

What will help you greatly in learning what you need to learn in this lifetime is familiarising yourself with The Lover. The Lover, irrespective of our gender, is the man upon the physical plane. All men and women are our brothers and sisters, for we are all units of the One Life. Therefore, every person within our lives reflects for us some aspect of ourselves, both good and bad. What this tells us is that even if we are unsure of which way to turn, we can find our way through life, and make of life what we will, by listening to the guidance from within that comes from the heart, for this is the true meaning of The Lover.

The Lover appears to be caught between two women, and it seems that he has to make a choice between the two. Although this is true in one way, the deeper implications concern the love affair between the Dreamer and its instrument upon the physical plane; the Dreamed. What interferes in this love affair is what man perceives to be fortune, either good fortune or ill fortune, represented by Cupid up above and who is in front of the sun, meaning that this perception shields man from direct illumination by the indwelling spirit of man.

The way out of this predicament is for man to choose between the Old and the New, represented by the old woman and the young woman respectively. The way in which to do this is to reach deep within, in order to listen to the heart, as opposed to listening to the mind. By doing so it becomes possible to receive inspiration and guidance from power. And the fact that this vibration is masculine tells us that we need to be, not only proactive within life, but that we must also take action upon what our hearts are guiding us into doing.

Failing to choose between the Old and the New, or choosing for the Old instead of the New, will cause Justice to start fighting your tendencies towards preservation and stagnation. Such a battle cannot be won, and will result in you losing everything you hold dear to you, for Justice, although supportive of preservation, does not allow for stagnation. If need be, Justice will also call upon Force to help her in bringing your resistant inner beast to heel.

The Lover in your Soul Urge, a masculine force, is challenged by Force, an exceedingly strong female vibration. This means that you must strive very hard to be receptive to inspiration from within, as well as to the needs of the world around you.

As we can see from the headdress of Force, she, like her brother, The Magician, belongs to the world out there, in front of people, bringing them the magic of the true Self, a magic that tames the wild beast within our human nature, and gently brings it into being of service to the One Purpose. Man must be aware of his inner beast, and his inner beast must be aware of its distant humanness, before there can be intelligent co-operation between the two. In completing that task of bringing about intelligent co-operation between our two opposing forces within, we have no time to lose, and yet we are surrounded by eternity.

Once again the answer lies in striving for change, but this time a change that must be brought about through the sobriety achieved upon the battlefield of life. To do this requires an inner strength that can only be achieved through intelligent co-operation, and not by brute force. The kingdom of God can be taken by force, but it will not yield to force. The only permissible force there is, is intelligent co-operation. And the key lies in the number of this vibration; namely, impeccability plus fluidity of perception.

From your first name we can see that the real you already has much knowledge of The Lover, although in this lifetime you need to extend this knowledge. You also have knowledge of card V, The Pope.

The Pope knows his purpose is to exercise his better judgement in spiritual matters, and that he and the spirit are one, meaning that you should not become attached to materialism. Furthermore, The Pope brings you much knowledge concerning the duality of life, and the importance of both aspects, yet you should always strive to meet the demands of your Soul Urge, with the clear intent of not favouring one above the other. This you must do with that sobriety which comes from listening to the heart. In this way you will achieve much change within your life, leading to freedom.

The Pope is a feminine force, whilst The Lover is a masculine force. The two forces are therefore very compatible, and they also complement one another. Moreover, the prime vibration of the real you is

Force, which means that provided you do not yield to the opposing forces found within your personality, and which often cause within you an inner war, you will be very successful within your life. You wall, however, have to detach from your personality as much as possible, for it is very enticing, and has many beautiful and desirable qualities, but these are nevertheless deceptive, in that they are not the real you.

Your personality is that of The Hermit, meaning that you like to see yourself as being the friend of man, walking alone in the darkness of the night, holding aloft a Light to show the way forward for all who come to you for advice and help. You also like to see yourself as being the benevolent and wise old man, giving counsel to everyone around you, and being therefore a true support to all. You like to believe that you are following your heart, rather than your mind, but since this is your personality, you should check to see if this is indeed true.

Having a personality of this vibration you should always seek the guidance of The Magician, the true Self within, for unless you do this, you will lose your way and take others with you upon a path that holds no meaning within life. You should also take counsel from The Fool, for although he is a trickster at heart, you have much to learn from his eternal folly as the Trickster. The key to all of this lies in the number of this vibration; namely, completion, brought about by change and the four-fold stability born of fluidity of perception.

Your personality is furthermore a male vibration, meaning that you should take care in what you bring to birth within life, for you can use your creative power to bring to birth that which is life-supportive, or you can bring to birth abominations of nature.

Your personality is underpinned by Force and The Chariot. Force we have already discussed, and therefore we do not need to repeat it, but what we need to note is that these two cards are in direct opposition to one another. This is primarily because The Chariot is a feminine vibration, resisting the true female qualities of Force. As a result, your personality, although it has many good points, is not very stable. For whilst you acknowledge that you are a Son of God, set upon a lone quest for knowledge, you tend to be careless, and therefore all too often do not know where you are headed, as a result of being closed to guidance, both from within as well as from the world around you.

Your view of the world is most precarious, but you tend not to see how filled with contradictions this view is. Moreover, instead of seeking guidance from within and from the world around you, you listen to your mind and to others, resulting in you feeling even more confused and closed to guidance.

Your Destiny Number, which is the same as your Soul Urge, ensures that you will not be able to escape your fate in this lifetime, and therefore you WILL learn your lessons by facing your challenges squarely, and most especially those surrounding 22 and the 13 found in your family name.

22 demands that you learn what it is to be the universal diplomat and the internationalist who is not only pragmatic, but who also has the ability to think on a grand scale, to be thoroughly humanitarian and group-orientated, offering stability, strength and dependability to all around you. However, you have to learn to do this without being argumentative, stubborn and abusive, and without indulging in unrealistic idealism.

Card 13 in your Destiny Number already warns of the 13 found in your family name. 13 is the Grim Reaper; that is, the rolling force feared by all men, for it has but one purpose, namely, death of the Old, so as to make room for the New. No one can escape the cleansing effect of death, but it can only be cleansing provided we are willing to die to our old selves. Failing to die to the Old brings forth nothing but the literal death and decay of everything within our lives. With Death as our companion, we need to listen very carefully to the heart if we are to avoid the utterly debilitating effects of card 13.

13 is neuter, and is therefore impartial to 22. Furthermore, the 13 in your family name comes from The Chariot and The Lover, two cards which reflect one another, and which are both prone to being closed to guidance. This is a great danger, for 22 can very easily tip over into gross egotism, bringing forth hugely destructive behaviour and resulting in untold hardship and ugliness. In all of this Death goes its own way, and so too can 22 if not contained and directed. Consequently your life can be a total mess of destruction, or else it can be a very powerful life, holding great meaning and purpose, depending upon how well you meet your challenges within life. Fortunately, as is evident in your signature, you have every intention of facing your challenges with courage and with fortitude.

A great aid to you in meeting your challenges within life is your middle name. Your middle name is Force, the same as the real you. Underlying your middle name is also your knowledge of The Chariot and The Emperor.

The Emperor rules the temporal world in the name of the One Purpose. This means that you already have knowledge of the importance of the inter-relationship, the interactivity and therefore the interdependence of all of life. This is good because you also have knowledge of The Pope. Since these two forces are extremely compatible, The Emperor being male, and The Pope being feminine, they will work together in waking up the young prince in you; namely, The Chariot, that tends towards hubris.

What will further help you in meeting your challenges is your Birthpath, which is a strong support for both your Soul Urge, as well as your Destiny Number. In other words, you have brought with you much knowledge concerning Justice and The Emperor.

Your principal challenge throughout life, as well as your additional challenge, is to learn humility and understanding at the knee of The High Priestess. The High Priestess will teach you that all is written within the Book of Destiny, and that not one word of what is written may be altered. In everything you learn from The High Priestess, you will learn above all else that the greatest law of all is love - the active participation within the process of life. In this you will come to care very deeply for all of life, and you will also come to realise that life has no meaning unless we can be of service in some way.

The High Priestess is an exceedingly strong female force, meaning that The High Priestess will not allow you to deviate from the script you have written for yourself in this lifetime, and when you do, she will intervene by bringing you back on course, even by enlisting the aid of Force if she has to. In addition, The High Priestess will also use her supreme authority to overrule any decree by any of the other cards in your numeroscope, if she needs to do so in order to teach you humility.

When not at the knee of The High Priestess, you will also be learning from The Magician, as well as from The Empress. But what you learn from them will be in the nature of support for what The High Priestess is teaching you.

Although you have wonderful potential as shown through¬ out your numeroscope, your life upon the physical plane is a chaotic mess.

Having four digits on the physical plane means that you work reasonably well on the physical plane. However, all of your efforts on this plane are centred on The Pope, meaning that you are adventurous and curious, that you like change, the unknown, original ideas and the new. But you are also restless, not very practical, and you can be impulsive at times. This does not jibe at all well with Justice, that requires you to be a conservative at heart.

In addition, although you have a 4 in your middle name and in your Birthpath, we can see from your planes of expression that you will tend to suppress your knowledge of The Emperor unless you make every effort to consciously apply it. It is quite clear that your tendency to ignore your knowledge of The Emperor comes from Death found in your last name.

You have six digits on the emotional plane, which makes of you the emotional type. Once again this jars with your Soul Urge, Justice, and therefore you are going to have to work hard at controlling your emotions, and not allowing them to make you react impulsively. If you react, Justice will crack down on you like a lightning bolt from heaven, and The High Priestess will also not be at all pleased, resulting in some heavy lessons in humility you are unlikely to forget.

From your planes of expression we can see that you lack sufficient knowledge of the ways of The High Priestess, which is why 2 is your principal challenge within this lifetime, as well as being your additional challenge. This means that you are not all that sensitive, and neither are you good at listening to your feelings. As a result, The High Priestess will appear to you to be a severe teacher. In addition, you have very little creativity and imagination. This is made worse, because whatever knowledge you do have concerning creativity and the imagination from your knowledge of The Emperor, you tend to suppress. You also do not have a particularly keen eye for detail, for facts or for beauty. Instead you tend to have very little self-confidence, which makes you prone to feelings of inadequacy, to worry and to fear. You are not at all good in business partnerships, and you should definitely not try to be an entrepreneur. Fortunately for you, you were born in the Fire Concord, which does give you great skill in business, other than the two areas mentioned above.

Your main focus on the emotional plane is centred upon The Empress. This makes of you someone who is fairly artistic, especially in writing, poetry and speaking, but often in music too. However, since you are lacking in creativity and imagination, your artistic abilities are limited to the reproduction of other people’s work. You are, nonetheless, also fairly versatile, meaning that if you apply yourself to your artistic abilities, and stop suppressing your knowledge of The Emperor, you could be fairly good as an entertainer.

However, The Empress can also be the ultimate seductress when we approach her with naivety or with a lack of knowledge. In your own case she wreaks havoc in your life, seducing you into being untidy and disorderly, leading to a lack in self-respect and the scattering of your talents. The Empress also seduces you into acting out of impulse, rather than acting from the basis of facts. All in all you need to cultivate the ability to be good at manual labour and the practical aspects of life, areas in your life at which you are not particularly good.

Having a fair knowledge of The Lover means that you can be fairly responsible, dependable, artistic and practical, provided you make the necessary effort to be so. You are quite fond of having a home and a family, and therefore you can be drawn towards community and welfare work. However, your untidy and disorderly behaviour from your infatuation with The Empress, plus your demanding, domineering and idealistic ways, caused by your unrequited love for The Empress, often wreak havoc at home and with your family. Consequently you are sorely lacking in discipline, not only concerning others, but also concerning yourself. Should you have children, you should not be surprised if you are constantly in conflict with them, because of your demanding and domineering ways, your lack of discipline, and your lack in providing a lead in tidiness and orderliness.

On the mental plane you have five digits, meaning that you have average abilities on the mental plane. However, as on the physical plane, you are not very balanced on the mental plane, for you are preoccupied with The Magician, whilst ignoring Justice. This is going to fetch you a lot of trouble, for Justice does not brook favouritism.

Having a love for The Magician, you are an original thinker and a strong leader, whilst you also show a good ability at being able to pioneer the new. However, what sabotages you are the negative characteristics found on your emotional plane. As a result you tend to manifest your knowledge of The Magician as having strong likes and dislikes, and being opinionated and quickly bored with life. This too is going to get you into deep trouble with Justice and, as a result, you will find yourself struggling to exercise to the full your ability to be logical and reasonable, and you will also struggle with any executive responsibilities.

Shirking much of your responsibility upon the mental plane, and behaving like the very demanding and domineering boss who does not like following orders, but expects everyone else to do so, you are going to find yourself severely knelt by both The High Priestess as well as Justice. Furthermore your ambition for power is going to be hugely frustrated by Death, for instead of fighting for what you would like out of life, you will succumb to laziness, self-centredness and vast amounts of hubris, resulting in a tendency to show off, all of which call forth very strong lessons in humility and judiciousness.

You are not a good performer when it comes to the intuitive plane, for here you have only two digits. As we can see from your middle name, you do have some knowledge of The Chariot, but you once again mainly suppress this knowledge, manifesting mostly its negative characteristics in being unreserved, unrefined and undignified. Further, because you favour the emotional plane, and are therefore prone to all your negative characteristics there too, you are mostly untidy, disorderly and undisciplined. You also tend to ignore any psychic and intuitive abilities you do have, as well as your ability to be analytical and scientific in your approach towards life.

Additionally, because of the negative characteristics you express on the emotional plane, as well as on the mental plane, you also tend to be unfriendly and unsociable, being a perfectionist who is critical about everything, sarcastic and bad-tempered, because you are not able to have life on your own terms. This gets you into huge trouble with Force, and when disciplined by her, you sulk by becoming moody and unpredictable in your actions towards others, manifesting the type of relationships that can best be described as “push-pull.” The one moment you are drawing people towards you, whilst in the next moment you are pushing them away with your mood swings.

You are sorely lacking in experience and therefore knowledge of The Hermit, as can also be seen from your numeroscope as a whole. Having a Personality Number of 9 does not mean that you have true knowledge in this area of life, but instead it means that you like to pretend to be very knowledgeable in this area. As a result, you like to appeal to crowds and to be admired, leading to you always seeking love and approval, and becoming very upset, and even dramatic, when this is not forthcoming. Further, not having any real knowledge in this area, you badly need guidance, because you live with your head in the clouds and dream too much, when you should be disciplining yourself into taking the required action, both in learning about yourself and in making of your life what it should be.

Your first pinnacle of The Chariot runs from birth to the age of 28. During this period of your life you will tend towards being naturally introspective, seeking guidance from within as well as from without. You will also tend towards being a loner, thinking deeply about everything, through sensing that you cannot merely take the world and other people’s opinions at face value. You can also in this time learn to be very methodical in everything you do.

Your second pinnacle of The Pope runs from the age of 29 years through to the age of 37 years. During this period in your life you will be preoccupied with bringing about change within your life, and can find freedom in being innovative and adaptable. You will also feel the need to develop a curiosity and an enthusiasm for the unknown, and you will want to explore this. In addition, your energy levels will be very high during this period. And all of this will be in support of The Pope encountered in your first name.

Your principal pinnacle of The Empress runs from the age of 38 through to the age of 46 years. During this time you will experience mixed abundance, and you will feel very creative and joyful, resulting in wanting to mix freely with people and being quite extrovert in doing so, but also being warm and friendly. You will start to become versatile and industrious, whilst developing a flare for languages and a keen intellect. You can also during this time become an enthusiastic collector of whatever strikes your fancy, no matter whether this is music, poetry, stamps, sea shells or friends. All of this will be a support to you in conquering the debilitating characteristics of Death in your family name. However, if you are to be successful in this period of your life, instead of making a total mess of your life, you will have to eradicate your one-sided infatuation with The Empress.

Your final pinnacle of The Emperor will run from the age of 47 through to death. This means that for the latter part of your life, provided your infatuation with The Empress has not already destroyed your life, you will gain in stability, inner strength, sobriety and assuredness, as you become ever more purposeful, dependable and steadfast, whilst focusing on the safety and the welfare of those who depend upon you. During this time you will also develop exemplary qualities in terms of judiciousness and discipline. It will be within this period of your life that you will begin to appreciate Justice for who and what she really is. But in order to do so you will also have to learn to co-operate intelligently with Death.

All in all you stand a very good chance of leading a most power-filled and meaningful life, full of joy and creativity, provided you heed all your lessons with care, and remember your Power Number at all times when either in doubt, or in dire need. Your Power Number is The Tower of Destruction.

What this means is that he who builds for himself a tower will call forth the wrath of the Father on high, for it is not our Father’s will that man shall live in the ignorance of separativeness. Therefore the crown of separativeness shall be destroyed as by lightning, and the accumulated riches of the materialist be cast to the earth where they belong. Our Father has no use for material wealth and crowns. And thus shall the man within be liberated through the power of intent.

Your intent must be to serve the One Life, and to find freedom from all that stands in your way to do so. If you are to accomplish this you must listen to your heart at all times, and allow it to guide your every action; physical, emotional and mental. The force of The Tower of Destruction is neuter, meaning that it is generally unaffected by the force of any other card.