Numerology Revealed - Chaprer 11

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Up until now we have been concerned with learning how to work out each aspect of a numeroscope, but we have yet to compile this in a professional order. We will now look at how to do this, so that the finished product is easy to read and to refer to.

Although we are living in the age of computers, and it is therefore easy enough to compile a numeroscope in a simple text document, and save it on your computer, there is great value in having a physical hard copy from which to work. To compile this you are going to need a small file of sorts. What works well is a thin, cheerful and coloured soft plastic file with a transparent cover, which also allows you to print out each page, and then punch and bind the pages into the file to form a script.

It is not useful to cram too much information onto one page, for this makes reading difficult and confusing. It is far better to spread the aspects over as many pages as necessary, allowing plenty of space between aspects.

Shown on the following page is the title page of a professional numeroscope. Then following this are the various pages comprising the entire numeroscope. You will notice that I do not try to have as few pages as possible, and in this way every aspect is clearly visible, easy to find, and easy to read.



Including a full analysis and the interpretation

Compiled July, 2009 by Theun Mares



Soul Urge

(6 + 11) = 8

Personality Number

(11 + 7) = 9

Destiny Number

(22 + 13) = 8

First Name

(6 + 5) = 11

Middle Name

(4 + 7) = 11

Last Name

(7 + 6) = 13


44 = 8


(4 + 22) = 8


22 = 4



Power Number

16 = 7





Harmony and balance are very important within your life. What this means is that because you have a natural affinity for both materialistic pursuits as well as spiritual pursuits, you should guard against favouring one above the other. In other words, you should strive for a happy medium between making money and developing yourself to the point where you see money as a means to an end, and not as a goal to be achieved at all costs. If you achieve this happy medium you will be very successful at being able to materialise all of your material needs.

In this lifetime you need to learn much about conservatism, which means that you will have to learn not to take unnecessary risks, and rather to work with what you know to be tried and tested. Although this is good in one way, you should nevertheless also take care that you do not limit yourself, by being too conservative and therefore never striving for anything new.

You will also have to learn to be very efficient in everything you do, while taking care that this does not lead to obsession with perfectionism and therefore turning yourself into a workaholic. Once again, it is harmony and balance that you need to strive for.

A good way for you to make the money you need and desire is to turn your attention to anything to do with industry, irrespective of what type of industry this is. However, if politics is for you a Path with a Heart, which it often is for people with a Soul Urge of 8, then you will also be very successful in anything to do with politics. This does not necessarily only mean being a politician, but it can also mean anything from being actively involved in politics at whatever level, to running a support business for political campaigns, to managing projects with political interests, to fund-raising projects for your local municipal endeavours.

Because you are so drawn towards money, another area of expertise for you to consider is anything to do with banking and money, like for example, the stock exchange and trading in commodities.

Working with journalism and the typical self-help type of literature is also for you. In this area you can either take to writing self-help books, or work as an editor for such books or magazines, since you have a natural aptitude for knowing what interests people and also for editing.

Being in the Fire Concord makes you the business type. In other words you will always excel in whatever business it is you choose to pursue. Your cornerstone within business is 2, meaning that in order to be successful in business you must strive to put into practise the lessons of the 2 in deciding upon what type of business you need, and how to build your business. The key to your business success lies in striving for the qualities of the 4 in operating your business. And the potential of your business is dependent upon how well you heed the lessons of the 8.

What you should guard against is the negative aspect of being a conservative, for unless you are careful you will find yourself being indecisive and sitting on the fence, waiting to see which way the wind blows before committing yourself in any way. If you do this you will become caught up in inertia and you will lack any real insight of your own, always being dependent upon the whims of others, and therefore being like a leaf at the mercy of the wind.

The other thing you should guard against stems from your great need to strive for harmony and balance, for unless you take care you will find yourself in the invidious position of trying to please everyone, and in the end pleasing no-one, least of all yourself. In such situations you will often try to rectify matters by trying to play both sides of the fence, and thereby gain a reputation for being untrustworthy.

Another negative aspect of the person with a Soul Urge of 8 is the tendency to be very biased, either for or against. Once again it is harmony and balance you need to strive for, so as to be objective and fair at all times. Also stemming from this bent towards being biased is the tendency to want to preach to other people about what is right and wrong. Taken to its ultimate, this leads to the proverbial bible-thumper who will even go as far as becoming a fanatical evangelist of sorts.

Your own 8 comes from (6 + 11). What this means is that whilst everything above is still applicable to you, you will also always be faced with having to choose between the old and the new (6), something that will constantly challenge your need for learning conservatism (8).

The 11 in your Soul Urge shows us that you have to consider stepping out of your natural conservatism (8), to be far more daring in every area of your life; mentally, emotionally and physically. Your visionary abilities (11) will help you to do this, as will your natural aptitude for politics, since deep down inside you have no fear of exposure, of being in the limelight, of operating within the public eye and of public speaking (11). So even though at heart you are a conservative (8), you should strive for achieving harmony and balance (8) between the old and the new (6), by being much more tolerant, unbiased and innovative in your thinking and in your actions (11).

Fortunately, the real you in this lifetime does love the limelight and being the centre of attraction (11). Therefore you are the natural performer, the natural speaker and you have great visionary abilities (11). You are intuitive, inspirational, albeit quite flamboyant in your ways, as well as being flirtatious at times (11). As a result you are also very friendly, kind, tolerant and lovable (6), even though you can become quite judgemental (5), argumentative, quick-tempered and aggressive (6). Because of your love of change and freedom, innovation and adventure, you are also very adaptable, with a natural curiosity, and you are generally full of energy and enthusiasm (5). Consequently you have no difficulty in choosing between the Old and the New (6). You can be good as a speculator (5), but you should guard against becoming impulsive through being restless (5), and therefore taking unnecessary risks through lacking in discrimination (5).

In terms of the real you, negative characteristics you should guard against are showing off, being vain, conceited, too forceful and invasive (11), and taking advantage of others (6). You should also guard against becoming over-optimistic and therefore flippant (11), for if you do, this will invariably yield results which will cause you to start doubting yourself, resulting in indecisiveness and uncertainty (6). Because of your flirtatiousness you could very easily become unfaithful within marriage (11).

Your Personality Number of 9 makes of you the universal teacher, always wanting to look after the interests of others, like the older brother. As a result you like to think of yourself as being empathetic, benevolent, selfless, idealistic, broad-minded and neighbourly. You are, however, also hyper-sensitive, not only to the plight of others, but also to criticism. A very good and strong characteristic of your Personality Number is that you always strive to bring everything you start to completion.

Negative characteristics should watch out for are becoming holier-than-thou through wanting to be the teacher, and trying to control the lives of other people by wanting to be the older brother. Your sense of empathy can very easily lead you into supporting people in their weaknesses, and therefore becoming a partner in crime and a do-gooder, which more often than not also results in you becoming a doormat, desperately seeking the approval of other people. If you do this you will become superficial and you will lack originality, which will in turn lead to impractical idealism. You should also guard against your hyper-sensitivity making you overly- emotional.

The 7 in your Personality Number makes you believe that you are very methodical and also introspective, often seeking out solitude in which to think deeply upon life and your challenges, for you would like to seek guidance not only from the world around you but also from within. However, you are also drawn towards the limelight, often finding yourself being the centre of attraction, since you have a natural aptitude for speaking and for being inspirational (11). People enjoy listening to you speaking, as you are in fact intuitive and inspirational, from the 11 in your first name and middle name, and you have good visionary abilities, and enjoy telling a good tale. Therefore you often find yourself being the centre of attraction, rather than finding solitude.

Your Destiny Number (8) is the same as your Soul Urge (8). What this means is that you stand a very good chance of being able to learn all your lessons in this lifetime very well, provided you do not fight against your fate.

In order to learn the lessons demanded by your Soul Urge (8), you will constantly be faced throughout your life with situations in which you have to bring forth harmony from conflict (8), and where you will have to balance your materialistic pursuits against spiritual values (8). In all of this you will have to be very efficient and conservative in your approach (8), whilst guarding against becoming a gross materialist and a workaholic (8).

Your Power Number of 22 demands that you develop skill in being the universal diplomat and the internationalist, meaning that you will have to learn how to persuade an Eskimo to buy ice in the middle of winter. Although a conservative by heart (8), you will often be called upon to think on a grand scale, as well as having to be humanitarian and group-orientated in your endeavours (22). You will additionally be forced into being extremely pragmatic, stable, inwardly strong and dependable (22).

However, negative characteristics you should guard against are trying to play both sides of the fence to such an extent (22) that you become untrustworthy and biased (8). Other negative characteristics arising from your 22 are being argumentative, abusive and stubborn, with an unrealistic sense of idealism. The Karmic Number 13 makes you extremely prone to strong tendencies towards laziness, inefficiency, negativity, indifference and discontent. You can also be very ill-mannered and offensive towards others (13).

What will help you greatly in learning your lessons in this lifetime and in coping with your fate reflected in your Destiny Number, is your middle name. The 11 in both your first name and your middle name, and especially since it is a Power Number, will greatly aid you in many ways. Having a first name and a middle name of 11 means that you have already acquired the skills of the 11 in previous lifetimes. So you should strive to put this knowledge to its best possible use.

What will also help you greatly is the 4 in your middle name, and which is again found in your Birthpath. This means that you are stable, inwardly strong, purposeful and dependable. You also have much sobriety, and you are self-assured, steadfast and judicious in all your actions (4). Needless to say, these qualities will be of enormous help to you in transmuting the negative qualities of the 13 in your Destiny Number.

Your Birthpath is likewise a strong support for your Destiny Number, for the two are identical, even in the fact that both contain the Power Number 22. The only difference is that instead of the 4 found in your Birthpath, you have a 13 in your Destiny Number.

The fact that your Birthpath is identical to your Destiny Number means that come hell or high water you will succeed in learning the lessons you need to learn in this lifetime.

Your Birthpath, being 8, is a strong support for your Soul Urge, which is also 8. This shows that you are not new to learning the lessons of 8, for you have previously learned much about 8, as is evident from your Birthpath. So what this means is that now you are ready to go through this cycle of learning again, but on a higher turn of the spiral than before. In other words, everything we have noted about 8 is still applicable to you, but this time round you have to learn these same lessons in far greater detail and thereby gain a much deeper understanding of what the lessons of 8 bring you, especially surrounding the 22 and the 13 found in your Destiny Number.

The 13 in your Destiny Number is again found in your family name, meaning that you were born into a family in which there is a fear of the unknown, laziness, inefficiency, negativity, indifference and general discontent. Social manners are also not a priority, and neither is self-respect. Since you have inherited these characteristics from your family, they will have to be dealt with if you are going to materialise the wonderful opportunities you have in your other numbers.

The other good news is that we see from your signature that you have set your intent well in terms of learning everything you came into life to learn, because your signature is the same vibration as your Soul Urge. It is also in support of your Destiny Number, meaning that your intent will call forth all the lessons you need in terms of your learning, and that you will handle your challenges well.


Your principal challenge within life is 2, which is further amplified by the fact that your final challenge is also 2. This means that throughout your life you will mainly be preoccupied with acquiring the necessary humility, understanding and strength of conviction you will need for the unfoldment of your fate in this lifetime. In doing so you will have to focus on being supportive and selfless, not only towards yourself, but also towards others, always nurturing the positive and refusing to tolerate the weaknesses in both yourself and others. In order to do all this you will need to cultivate feeling and a quietness of life, forever exercising gentleness in your approach towards life. By cultivating these qualities within yourself you will also more than likely be called upon by many to arbitrate in disputes and conflict situations.

As you go about your life and face your challenges, you will find that often you will feel the need to ponder upon what it means to be a pioneer and a go-getter, being prepared to instigate action (1), as well as being creative and versatile, coupled with the ability of being able to think on your feet (3).

Your first pinnacle of 7 runs from birth through to the age of 28. During this period of your life you will tend to be naturally introspective, seeking guidance both from within as well as from without. You will tend towards being a loner, thinking deeply about everything, because you can sense that you cannot take the world and other people’s opinions at face value. You can also in this time learn to be very methodical in everything you do.

Your second pinnacle of 5 runs from the age of 29 years through to the age of 37 years. During this period in your life you will be preoccupied with bringing about change within your life, and you can find freedom in being innovative and adaptable. You will also feel the need to develop a curiosity and an enthusiasm for the unknown, and you will want to explore this. In addition, your energy levels will be very high during this period. And all of this will be a support for the 5 found in your first name.

Your principal pinnacle of 3 runs from the age of 38 to the age of 46 years. During this time you will experience mixed abundance, and you will feel very creative and joyful, resulting in wanting to mix freely with people and being quite extrovert in doing so, but also warm and friendly. You will start to become versatile and industrious, whilst developing a flare for languages and a keen intellect. You can also during this time become an enthusiastic collector of whatever strikes your fancy, no matter whether this is music, poetry, stamps, sea shells or friends. All of this will be a support to you in conquering the debilitating characteristics of your 13.

Your final pinnacle of 4 will run from the age of 47 through to death. This means that for the latter part of your life you will gain in stability, inner strength, sobriety and assuredness, as you become ever more purposeful, dependable and steadfast, while you focus on the safety and the welfare of those who depend upon you. During this time you will also develop exemplary qualities in terms of judiciousness and discipline. It will be within this period of your life that the 8 of your Soul Urge, through you learning the lessons of your Destiny Number, will come to fruition, provided you conquer the 13 in your last name.


Now that we have looked at your numeroscope as a whole, the only thing that remains is to look at how you tend to go about living your life on the physical plane from a practical perspective.

Having four digits on the physical plane means that you work reasonably well on the physical plane. However, all of your efforts on the physical plane are centred on 5, meaning that you are adventurous and curious, that you like change, the unknown, original ideas and the new. But you are also restless, not very practical, and you can be impulsive at times. This does not jibe at all well with your Soul Urge, which requires you to be a conservative at heart.

In addition, although you have a 4 in your middle name and in your Birthpath, we can see from your planes of expression that you will tend to suppress this knowledge, unless you make every effort to consciously apply it. It is quite clear that your tendency to ignore your knowledge of the 4 comes from the 13 found in your last name.

You have six digits on the emotional plane, which makes of you the emotional type. Once again this jars with your Soul Urge, and therefore you are going to have to work hard at controlling your emotions, and not allowing them to make you react impulsively.

From your planes of expression we can see that you lack sufficient knowledge in 2, which is why 2 is your principal challenge within this lifetime, as well as being your additional challenge. This means that you are not all that sensitive, and neither are you good at listening to your feelings. You furthermore have very little creativity and imagination. This is made even worse because whatever knowledge you do have concerning creativity and the imagination from your 4’s, you tend to suppress. You also do not have a particularly keen eye for detail, for facts or for beauty. Instead you tend to have very little self-confidence, which makes you prone to feelings of inadequacy, to worry and to fear. You are not at all good in business partnerships, and you should definitely never try to be an entrepreneur.

You have three 3’s, which is your main focus on the emotional plane. This makes of you someone who is fairly artistic, especially in writing, poetry and speaking, but often in music too. However, since you are lacking in creativity and imagination, your artistic abilities are limited to the reproduction of other people’s work. You are, nonetheless, also fairly versatile, meaning that if you apply yourself to your artistic abilities, and stop suppressing your knowledge in this area from your 4’s, you could be fairly good as an entertainer.

What you need to guard against is being untidy and disorderly, leading to a lack in self-respect and the scattering of your talents. You also need to focus much more on acting from the basis of facts, rather than acting out of impulse. All in all you need to cultivate the ability to be good at manual labour and the practical aspects of life, areas in your life at which you are not particularly good.

Having two 6’s means that you can be fairly responsible, dependable, artistic and practical, provided you make the necessary effort to be so. You are quite fond of having a home and a family, and therefore you can also be drawn towards community and welfare work. However, your untidy and disorderly behaviour from your 3’s, plus your demanding, domineering and idealistic ways often wreak havoc at home and with your family. You need to learn to be much more of a disciplinarian, not only with others, but also with yourself. Should you have children you should not be surprised if you are constantly in conflict with them, as a result of your demanding and domineering ways, your lack of discipline, and your lack in providing a lead in tidiness and orderliness.

On the mental plane you have five digits, meaning that you have average abilities on the mental plane. However, as on the physical plane, you are also not very balanced on the mental plane, for you have four l’s, but only one 8. Yet as we can see from your Birthpath, you are not lacking in knowledge of the 8, but because you have to take your knowledge of 8 to a much higher level of understanding in this lifetime, as can been seen from your Soul Urge, you tend not to use your knowledge of 8 to your best advantage.

Having four l’s makes you an original thinker and a strong leader. You also show a good ability at being able to pioneer the new. However, what sabotages you are the negative characteristics found on your emotional plane. As a result you tend to manifest your ability with 1 as having strong likes and dislikes, and being opinionated and quickly bored with life.

Furthermore, because you suppress so much of your knowledge concerning the 8, you do not exercise to the full your ability to be logical and reasonable. And neither do you use your executive ability. Instead you shirk much of your responsibility upon the mental plane, and behave like the very demanding and domineering boss who does not like following orders, but expects everyone else to do so. You are also ambitious for power, but because of the 13 in your last name, and suppressing your knowledge of your 4’s, you are too lazy to materialise your wishes. As a result you are self-centred and overly proud, with a tendency to show off, instead of using your abilities as a performer to entertain.

You are not at all a good performer when it comes to the intuitive plane, for here you have only two digits. As we can see from your middle name, you do have some knowledge of 7, but once again you mostly suppress this knowledge. In addition, because you favour the emotional plane, and are prone to all your negative characteristics there, you are mostly lacking in the positive characteristics of 7. So instead of being reserved, refined and dignified, you are untidy, disorderly and undisciplined. You also generally ignore any psychic and intuitive abilities you do have, as well as your ability to be analytical and scientific in your approach towards life.

Moreover, because of the negative characteristics you express on the emotional plane, and on the mental plane, you tend to be unfriendly and unsociable, being instead a perfectionist who is critical about everything, sarcastic and bad-tempered, through not being able to have life on your own terms. This is in strong contrast to your 11’s, and therefore makes you moody and unpredictable in your actions towards others, manifesting the type of relationships that can best be described as “push-pull.” The one moment you are drawing people towards you, whilst the next moment you are pushing them away with your mood swings.

You are sorely lacking in experience and therefore knowledge of 9, as can also be seen from your numeroscope as a whole. Having a Personality Number of 9 does not mean that you have true knowledge in this area of life, but instead it means that you like to pretend to be very knowledgeable in this area. The result is that you like to appeal to crowds and be admired, leading to you always seeking love and approval, and becoming very upset, and even dramatic, when this is not forthcoming. Further, through not having any real knowledge in this area you badly need guidance, because you live with your head in the clouds and dream too much, when you should be disciplining yourself into taking the required action in both learning about yourself and making of your life what it should be.


Looking at your numeroscope as a whole, and not just at your planes of expression, it is clear that you do have all the knowledge you need in order to create for yourself a very fulfilling and meaningful life, provided that you stop suppressing the knowledge you do have, and work hard at gaining control of your emotions and disciplining your mind, both of which lead to some very destructive behaviour.

What will always come to your rescue in moments of great need, provided you remember to use it, is your Power Number. With 7 as your Power Number, you can, at the drop of a hat, become very introspective and think very deeply, whilst on your feet as it were. Literally within the blink of an eye, having turned within, you will hit upon the solution you need, without even knowing how you got to the solution. If you do not pause to think about anything other than survival you will find yourself acting upon the solution with enormous methodicalness and precision, yielding the most amazing results. If, however, you pause, hesitate or start deliberating, your moment of power will be gone and lost, and you will be just as helpless as before you hit upon the solution.

You can also develop the ability to allow the 16 in your Power Number to guide you throughout all of life. Therefore in moments of great need you can achieve liberation through the power of intent. All that is required of you is to intend liberation, and then to act on the ensuing feeling that will come forth in response to your need, with as much forcefulness and clarity as you have at your disposal. The results will appear to be miraculous, or much like having used a magic wand.