Numerology Revealed - Chaprer 10

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into Russian: Нумерология {Развёрнутая} - Глава 10. Translated in draft, editing and proof-reading required.
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I am the court jester, since my knowledge is No-Thing, as it encompasses the potential of Every-Thing. Because of this, I have the freedom of the court, and may come and go as I please, for I have no fixed abode.

Since my knowledge is No-Thing I am not afraid to be the Fool, and by not being afraid to be the fool I can fool anybody.

I walk forward towards a goal I do not have, looking over my right shoulder, merely glancing at the horizon.

My one brother is the Mage. My brother is wise in all the mysteries of life. But even my brother needs the Fool from time to time. I have yet another brother, The Hermit, but he and I never cross paths, as our paths are one.

Apart from my two brothers I have no family or friends. To all other people I am the humble Fool, at times called upon by them to bring them my knowledge of No-Thing.

I am universality and absolute freedom.

(Gender: Bisexual)



Magic is the divine power of the Dreamer made manifest upon the physical plane, and therefore there is no power greater than mine.

I lead. I decree. I make things happen and I make them disappear.

My realm is in this world, but not of this world. I move within the abstract reality, and I colour the dream of men upon earth.

I stand upon earth, with my feet planted for ease of movement. In my left hand I hold magic, in my right hand I hold the substance of material wealth.

I face front, clear in my direction upon life. I look right in all matters pertaining to life upon earth.

I live only to serve the One Life. I work only to serve the One Purpose.

My one brother is the Fool who is not a fool. Our relationship is naught that anyone can see. I have yet another brother, The Hermit, but he and I never cross paths, as our paths are one.

Apart from my two brothers I have no family or friends. All other people either fear me or are ambitious to attain my power.

I am fluidity made manifest.

(Gender: Male)



All is writ within the Book of Destiny. Not one word may be altered, for God, my Lord, spoke, and His Word is law. I hold the Book open for all to see what is the law. The greatest law of all is love, the active participation within the process of life. But I show men the way by teaching them humility and understanding, the passive acceptance of life.

Thus I am seated upon the Throne of Life. My realm is within this world, yet this is not the realm of my Lord Who is within this world, but not of this world.

I sit facing and looking right, keeping a watchful eye upon all my children of the Light. My left eyebrow is arched in concern.

I serve no other but my Lord who placed me within this realm. I hold within my womb the secrets of fertilisation, conception and birth.

I am alone in my realm, for I have no family or friends, other than she who is my physical plane counterpart. She sits upon the Throne of Earth, a care-free ruler.

I bring humility and understanding.

(Gender: Female)



I am the virgin daughter of God, and He has set me upon earth to give unto men in abundance. I grow the flowers within the Garden of Life, and I grow too the weeds.

I sit upon the Throne of Earth. I face front, but I glance sideways towards the left, for no man or woman may meet my eyes with impunity.

In my left hand I hold the symbol of my office resting against my shoulder. Under my right arm I hold the

warrior’s shield.

I care not about my husband, His Royal Majesty the Emperor, nor about my brother-in law, His Holiness The Pope. They are both men, following the ways of men. My power lies not within the world of men, but within the realm of my Father.

I bring creativity and joy.

(Gender: Masculine)



I rule the temporal world in the name of my Father, the Lord of the universe. The land and I are one, and I have dominion over all men of the earth.

I sit upon my throne, symbol of my power, won by my own hand.

In my right hand, my sword hand, I no longer hold my sword, which I exchanged for the sceptre that I hold with just as much practised ease. My left hand, little used, rests upon my belt.

Upon my head I wear for a crown the headdress of the royal warrior of the spirit. My shield, for which I now have little use, rests against my throne, a reminder of my days on the battlefield of life.

I rule because I have won the right to rule. Let all men acknowledge my power upon earth.

My brother is the Pope. I have a virgin wife who does not allow our marriage to be consummated.

I bring stability.

(Gender: Male)



I rule the spiritual world in the name of my Father, the Lord of the universe. The spirit and I are one, and I have no dominion upon earth.

I sit between the twin pillars, symbol of my power, won by my own efforts. I face front but with an inclination towards the left.

In my gloved left hand I hold with practised ease my staff, symbol of the seven planes of expression. My bare right hand bestows upon all who come before me the everlasting love of our Father.

Upon my head I wear the three-tiered crown, symbol of my divine origin. Upon my shoulders rests my mantle of red, symbol of my duty to bring sobriety to all who seek the mystery of beingness.

I guide the thoughts of men, because I have won the privilege of listening to the heart. Let all men acknowledge my power which is not of this earth.

My brother is His Majesty the Emperor. I have no wife, for I am married to my Self.

I bring freedom and change.

(Gender: Feminine)



I am man upon the physical plane. All men and women are my brothers and sisters. I face front with feet placed apart. I am unsure of which way to turn.

I have a woman on either side of me and Fortune above me with his whimsical arrows, blocking me from receiving the direct rays of the sun.

My mother on my right, her left hand resting upon my shoulder, is impressing upon me my responsibility towards the family and our earthly ties and belongings. My fiancee on my left is appealing to me to listen to my heart.

I am looking at my mother, but my inclination is towards my fiancee. I deliberately do not touch my mother, choosing instead to rest my right hand upon my belt.

I feel torn between the two women.

I must choose between the Old and the New, for unless I do, an arrow from Fortune’s bow will make me act upon whim.

I seek inspiration and guidance from power.

(Gender: Masculine)



I am the young prince, son of the Emperor, set upon a lone quest. My chariot is my roaming abode, and my two horses keep me company upon my quest.

I stand facing forward, holding loosely in my right hand the staff of a prince, but I know not where I am headed.

My chariot has its wheels going left and right simultaneously, and each of my horses, sensing this, tries to follow the direction of the wheel on its side of the chariot. The horse on the left is trying to guide the horse on the right towards the left, but the horse on the right is oblivious to the other horse’s urging and continues to forge towards the right.

My eyes search the distant horizon to my right, but I see nothing of the world around me. I realise that I am lost, but who will tell me which way to go?

Above my head is a canopy for my comfort, a comfort that shields me from any guidance which may come from on high. On each shoulder I have for epaulettes two masks, but they whisper to me in words I am unsure I can trust.

I need guidance.

(Gender: Feminine)



I am the daughter of our Mother, the High Priestess. I have a half-sister, Her Majesty the Empress.

I sit facing front upon my throne, a construct resting between the twin pillars.

Within my right hand I hold with absolute precision the Sword of Justice, and in my left hand I hold a set of balances upon which to test the righteousness of man.

My eyes are expressionless, whilst my face holds no prejudice for or against. Upon my shoulders rests my cloak of blue, the fabric of melancholy. My sword and my scales speak for themselves.

I bring balance and harmony through conflict, both within and without.

(Gender: Masculine)



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